Kobo Aura H2O is waterproof

Kobo Aura H2O: Last Year’s Top Premium E-Reader Goes Waterproof

Last year I wrote a review of the Kobo Aura HD, a premium e-reader with an ultra-sharp display. Many people thought Kobo was losing it for releasing an e-reader that cost more than many tablets instead of focusing on releasing models cheap enough to be impulse buys. A year after the Aura HD and Amazon was in the premium game too, with the $219 Kindle Voyage. Rather than enter an all-out spec war with Amazon, Kobo opted for a different strategy with its followup: take the Aura HD and make it waterproof.

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Which is Better for Reading? An E-Reader or a Small Tablet?

Only five years ago this wasn’t a question anyone would ask. Pre iPad, the Kindle and Sony Reader were pretty much the only game in town for digital reading devices. The iPad changed things in 2010, but those early tablets were big and expensive. The real competition between traditional E Ink e-readers and and tablets for consuming the “printed” word didn’t happen until Android tablets went to 7-inches to do an end run around Apple’s domination. Suddenly tablets were roughly the same size as e-readers and not a whole lot more expensive. That resulted in predictions that tablets would doom the the dedicated e-reader the same way smartphones were killing the point-and-shoot pocket camera. The e-reader isn’t dead yet, but should it be? Which is better for digital reading, an e-reader or a small tablet?

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GeekDad Review: Kobo Aura

I’ve written previously about Kobo’s Aura HD, the 6.8-inch, 265 dpi, EPUB-compatible e-reader that still leads the pack so far as I’m concerned. Kobo has now released the Aura, a 6-inch e-reader that doesn’t have quite the same razor sharp display as the Aura HD, but it’s much more compact and shaves some dollars off the price tag as well. By being smaller than comparable e-readers, finding a variety of different cases to choose from may be an issue again. But you can’t have everything…

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GeekDad Review: Kobo Aura HD Tradition Leather Case From Noreve Saint Tropez

Earlier in the summer I wrote a review of the Kobo Aura HD, proclaiming it the ultimate e-reader. Amazon has since responded with a newly upgraded Kindle Paperwhite, but with 212 ppi (compared to the Kobo’s 264 ppi display) and a 6-inch display (the Aura HD’s is 6.8-inches), I’m still firmly in the Aura HD camp. The one downside to this device, however, has been the lack of choice in protective covers. When you sell as many e-readers as Amazon does, there are hundreds of compatible cases and covers to choose from; when you’re on a smaller scale, the e-reader in question is priced as a premium model and has a slightly larger than standard form factor, there simply isn’t the same kind of choice. So when Noreve Saint Tropez offered to send a case for my Kobo Aura HD, you can bet I jumped on it. I can safely say, in my rather expansive collection of e-reader and tablet cases, there isn’t another that can match this one for looks. And it does a pretty good job of protecting the device as well.

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