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The GeekDad blog is all about bringing geeky parents together and delivering content they love, both as geeks, and as the primary influencers of the next generations of geeks.

We’ve existed as a blog for over 10 years serving up daily stories about geek culture and parenting, including in-depth series on tabletop and RPG gaming as families, videogame reviews, cool projects for parents to build with their kids, news on new gadgets, and advice on parenting in the future.

We need to be able to support the blog and the awesome people who write for us, keep the machine running and even growing, but we’d like to get away from banner ads and sponsored content as much as possible. So we’re hoping that the all the folks who have read and followed us over the years can give us a hand, and help us build GeekDad into something even better.

Every little bit helps, but If we reach $500 a month in patronage, we’ll be able to increase our server storage size. With over 30,000 posts, we’re using a lot of drive space to store all our content!

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