Review – ′Usagi Yojimbo Issue # 25: Crossroads Part I′

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Stan Sakai (Author, Artist, Cover Artist) Colorist: Hi Fi

Usagi Yojimbo # 25 Yukichi and Usagi have left the Northern Province.

Usagi was wanted there as a Lord Mifune loyalist, so he has to leave the province due to political persecution (since he will never change his Mon, that will chase after him wherever he goes). The road is busy and packed with travelers, some going North, towards a Fire festival, and others going South, towards a Water festival.

Since the pilgrims are cramming the main road, they decide to take a less traveled path, but find a band of cutthroat Ronin. They pass each other warily, only to discover that the Ronin have killed and robbed pilgrims in their trail, leaving only death on their path.

Usagi and Yukichi decide go after them, but are again faced into a crossroad, and decide to take separate ways.

One of them will encounter more proof of the deadly Ronin and the other will face an entirely different kind of demon, in an eerie development to be continued…

One of the great aspects of Sakai′s work is his love for Japanese lore, and he has a great ability weaving both Samurai battles and fantasy tales back to back. Melancholy music, death, anticipation, and dread all are bundled up in Japanese folktales and this is a great example of how to set up the right ambience.

′Usagi Yojimbo Issue # 25: Crossroads Part I′ is on sale since January, 2022

AVAILABLE: January 2022

Featured image by Stan Sakai, all images belong to IDW Comics

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