Deadman #3 cover, Neal Adams

Review – Deadman #3: Dead in Multiple Ways

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Deadman #3 cover, Neal Adams
It’s not going well. Image copyright DC Comics

Deadman #3 – Neal Adams, Writer/Artist


Ray – 2/10

Corrina: Um…???

Ray: Deadman is one of two utterly disastrous books coming out of DC’s recently relaunched magic line, this book has at least one edge over its competition – it’s completely and totally insane, and as such is decent at holding my interest for 22 pages.

That’s not to say it’s remotely good, though – it would be accurate to describe this title as the Battlefield: Earth of comic books. The sad thing is, there’s actually a pretty good concept at the core of this series, as Boston Brand returns to the scene of the crime and investigates his own murder and the involvement of his family. But what could have been a compelling supernatural family drama is bogged down by some of the worst dialogue I’ve ever read in a comic book! Boston descends into screaming rage at the drop of a hat. Characters randomly insult each other in the background. No one falls asleep on the cave floor – yet.

Neal Adams’ art is far from its peak when it was a lot smoother with less unnecessary lines, but he still manages to create a few interesting settings this issue, including a segment taking place inside Deadman’s estranged father’s mind. There’s apparently three Brand Brothers – Boston, his still-living twin, and now a third younger brother who went off and joined the League of Assassins as part of a bargain their father made to save his wife’s life. Again, this is a decent concept – a man’s love for his wife pitted against the fate of his sons – but somehow actual emotional stakes come off even worse when paired with dialogue that makes every scene feel like a parody. This is very much in the spirit of the insane Batman: Odyssey, but it lacks the hilariously bizarre events of that one, and instead just comes off as grim.

Deadman #3 interior Neal Adams
You pummel a guy to death and everyone gets upset! image copyright DC Comics

Corrina: Which is worse, Deadman #3 or Ragman #3. Decisions, decisions.

Ragman #3 has better art. Deadman #3 is more likely to make you laugh. Flip a coin.

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  1. Spot on. I love comics, and give far more leniency than most people, but this book makes me angry reading it because I feel like I’m missing something. Instead, I realize it’s Neal, not me.

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