Review: Prep for the Zombie Apocalypse With BuzzBee Blasters


Alex Toys covers a lot of brands (including one of my favorites, Slinky). They were the original company that made SuperSoaker before Hasbro bought the brand. So while you may not know the name BuzzBee, know that they have some serious heritage.

They also make some seriously good dart blasters.  They were kind enough to send me a small arsenal, including two based on The Walking Dead.

Let’s touch on that Walking Dead license first. Confession: never watched the show or read the comic. But I’ll tell you one thing – I love these blasters, and so did my son. His absolute favorite was Rick’s Shotgun:

No, he won’t shoot his eye out.
Source: BuzzBee.

See those orange things? Those are “shells.” You snap the blaster open like an actual shotgun, load the shells and the dart, and when you open it again it ejects the shells. Not exactly awesome in a high-speed dart-fight, but so fun.

My son will sit with this while he watches TV.
Source: BuzzBee.

Personally, I prefer Andrea’s Rifle. The clip means you’re fussing with it less, and you don’t have to collect shells. The rifle-esque slide action takes some getting used to, but once you do you can easily fire a rapid succession of darts.

The included scope does nothing, alas.
Source: BuzzBee

Note that both of the above are on sale at Amazon (as of this writing) for $16.

There’s also an M16 in the line that I did not get to review and is not on sale, but it looks amaaaaaazing.

It just looks good.
Souce: BuzzBee

Aside from the Walking Dead blasters (and there are more), they also have the Air Warrior line. We got three of those, and two impressed me. One, however, did not.

Let’s start with the bottom of the barrel (little gun humor there for you), the Air Warrior Night Tek. It’s an air-launching blaster that needs batteries to power the “Night Tek” flashlight scope. This is supposed to turn on with a light pull, but for me it only activates when you fire, so it’s not really effective. It’s barely a cute gimmick.

Mind you, if it came with an actual night scope it would be insane.
Source: BuzzBee

I’m also not including a sale link, because Amazon is charging $45 for this, a $10 blaster (as seen at Sears). As a blaster, it’s absolutely a good value at that price. Decent range and accurate.

Next we have the battery-powered Cyclone. I have to admit to loving one major thing here: the silence. Most rapid-fire automatic blasters are loud. Using them gives your position away. The Cyclone though, is quiet. It’s not as fast as some others I have used, but it’s also less prone to jamming.

You have to make your own BUDDABUDDABUDDA SFX.
Source: BuzzBee

Then we have my favorite, the absolutely-not-for-indoor-use Destiny. Where the Cyclone is quiet, this thing is loud. The side-loading dart clip is machined so that as it fires (20 darts go out in seconds, people), it makes a crazy loud noise. Also, it’s not battery-powered, but air-powered. This is perfect for run-and-gun scenarios. You can also buy extra clips for it, so you don’t get caught reloading.

So loud. So fast.
Source. BuzzBee.

Finally, I need to note that BuzzBee uses suction darts, which are less for people-shooting than for target shooting. However, they don’t really hurt. The blasters all take standard “Elite” type darts, and the darts work in other blasters that take that type.

BuzzBee has a great thing with the Walking Dead blasters and some unique sets of their own. If you want to try something other than the “big name” in blasters, I recommend checking them out.

Note: BuzzBee gave me so many blasters, it’s less “for review purposes” and more “for the uprising.”

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