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VTech VM333 Video Monitor: The Camera Unit

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Vtech Camera
The VTech VM333 camera. Photo: Jonathan H. Liu

Here’s a little more about the VM333 video monitor from VTech, our sponsor this month.

Today, I’ll tell you more about the camera unit. It looks kind of like a little webcam. It’s about 4 inches tall including its base, and comes with an AC adapter with a fairly long cord. The camera base has an on-off switch on the side, and when you turn it on, there’s a little green indicator light to show you that it’s on.

VTech camera
The blinking green light means it’s on. Photo: Jonathan H. Liu

Unfortunately, my baby doesn’t seem to like the blinking light. During the day it’s not really noticeable, but at night her room is completely dark—we found that she actually sleeps better without a night light—and once the room is dark, the indicator light bothered her. Not a big problem, though—we just covered it with a bit of tape.

Fortunately, the camera also has automatic infrared night vision, so I can keep an eye on the baby even when the room’s totally dark.

That little knob on the back of the camera is a thermometer—you’ll be able to track the ambient temperature in the room from the monitor. And you might have noticed that volume control on the base, too—that works with the talk-back feature, which I’ll get to later on.

The VM333 system comes with a wall mount bracket so you can attach it to the wall—the back of the bracket is designed so you can wrap excess cord around it. We have some shelves in the nursery that provided a nice view, though, so I just set the camera there. Plus, this way I can easily move the camera to another room if needed.

Review unit provided by VTech.

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  1. Hello! I just bought this monitor but I’m currently living abroad and the model number is BM 3500. I need a new camera for it so I’m wondering if it is compatible with the monitor you have and if the extra camera purchased in the US will work. It seems to be the same exact monitor when looking online but I cannot find the answer. Any chance the geek dad would know? Thanks!

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