Celebrate Discovery’s Shark Week with Shark Wars


Shark Week officially starts this year this coming Sunday, July 31st! If you and/or your kids are fans of the world’s most perfect predators, then I am sure you already know. Even at my own house, we take a break from Star Wars and the world of fantasy to focus on our friends of the deep on the Discovery Channel.

I recently received a reviewer copy of Shark Wars by first-time children’s book author E.J. Altbacker. I must admit this is a great fast paced, action packed series, perfect for reluctant young readers. Yes, despite its lack of pop-up pictures, even my seven year-old is tackling this book.

Shark Wars is the story of Gray, the reef shark, and his best friend Barkley the dogfish. Together, they meet other misfit sharks, struggle with their friendship and must learn the very important lesson of survival. Author E.J. Altbacker is better known for his television screenwriting on animated shows including Justice League, Spider-Man, and ¡Mucha Lucha!

To coincide with the launch of the Shark Wars book series, they have also released the Shark Wars app, a free six-level game, on the iPhone and iPod Touch. Players can alternate between playing as the reef shark Gray or his friend Barkley the dogfish as they navigate through six action-packed levels. Players must dodge underwater dangers and collect treasure to advance to the next level. When the second book of the series comes out later this year, more levels will be added to the game!

Shark Wars already has a 5-star review on Amazon.com. You can even pre-order the remainder of the series! The app has also received top merits in the iTunes App Store.

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