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SainSmart Is Celebrating Their 9th Anniversary – Great Time to Get a CNC or 3D Printer

Not long back, I reviewed the delightful Genmitsu DIY CNC router here on GeekDad. Since then, unfortunately, I haven’t become the neighborhood king of wood carving or laser etching, but that’s not the CNC’s fault. That’s just… life getting in the way. However, many people have the time right now to explore crafts and tools they might not usually be able to. And, conveniently, our friends at SainSmart are having a celebration of their 9th anniversary, and deals abound. You can use the coupon code 9THBD to save 10% on many of their products, including both DIY kits, and assembled models.

Check out the SainSmart website and get a Desktop CNC, 3D Printer, Filament or other DIY tools. (Note: GeekDad is an affiliate of SainSmart; we will receive a small commission on each sale.)

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