Denver Comic Con 2017: Family Cosplay Roundup

This year’s Denver Comic Con was just as amazing as past years, with the guest numbers expected to possibly surpass last year’s 115,000. The cosplay was similarly amazing. It goes without saying that Wonder Woman was a big hit this year, but our family also saw numerous Rick and Morty couples, plus so many characters from Overwatch.

Here at GeekMom, we keep an eye out for cosplaying families in particular. We had some great families, including not only parents with their kids, but even aunts, uncles, siblings, and grandparents! I thoroughly enjoyed talking to some of the cosplaying families, getting to know their motivations and inspirations for their costumes. I wish I could share everyone’s stories, but for now, we have some of my favorites here to share:

A glimpse of what’s to come in Season 7? Daenerys Targaryen and Jon Snow have twin dragon daughters, as cute as can be! Image credit: Patricia Vollmer
This Moana family got a lot of attention at this year’s DCC. The girls’ grandmother was wheelchair-bound but that didn’t stop her from enjoying a very well-done Gramma Tala, complete with the pendant and walking stick. Image credit: Patricia Vollmer
I saw this Mario Kart family while I was waiting (and waiting…and waiting…and waiting) in line for lunch on Saturday. Image credit: Patricia Vollmer
To be honest, I’m not sure if this is a family, technically. But my family loves Aqua Teen Hunger Force. Perhaps in honor of Dana Snyder (voice of Master Shake) and Carey Means (Frylock) having a panel during DCC, this group did a great job as Meatwad, Master Shake, and Frylock. Well done! Image credit: Patricia Vollmer
I caught this young husband/wife couple just as I was leaving the Colorado Convention Center on Saturday. They were so adorable. I asked if there was a Pebbles and Wilma’s answer was “Not yet!”. Image credit: Patricia Vollmer
This little guy is four years old. He wanted to be R2D2 and Mom helped make it happen. This costume was what appeared to be a 12″ concrete mold tube and a lightweight foam sphere. I was reminded of the trash-can R2D2 costume I made for my almost-4-year-old son in 2008. Image credit: Patricia Vollmer
There were numerous Ricks and Mortys at this year’s DCC. This father/son duo did a very good job with details such as Rick’s blue uni-brow and dribble under the chin. Image credit: Patricia Vollmer
This 15-year-old designed and constructed most of this pneumatic Maleficent costume by herself. I talked to her father, who explained to me some of the intricacies of the costume, such as the real feathers on the wings. I’m sorry I couldn’t catch a video of the wings contracting and expanding. Image credit: Patricia Vollmer
Not sure if this is a family either, but it was worth photographing. It goes without saying that there were dozens-upon-dozens of Wonder Women, most of which were wearing the Gal Gadot-style of costume. But there were also several Lynda Carter-types, and other versions from the various comic book artist renditions. But enough about Wonder Woman: CHECK OUT ELASTICGIRL!!!! This young lady clearly looked the part with some very long legs. Unfortunately, according to this young lady, she had several folks ask her who she was portraying. A truly unique cosplay ideal and incredibly well-done. Image credit: Patricia Vollmer
So let me sneak in this one: my own family’s cosplay! I don’t think it needs explaining. My husband had wanted to be Duff Man since meeting up with one at Dragon*Con in 2012. Pro tip: Break in your shoes before walking 18,000 steps in Colorado Convention Center. My feet were hamburger at the end of the day in those red leather Marge shoes!
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Patricia Vollmer

Patricia Vollmer is the proud mother of two sons, ages 14 & 17, who are as geeky as she is. She's been writing for the Geek Family Network since 2011. She is a meteorologist currently teaching at the U.S. Air Force Academy, Colorado Springs, Colorado. Hobbies include running, despite no one chasing her, sharing her love for Disney, Marvel, and Star Wars, and exploring the world with her boys. Ask her why the sky is blue at your own risk.

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