Marbotic Smart Letters

Marbotic Smart Letters is a great new toy and set of apps for small children to learn about letters, phonetics,…

October 17, 2016

Daily #DadJoke for March 16, 2016

So what if I don't know what the word "apocalypse" means?

March 16, 2016

Word Nerd: Duel Identity

In a recent conversation on Facebook, I saw someone discussing the current presidential campaign, in which he referred to the…

February 15, 2016

My Cussing Kid

The other day, our soon-to-be three year old son called me a b*&#h when I asked him to eat his…

January 28, 2016

Word Nerd: A Tint of Rogue

Today we have another one of those word pairs that gets mixed up more often than one might expect, and…

January 22, 2016

Bring Back Obsolete Words

Go ahead, experiment on your fellow humans. It's for a good cause.

May 26, 2015

Word Nerd: Weary of Change

The New Year typically brings thoughts of change and new beginnings. Sometimes people look forward to these things, but sometimes…

January 9, 2015

Word Nerd: I’m a Looser.

We're back! And with three different illustrations this week. Here’s another one of those words that a lot of people…

December 12, 2014

Word Nerd: Formerly Formal

Today we're going to look at two words that aren't spelled the same, and actually don't sound the same unless…

May 23, 2013

Word Nerd: I Need My Space!

It's nothing. No, really, it's nothing at all. But it's amazing how a little nothing can make so much difference.…

May 16, 2013

Losing or Re-adjusting My Vocabulary?

At a recent checkup, I was referred to a neurologist for what we hope/assume are benign migraines. My Doctor asked…

November 22, 2011

YouTube Geek: Will it Rhyme?

This week in YouTube geekery, the wordplay is the thing. While building the promised weekly music playlist, I discovered a…

August 23, 2011

YouTube Geek: Say the Right Words

If you've spent much time on YouTube lately, you've probably heard about VidCon, the great big vlogbrothers-organized convention for the…

August 3, 2011

Free Rice Expands Your Word Power and Feeds the Hungry

Here at my house we're in the midst of SAT season. This will be the second go-round for my oldest…

March 4, 2010

Pick Some Words Out of Little Pim’s Word Bag

Little Pim's Word Bag When you're learning a foreign language, it's helpful to have frequent vocabulary reminders for words you…

February 2, 2010

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