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Disneyland Resort: Mickey’s Halloween Party and the End of a Terror

Halloween at the Disneyland Resort is a festive time full of family-friendly frights, spooky special events (separate ticket required), and…

October 5, 2016

Tim Burton’s (Not So) Peculiar Imprint Ceremony

Legendary filmmaker Tim Burton was honored with an imprint ceremony in front of the TCL Chinese Theatre in Hollywood, just…

September 17, 2016

5 Reasons to Watch ‘Alice Through the Looking Glass’

Despite my deepest cynicism, 'Alice Through the Looking Glass' is fun, modern, and beautiful.

May 27, 2016

‘Alice Through the Looking Glass’ – A Sequel With Less Muchness

In terms of the first movie, 'Alice Through the Looking Glass' was just mostly Alice. It's a movie that still…

May 26, 2016

How Tim Burton's 'Batman' Ruined Super Hero Movies

June 23, 1989, was a huge day for comic book movies. It gave us the film that changed everything. Thing…

July 15, 2015

New Tim Burton Trailer: Stunning and Creepy, of Course

Something less fantastical from Tim Burton this way comes. Big Eyes, his biopic of Margaret Keane, opens on Christmas Day.

September 20, 2014

Comic: Lenore Swirlies Features The Cutest, Craziest Undead Little Girl Ever

Meet Lenore. She's an undead little girl with a 400-year-old vampire friend named Ragamuffin who looks like a doll who's…

September 6, 2012

Check Out the New Trailer for Tim Burton’s Frankenweenie

Are you as excited as the rest of us for this next masterpiece from Tim Burton? Well here is the…

June 29, 2012

The First Trailer for Tim Burton’s Frankenweenie Is Here

Yes, the first trailer for Frankenweenie has arrived, and it looks like a funny, strange movie with lots of homages…

March 1, 2012

New One-Sheet Poster Released for Tim Burton’s Frankenweenie

It's hard not to wish, based on the previews I've seen so far for John Carter, that Disney had kept…

February 22, 2012

Disney Universe for the Wii: Take a Trip to the Eccentric Side of Disney

For the first time since joining GeekMom 10 months ago, I actually took some initiative and contacted Disney Interactive for…

November 20, 2011

Comic-Con Report: Danny Elfman

From the theme for The Simpsons to Pee Wee's Big Adventure and The Nightmare Before Christmas, Danny Elfman's music is…

July 22, 2010

GeekDad Puzzle Of The Week: Through The Looking Glass Solution

Congratulations to Emerson Williams, who is neither Tweedle Dee nor Tweedle Dum, and managed to solve the Lewis Carroll cipher…

March 6, 2010

GeekDad Puzzle Of The Week: Through The Looking Glass

Lewis Carroll, before sitting down to write Alice's Adventures In Wonderland, was a mathematician at Oxford University. Though he was…

March 1, 2010

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