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Geek Daily Deals September 20, 2019: 10-Pack of CR2032 Batteries for Just $5 Today!

Big sale on a variety of "watch" batteries: 10-pack of CR3032s for just $5 today! More sizes available!

Geek Daily Deals September 19, 2019: 1,100 Piece Brickyard Building Block Set for Just $26 Today!

Build whatever you and your kids' imaginations can conceive of with these generic building bricks for just $26 today!

Geek Links: Ezra Klein Interviews xkcd’s Randall Munroe

Popular geek Randall Munroe exposes a bit about how his mind works Courtesy: The Ezra Klein Show podcast

Dream On – ‘The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening’ for Nintendo Switch

'The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening' is just as enjoyable and rewarding in 2019 as it was in 1993.

Geek Daily Deals September 18, 2019: Redragon 87-Key LED Backlit Mechanical Gaming Keyboard for Just $28 Today!

Frag some n00bs in style with this clicky mechanical gaming keyboard with red LED backlighting for just $28 today!

Kickstarter Alert: Codynamic Brings Family-Friendly STEM Games To Your Tablet

Check out this Kickstarter campaign for an engaging two-player app aimed at parents and kids sharing STEM learning and quality…

Geek Daily Deals September 17, 2019: 36-Pack Variety Case of Play-Doh for Just $17 Today!

Get creative and artistic with your kids and this 36-can variety pack of Play-Doh for just $17 today!

Geek Daily Deals September 16, 2019: Aukey Magnetic Neckband Earbuds for Just $40 Today With Secret Code!

Get great wireless sound and long battery life with these magnetic Bluetooth 5.0 neckband earbuds, for just $40 today with…

Introducing the American Tabletop Awards

Today I'm happy to introduce the American Tabletop Awards, a new award for board games!

Kickstarter Tabletop Roundup: A More Perfect Union?

Here are a few Kickstarter games that caught my attention!

GeekDad Daily Deal: AstroShot Zero G Floating Orbs Target with Dart Blaster Gun and Foam Dart

Take your best shot with the AstroShot Zero G Floating Orbs Target with Dart Blaster Gun and Foam Darts: 17%…

Geek Daily Deals September 15, 2019: 1080p Projectors for Outdoor Movies for Just $107 Today!

Take your movies and TV outside for backyard movies nights with this 1080p portable projector, for just $107 today!

Geek Daily Deals September 14, 2019: 30 Pencils for $5; Dry Erase Markers for $8; Clear Glue for $7!

Get some great school/office supply deals: 30-pack of pencils for $5, plus dry erase markers and Elmer's glue!

Geek Daily Deals September 13, 2019: Big Deals of Cat6 and Cat7 Ethernet Cables; 100′ Cat6 for $17!

Hard wire your network with these deals on ethernet cables, including 100' Cat6 for just $17 today!

Geek Daily Deals September 12, 2019: 60 Watt USB-C Charger for iPhone 11 and More Just $32 Today With Secret Code!

Be ready for your new iPhone 11 (or any other USB-C gadget) with this 60 Watt charger for just $32…

Our Favorite Games From PAX West 2019

After days of interviews, previews, and trailers, we discuss some of our favorite games from PAX West 2019.

Word Wednesday: Remake ‘Alice in Wonderland.’

This Week's Word Is "Wonderland." This week I bring you a classic story, but not in a book, in a…

Geek Daily Deals September 11, 2019: Handy VGA to HDMI With Audio Adapter for Just $8 Today!

Be ready for analog video and audio with this HDMI to VGA adapter with a 3.5mm audio port for just…

Geek Daily Deals September 10, 2019: Get a Bubble Machine for $22 Today!

Perfect for parties or holiday displays (we have one we use every Halloween), get a bubble machine for just $30…

Geek Daily Deals September 9, 2019: Heavy-Duty 2000 Joule Surge Protector With USB for $30 Today!

Protect and power your hungriest gadgets and appliances with this 2000 Joule surge protector power strip for just $30 Today!

Tabletop Kickstarter Alert: Richard Garfield and Ken Jennings Team Up With ‘Half-Truth’

Richard Garfield and Ken Jennings have teamed up to create a trivia board game. Is it as good as its…

5 Reasons to Read ‘The Last’ by Hanna Jameson

'The Last' is isolated in a Swiss hotel after a nuclear apocalypse. If that wasn't bad enough, one the final…

Gadget Bits: Amber Wants To Be Your Home Storage, Back-up, Router, and File Sharing Solution

One device that combines back-up, sync, Wifi, sharing, streaming, and more. Amber tries hard to make it all simple, but…

GeekDad Daily Deal: Animated DJ Dog Black T-Shirt

Today's Daily Deal: Animated DJ Dog Black T-Shirt!

Geek Daily Deals September 8, 2019: Bluetooth Transmitter and Receiver for $25 Today!

Send or receive wireless audio between any two devices with this Bluetooth transmitter and receiver for just $25 Today!

Geek Daily Deals September 7, 2019: National Geographic Mega Fossil Kit for $17 Today!

Dig out real fossils and learn about science with your kids with this mega fossil kit from Nat. Geo. for…

Geek Daily Deals September 6, 2019: Digital Laser Tape Measure for $22 Today!

Measure distance, area, and more with the accuracy of a laser with this digital laser tape measure for just $22…

Geek Daily Deals September 5, 2019: Combo Apple Watch and iPhone/iPad Charging Cable for $15 Today!

Charge both your Apple Watch and your iPhone or iPad with this combo charging cable for just $15 Today!

Author Alice Oseman Discusses Her Graphic Novel ‘Heartstopper’ as Scholastic Announces US Release

Alice Oseman, author of ‘Solitaire’, ‘Radio Silence’, and more, chatted with us about her visual novel, ‘Heartstopper’, now coming to…

Geek Daily Deals September 4, 2019: USB-C/Thunderbolt 3 to Ethernet Adapter for $17 Today!

Connect your laptop to your network at the fastest speeds with this USB-C and Thunderbolt to Ethernet adapter for $17…