Can You Solve the Puzzle of the ‘Dubious Documents’?

Unfold this puzzle (literally) as you search through sixteen envelopes of clues to unlock the secret of the 'Dubious Documents.'

Geek Links: Puzzle Artifacts From The Enigma Emporium

Geeks LOVE puzzles—escape rooms, crosswords, murder mysteries... the list goes on. Well, I've got a new one to add to…

Puzzle Books for the Whole Family

If you or your family is the puzzle-loving sort, here are three new puzzle books, with a little something for…

‘Hoakes Island: A Fiendish Puzzle Adventure’ Is a Perfect Summer Puzzle Book

Go on an adventure. Find the clues. Solve the puzzles. And save Hoakes Island!

Exercise Your Logic Skills With ThinkFun Puzzles

My son and I played with four ThinkFun games and puzzles that test your logic skills. Most are single-player, but…

PAX Aust Game Review: Mallow Drops

Mallow Drops is a light and fluffy puzzle game, and depending on your tenacity it's either an engrossing time-sucker or…

A Minimalist Classic Christmas Movie Puzzle

Was there anything better than the California Raisins' version of "We Three Kings"?

Test Your Trivia Knowledge With the New ‘Good Job, Brain!’ Book

Brought to you by the popular trivia podcast, the 'Good Job, Brain!' book delivers trivia goodness to test yourself or…

‘Dimension’ Is a Stacking Game That Will Have You Thinking and Moving Quickly

We finally get around to reviewing 'Dimension,' the family-friendly, fast-paced sphere-stacking game.

Get Twisted in the Mindbender Mansion

Give your brain some exercise in the Mindbender Mansion at the Orlando Science Center.

Humble Puzzle Bundle

Who doesn't love a good puzzle? What about great puzzles by top designers? What about lots of great puzzles for…

IncrediBuilds 3-D Wooden Puzzle Kit Review

Get your kids into wooden models this summer with Insight Editions' latest IncrediBuilds!

Kickstarter Alert: ‘The Extinct Series: Woolly Mammoth’ Educational Puzzle

Our family loves puzzles as well as dinosaurs and extinct animals. The Extinct Series of puzzles combines both of those…

Cardborders Wants You to Explore ‘Our NYC’

A puzzling look at NYC. That was dad humor right there. You're not supposed to laugh.

Get Fit and Get Puzzled With Today's Amazon Daily Deals

A couple of good deals today on things you might actually use.

Kickstarter Alert: 'Puzzle Your Kids!'

A new Kickstarter hopes to bring perfect puzzles to your kids each week.

The Puzzle Publication I've Always Wanted

P&A Magazine is a rich source of intriguing, challenging puzzles.

A New Interpretation of ‘Magic: The Gathering’ — PuzzleQuest

Wizards of the Coast has released a new spin-off of their world-famous card game, called 'Magic the Gathering: Puzzle Quest.'…

Thinking Like a Programmer: Abstraction

Prepare your processors as we attempt to solve a classic GeekDad Puzzle of the Week and discover brute force dictionary…

Sherlock Holmes Book Reviews and News Q4 (Part 2) 2015

With just over a month until the premiere of the BBC's 'Sherlock Christmas Special,' I'm sure that fans of the…

‘Hello Ruby: Adventures in Coding’ – Thinking Like a Computer

"Play is often talked about as if it were a relief from serious learning. But for children play is serious…

‘Storied Myth’ Is a Hands-On Reading Experience

The mail-order adventure combines an app-based book and puzzles.

Madzzle, Puzzles Evolved: Kickstarter Review

Mad Rat is trying something ambitious with their current Kickstarter: make a puzzle that's as fun to assemble and play…

Sunday Evening With Captain Owen Episode 016: ‘Pirate Puzzle’

This episode we briefly talk about Captain Owen's new big boy room--it's still in the works but expect a lot…

Kickstarter Alert: ‘Wizard Pickles’ Puzzle Book

Chuck Whelon's new Kickstarter will fund a fun puzzle book named 'Wizard Pickles.'

DeNA’s ‘Blood Gate: Age of Alchemy’

DeNA's new free-to-play game 'Blood Gate' is a fun, tense, puzzle RPG.

Cryptic States of America

Looking for something pointless to do for a while? Try these U.S. state quizzes.

Boring Commute? ‘Epic Eric’ Swings to the Rescue

Meet 'Epic Eric,' the most entertainingly addictive commuter puzzle game to come along since birds smashing pigs.

Picture Puzzle Books and Toddlers

Treasure hunt puzzle books are often aimed at big kids, but a bit of creativity makes them a hit with…

Kickstarter Alert: 54 Colorful 3D Dinosaurs From Boneyard Pets

32 Square just launched their third Kickstarter for their newest version of Boneyard Pets 3D dinosaur puzzles. All the new…

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