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MC Frontalot + Puppets = Awesome

The latest single from MC Frontalot’s 2011 release Solved is pretty sweet in its own right. “Stoop Sale” is a lyrical morality tale about the nature of human desire and the tragedy of missed opportunity. Yet the video for “Stoop Sale” … Read More

Fantastic Mr. Fox: An Interactive Puppetry Experience You Can Really Get Into!

When I saw the advertisements around my humble town of Shreveport, Louisiana for a production of Roald Dahl’s Fantastic Mr. Fox, I thought to myself, “Oh, a puppet show. That’s nice; another way to enjoy the story, besides just watching the movie.” After actually experiencing it a few days ago with my husband and 11-year-old… Read More

Geek-Pleasing Finalists for the Toy Hall of Fame

The Toy Hall of Fame put out the call to nominate toys for the 2011 batch of inductees, and apparently that call was answered by geeks. Just look at the amazing list of finalists. Dollhouse – Well deserved, I’d say. And while I might once have wanted Barbie’s Dreamhouse with the functional elevator, now all… Read More