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OK Go’s Latest Amazing Video

OK Go’s Latest Amazing Video

OK Go is known for, among other things, really elaborate music videos, from stop-motion animation with toast or people, Rube Goldberg machines (some involving cars), and the Muppets. Their latest video, for “The Writing’s on the Wall,” features a lot of fun perspective illusions—things that look a certain way only from one particular point of view—and it’s a lot of fun to watch. Read More

Geek Out With the Humble Music Bundle

With its 2010 debut the Humble Indie Bundle changed the way many of us think about desktop gaming. Offering a wide selection of quality independent titles at a flexible pay-what-you-want price point that allows the buyers themselves to decide how … Read More

All Is Not Lost!

(Okay Go’s latest video “All is Not Lost” [an HTML5 video created for Google’s “Chrome Experiment” program] can be watched in any browser–but only Chrome users get the full experience!) A couple of weeks back, amidst the initial “I got a golden invite” hub-bub over on Google+, I asked, “Would my Google+ experience be any… Read More