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Dealing With Heat Through the Ages

I live in the South, so the heat outside has been pretty unbearable for most of the summer. But we’ve been able to deal by hiding inside with the wonder that is air conditioning. But then, our air conditioning died. My husband thinks he can fix it but it may have to wait a few… Read More

The Summertime Blues

I hate the summer season for a variety of reasons. I’m not a fan of the heat, and not really a fan of air conditioning either. I usually spend the summer having to dress in layers so I can have a sweater in the A/C but a tank top outside. This summer was especially un-fun… Read More

Feeling Hot Hot Hot

As our area of the country continues to bake in the relentless heat, our family continues to stay inside in the air conditioning. When we do venture outside, it is early morning or early evening and for brief periods of time. They are starting to talk water rationing and temperature records are being set frequently. This… Read More

Camping In A Caboose

I spent a rather unusual weekend with my boys, Jon and Aidan. Unusual for two reasons: it was warm, short sleeves weather outside (very strange for London, Ontario where it’s more likely I’d be shovelling snow this time of year … Read More