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GeekDad Review: Sound Rise Flower Freaq

GeekDad Review: Sound Rise Flower Freaq

Soundfreaq originally sent me a limited edition Sound Rise Flower Freaq for inclusion in the GeekDad Mother’s Day Gift Guide. The combination alarm clock and Bluetooth speaker quickly migrated to my teenage daughter’s room, where it has apparently found a permanent home. After three weeks of use, it’s time for a review of this funky, multipurpose device. Read More

Zen Alarm Clock by Now & Zen

I’m a meditation geek and whenever I can find a new app or tool to include in my practice, I like to try it out. The Zen Alarm Clock by Now & Zen is my newest mediation tool and so far I’m loving it. You can use it as an alarm clock, interval timer, countdown timer and a meditation timer. I’m currently using it mostly as an alarm clock. Read More

Geeking the Wake Up Call

A sudden blare of sound is never a good way to wake up. And thanks to Daylight Saving Time (fist shake at George Vernon Hudson) we’ll be getting up an hour earlier starting Sunday, March 13. So why not geek … Read More