Game Review: Super Swing Golf Season 2 (Wii)

Producing one quality Parents’ Guide a day has proved more challenging than I thought. These guides each answer the same six (what, where, why, how, when, who) questions for every game covered. I love writing them, but they eat up so much time. It’s all worth while when I get to stumble upon a little […]

Family Video Game Thing a Day

Some of the best conversations I’ve had this year have been off the back of my Parent’s Guide series. Again and again I’ve come across parents, guardians and even aunties who wanted to find out about the favourite hobby of the people they care about – gaming. But what surprised me the most was the […]

The Big Monster of This Year Is the Scary Fairy

Fairies often come to mind around Halloween. After all, it seems like half the costumes in the stores come with wands and wings. But there’s another reason fairies might be on your mind this time of year. Fairies are terrifying. Or at least, they’ve been terrifying lately. And let’s face it: fairies, at their mythological […]

Review: Take a Deep Breath by Nina Shapiro, MD

There are plenty of challenges that we face as parents. Some are simple, like learning how to simultaneously change a diaper, finish a phone call and prevent your child from knocking over everything on the changing table. Others, like helping your child when they’re sick, are a lot more difficult and frightening. As Mom to a […]

Your Wallet Changes The Marketplace

  My parents were frugal long before the practice was eco-friendly. They’d never heard the term “repurposing” but my mother made slips from worn sheets and used tattered clothing as rags. (She told me I was overreacting when I refused to use my dad’s old tighty whities as dust cloths.) My father reused nails, string, cardboard, […]

Sesame Street is Coming to Your Nintendo Wii

Despite the fact that Nintendo’s entry into this round of the console wars has proven itself a rousing success with regard to sales numbers, the Wii has been saddled with an unfortunate and lingering nickname: the kiddie console. While the …