‘Dungeons & Dragons’: Adventures in 5th Edition

A few years ago, after discovering the joys of ‘Acquisitions Incorporated,’ I got really excited about playing ‘Dungeons & Dragons.’ So I did what any sane, married 30-year-old would do, and without even waiting to find a group to play, I bought the ‘D&D’ 5th edition Starter Set, ‘Player’s Handbook,’ and ‘Monster Manual,’ and planned my first game.

D&D essentials

Dungeon Master Resources: D&D Essentials

Building up the courage to run your first Dungeons & Dragons game as Dungeon Master is always a massive step. You might have spent hours watching live streams online and now you’ve coerced you friends into joining you around the table. But how do you ensure everything goes as well as it can? After all, this might be their first experiences of D&D and you don’t want it to go badly.