LEGO Fusion

LEGO Fusion Is Augmented Reality for Tweens

Augmented Reality (AR) is not just the stuff of wearable displays (like Google Glass and Microsoft’s HoloLens), ghostly virtual assistants, and floating keyboards any more. In a perfectly appropriate blend of real and virtual innovation, LEGO has found a way to use AR that embellishes the building blocks and increases creativity and real-world play (rather than take away from it) with the LEGO Fusion group of sets.

Lego for Girls, Done Right

A lot of people were up in arms about Lego Friends — unfairly, for the most part. A Lego set is only what you make of it. Still, a lot of people bemoaned how the geekiest set, Olivia’s Inventor’s Workshop, …

Lego Kidsfest: Definitely Worth the Price of Admission

You might be inclined to believe Lego KidsFests is just going to be another marketing ploy by this company that seems to keep finding ways to suck those dollar bills out of your wallet, but let me tell you why you, and your building child, will experience so much more than a cruise through the company store.

DIY Lego Lunchbox

Tom Heck published a detailed how-to for turning an old Lego storage container into a lunchbox for his son. Tom’s son took it to school for the first time on Monday and his friends (all of them Lego fanatics) loved …

Take a Glimpse into the Anthropology of Lego

The other morning, while getting my sons ready for school, I heard an interview on NPR between Morning Edition host Steve Inskeep and Business Week’s Brad Weiner.  The two journalists were discussing a new line of Lego brick sets hitting the market right after Christmas in the U.K. and U.S. The line is called “Lego […]