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New Game ‘Xtronaut’ Challenges Players to Explore Space (Sponsored)

Today's sponsor is a fun-to-play, educational game that challenges players to build rockets and explore space. The game is an…

August 15, 2016

Weekly Poll: Space Probes

This week's poll: space probes!

July 11, 2016

‘Star Trek: Exploring New Worlds’ at EMP Museum

I previously mentioned the upcoming Star Trek: Exploring New Worlds exhibit at EMP Museum, but yesterday I actually got to…

May 19, 2016

NASA Wants Your Artwork For Space

Why settle for your local gallery when NASA is offering to include your artwork in an exhibition out of this…

March 17, 2016

Space Questions? Let’s Just ‘Ask the Astronaut’

I know we're a self-selected group here in Nerdland, but which of us hasn't wondered about what it's like to…

March 16, 2016

The Space Shuttle Challenger: 30 Years Later

Remembering the Challenger's last mission, and what it means to us thirty years later.

January 28, 2016

GeekGirlCon 2015 Recap

GeekGirlCon just held their fifth annual convention here in Seattle, WA. GeekGirlCon is all about celebrating women and their contributions…

October 19, 2015

GeekDad Interviews Buzz Aldrin

GeekDad had a rare opportunity to speak with world-famous astronaut, author, actor, and activist Buzz Aldrin about the recent excitement…

October 13, 2015

Sunday Evening With Captain Owen Episode 018: ”The Planets”

Today we talk about the planets in our solar system (and include Pluto), send our friend Gabby well-wishes, and then…

October 12, 2015

True Tatooine: the Reality of Circumbinary Planets

It's one of the most familiar scenes from the Star Wars saga. Luke, realizing he is probably doomed to a…

October 12, 2015

10 Excellent New Gadget Kickstarter Projects This Week

From a crowd-funded moon rocket to an LED mixing stick for perfect cocktails, the new gadget projects on Kickstarter this…

October 2, 2015

7 Ways NASA Makes Our Lives Better Every Day

Check out GeekDad's top 7 technologies that wouldn't be possible without NASA's research.

August 24, 2015

Watch This: New Pluto Images from NASA at 2pm ET

Watch live: A new NASA New Horizons press conference starts at 2pm ET, and will likely reveal new, and more…

July 24, 2015

Because We Now Know That Pluto Is the Planet Arrakis

NASA released the best image of Pluto we've seen so far. We really feel like we know the planet now,…

July 14, 2015

Astrophysics on Late Night: The Debut of ‘StarTalk’

Neil deGrasse Tyson's 'StarTalk' makes a disappointing debut in late night, but there is enough to bring me back next…

April 22, 2015

Why You Should Talk to Your Kids About History

History is cool, and your kids' curiosity about it can lead to some wonderful things.

April 14, 2015

Watch the Latest SpaceX Launch Live Today

Watch the latest launch from SpaceX live online at 1:15pm PDT today!

April 13, 2015

‘Infinite Worlds of Science Fiction’ Lands at EMP

The 'Infinite Worlds of Science Fiction' exhibit opened last weekend at the EMP Museum here in Seattle. I was lucky…

April 4, 2015

The Pi Day of the Century

Can you use Pi to solve these problems from NASA's JPL before Pi day this Saturday?

March 12, 2015

Live From Ceres, It’s Friday in Space!

The Dawn spacecraft entered the orbit of the dwarf planet Ceres, located in the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter,…

March 6, 2015

NASA Makes the Geekiest Posters for the ISS Missions

The newest mission post for an expedition to the International Space Station was revealed, and it's a wonderful homage to…

February 13, 2015

Could There Be Two More Planets in Our Solar System?

Scientists have crunched the numbers, and their conclusions could change our view of the solar system, again.

January 16, 2015

The Astronomically Correct “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” Is Fun and Factual

Tired of singing about your confusion as to what stars are--when you know exactly what they are and why they…

January 9, 2015

Is Stephen Hawking a “Bad-Ass” of Science? NDGT Thinks so.

Professor Tyson weighs in with his opnion on the esteemed theorist and subject of the movie The Theory of Everything.

December 17, 2014

Congratulations to the Orion Team!

Earlier today NASA successfully tested the Orion capsule, designed to take astronauts beyond low Earth orbit.

December 5, 2014

Watch the Live Test Launch of NASA’s New Orion Spacecraft (We Hope)

The launch was scrubbed yesterday, but we're feeling good this time around. Watch the livestream above and see what's happening…

December 5, 2014

Watch This: Amazing Wanderers Is a Vision of Our Space-faring Future We All Want to Live In

I've already watched this a few times. It's so beautiful, and it so effectively visualizes pieces of the futures we…

December 1, 2014

To Catch a Comet: PBS Documentary About Rosetta

You may have heard the amazing news last week that the European Space Agency successfully landed a probe on a…

November 18, 2014

Watch This: Livestream of the Rosetta #CometLanding

We're actually a ways off from the actual landing, which won't happen until tomorrow morning - final confirmation of the…

November 11, 2014

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