OV Headphones – Everywhere Sounds Smart

Built-in Amazon Echo and smart sound customization lets OV Headphones create the "connected everywhere" we always wanted.

Celebrate Earth Day With a Brand-New Google Earth

Major updates to the Google Earth platform include the new Voyager option, a showcase of interactive guided tours from storytellers,…

Rheem Residential Equipment Joins the Internet of Things

Rheem has brought Internet of Things to its HVAC equipment with EcoNet technology. BONUS: We get to chat with HGTV's…

‘Power Play: How Video Games Can Save the World’

'Power Play' by Asi Burak and Laura Parker features video game innovations that are being used to affect social good,…

Getting Your RPG Fix With Play-by-Post Gaming

Utilizing threaded forums for text-based posts, and a place to share images and maps, Play-by-post gaming is an excellent way…

The Augmented Reality Experience

The current and future possibilities of augmented reality were discussed at a Disruptive Technologists meetup; a panel of experts presented…

CES News: Bitdefender BOX Gets a Big Update to Help Keep Your Home Network Secure

2016 tech news was pretty much about two topics: the Internet of Things (meaning more and more devices in your…

CES Report – Make Trash Smarter With GeniCan

Hands-free GeniCan device scans trash as it’s thrown away and adds items to an Amazon shopping list (and can even…

CES Preview: Smart Home Could Mean Discounted Insurance

ROC-Connect and CoreLogic use data from smart homes to help insurance companies create safer homes and (potentially) reduce insurance rates.

‘Star Wars Battlefront’ Comes to Origin Access

On December 13th, 'Star Wars Battlefront' comes to Origin Access.

CES Preview: Finch Brings VR Control to the People

The Finch wireless VR controller can provide a high-end experience at a fraction of the cost with completely natural gestures.

Can ELIOT Take the Internet of Things Everywhere?

Legrand’s ELIOT is a new Internet of Things (IoT) system designed for the built environment with the consumer in mind.

Corral the Internet With KoalaSafe

KoalaSafe: a small box that helps your children to access the internet safely and at the times you want them…

What a Family of Connected Devices From LeEco

New smartphones and TVs (and cars and bikes) from LeEco are connected with a new ecosystem that encourages user influence…

Eero Home Wi-Fi System

Many of us know the pain of poor Wi-Fi coverage and deadspots in our homes. Eero aims to fix those…

3 Ways the Internet of Things Is Changing Global Shipping (Sponsored)

American International Group, the global insurance provider with a passion for the Internet of Things (IoT), continues its work studying…

Vroom Makes Buying a Car As Easy As Playing Pokemon (Sponsored)

Buy a pre-owned car using Vroom, and get $250 cash back with our special code: VIPPHX14

Rickroll Yourself With the ‘Never Gonna Give You Up’ Soundbox

This is a bit of genius, and a TON of fun to play with.

Best Network for Your Smart Places

Internet of Things (IoT) devices will need to have the network to perform all the tasks we ask of them.

Humble Bundle ‘Star Trek’ Sale

Humble Bundle in conjunction with IDW Comics is currently running a 'Star Trek' comic book sale.

When the Internet of Things Is Only One Thing

What makes the "Internet of Things" so amazing is not the devices that are connected… but rather the way those…

AIG Reports on the Future of the Internet of Things #2 (Sponsored)

AIG continues its work regarding the Internet of Things (IoT), this time tackling implementation and growth through collaboration. In their…

Here We Are Again, LEGO. Why?

Women, not just girls, love LEGO, too, you know.

Samsung’s Future IoT Is Nation-Wide

There is a dedicated Internet of Things network coming from Samsung that can connect devices across a nation.

IFTTT Integration Makes Piper and Alexa Friends

Thanks to IFTTT, my two favorite smart devices are now fast friends, and I think Piper and Alexa are going…

Who Would I Be, If You Hadn’t Died?

Who would I be, if you hadn't died? I frequently ask this in my head when I think about my…

Can Viv Live Up to the Hype?

Soon we will meet Viv, an AI personal assistant that can write its own code, taking on new tasks based…

Rukkus Gets You the Best Seat Virtually Every Time

The updated Rukkus iOS app features virtual reality seat views to allow users to fully experience their seat location first-hand…

Just Sit Back and Relax: ‘Animaniacs’ Has Come to Netflix

One of the best cartoon shows of the 1990s is now on Netflix!

The Internet Gets a Poke in the i.

With its own strange way of expressing itself, the AP Style Guide will change its guidance of Internet to internet…