What Are Little Coders Made of?

Every parent dreams of their children turning into adults with successful careers they love. But how can you tell if…

November 4, 2015

Secret Life of the Internal Combustion Engine

In the second of a two-part look at the history of the automobile, we take a look at the development…

October 31, 2015

Snickerdoodle: Next Generation Maker and STEM Projects

Snickerdoodle is the newest microprocessor development board that allows you to make what you’ve always thought and been told you…

October 26, 2015

Secret Life of the Car

Series two of 'The Secret Life of Machines' kicks off with the first of a two-part look at the history…

October 25, 2015

Wonder League Robotics Competition

I just mentioned Dash & Dot's new 'Wonder' app last week, and here's a cool opportunity to put it to…

October 21, 2015

GeekGirlCon 2015 Recap

GeekGirlCon just held their fifth annual convention here in Seattle, WA. GeekGirlCon is all about celebrating women and their contributions…

October 19, 2015

Maker Faire Atlanta 2015 Revisited

It's been a week since Maker Faire Atlanta ended, and I've finally had a chance to sit down and go…

October 12, 2015

Design and 3D Print a Yo-Yo With Kids

Rapid design and 3D printing custom yo-yo with kids was a fun way to spend the afternoon. The kids learned…

October 12, 2015

7 Amazing New Gadget Projects on Kickstarter This Week

Wearables, robots, and the tools to make your own fonts. What else do you want?

October 11, 2015

Science for Young Makers Class – Part II

For this current batch of 28 students, I selected a set of projects that came from a book called Nick…

October 6, 2015

A Makeover for a Maker Community

Redesigned Design Squad website offers the youngest makers engineering challenges.

October 2, 2015

10 Excellent New Gadget Kickstarter Projects This Week

From a crowd-funded moon rocket to an LED mixing stick for perfect cocktails, the new gadget projects on Kickstarter this…

October 2, 2015

New Program Helps Schools Run Kickstarters for Maker Spaces

The Children's Museum of Pittsburgh (PA) has partnered with Kickstarter to develop a program that helps schools run their own…

September 30, 2015

10 Awesome New Kickstarter Tech Projects This Week

Modular phones, modular robots, and DIY motion-capture are just a few of the cool new tech projects on Kickstarter this…

September 27, 2015

Girl-Led Teams Dominated Annual STEM-Based Competition, MOONBOTS

The winners of the 2015 MOONBOTS Challenge were announced this morning and the winners list was dominated by girl-led teams.

September 24, 2015

STEAMLabs Hosting Anti-Discrimination Clock Hackathon

Toronto-based STEAMLabs is continuing an effort witnessed around North America in bringing a positive spin to the events surrounding Ahmed…

September 21, 2015

9 Awesome New Kickstarter Gadget Projects This Week

From the next generation of underwater ROVs to DIY headphone kits, Kickstarter has some great new gadget projects this week.

September 20, 2015

Science for Young Makers Class – Part I

Find out how to create interesting science classes for kids without spending a ton of money.

September 17, 2015

6 Awesome New Gadget Kickstarter Projects This Week

A handheld charger, a video stabilizer, and a new way to brew coffee are just some of the awesome new…

September 11, 2015

Get the Logitech Harmony Ultimate Remote on Sale Today

I own this remote. It is a central feature of our home entertainment setup, helping make a complex system easy…

September 8, 2015

STEM Toys and ‘Game of Thrones’ S1-S2 on Deep Discount Today!

Today, on this lovely Monday off (at least here in the US), Amazon has us geeky parents taken care of…

September 7, 2015

Bridging the Gap: Engineering Magic in ‘Updraft’

"There's not much magic in your book, is there?" an early reader of 'Updraft' once asked me, before concluding, "It's…

August 31, 2015

Review: Brackitz Allows Architectural Feats With Wooden Blocks

Brackitz is a new building block line of toys that allows children to take block building to a whole new…

August 25, 2015

7 Ways NASA Makes Our Lives Better Every Day

Check out GeekDad's top 7 technologies that wouldn't be possible without NASA's research.

August 24, 2015

8 Awesome New Gadget Kickstarter Projects This Week

From a health-tracking ring to an emergency parachute for your drone, here are eight very cool new Kickstarter gadget projects…

August 21, 2015

Go Tankless and Have a Ball With Today’s Amazon Daily Deals

Today Amazon is making it easy to save money on home utilities and on home cleaning.

August 20, 2015

Kindle HD6 and Sony Monitor Headphones on Sale Today at Amazon

Two pretty good tech/lifestyle deals today at Amazon. First, they've put a couple of their Kindle Fire tablets on discount…

August 17, 2015

Daytona International Speedway Stadium Project Nearing Completion

It took the Romans approximately eight years to build the Coliseum. It's taking a considerably shorter period, less than three…

August 11, 2015

Memory, Drives, and More Computer Upgrades on Sale at Amazon Today

Today, there are some serious deals on memory (the 16Gb DDR3 memory above is just $80 - that's $5 per…

August 3, 2015

9 Awesome New Gadget Kickstarter Projects This Week

A portable midi controller and a laser scanner that plugs into your phone are just a couple of the amazing…

July 31, 2015

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