Immerse HIVE brings Spatial Audio to Gamers

Immerse wants to take your spatial gaming audio to the next level with their new Immerse Gaming Hive working with…

September 15, 2021

The Roccat Torch Studio-Grade USB Microphone

The Roccat Torch studio-grade USB microphone is a great new addition to the Roccat family of computer products.

August 27, 2021

Audeze Mobius Gaming Headset Review

Audeze releases an amazing new high-end gaming headset with the Mobius, a serious headset for serious gamers! 

July 8, 2021

AOC C32G2ZE Gaming Monitor Review

AOC brings along with their recent amazing gaming peripherals a new gaming monitor that may blow your mind with the…

June 23, 2021

AGON AGM700 Gaming Mouse and AMM700 Mousepad

AOC has a great new solution for people looking to improve play performance with the AGM700 gaming mouse and AMM700…

June 13, 2021

AGON AGK700 Pro-Gaming RGB Keyboard

AOC's new AGON series of computer gaming peripherals has come out with the amazing new AGON AGK700 pro-gaming RGB keyboard.

June 12, 2021

Roccat Pyro Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review

Roccat unleashes a great new mechanical gaming keyboard, the Pyro, for the tech warriors looking to upgrade their weaponry!

June 4, 2021

A Future Full of Sun and Thunder | An Interview with Rony Abovitz

A visionary again imagines a change to the fabric of the future, Rony Abovitz and his new venture Sun and…

April 17, 2021

HyperX Alloy Origins Core Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

GeekDad Ricardo takes a look at the HyperX Alloy Origins Core Mechanical Tenkeyless Gaming Keyboard with new blue switches.

April 16, 2021

GeekDad Review: OWC’s USB-C Dock Adds All the Ports Your USB-C Laptop Needs

If you own a MacBook with nothing but USB-C ports, the OWC USB-C dock gives you the flexibility of 10…

March 13, 2021

HyperX Alloy Origins 60 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

HyperX brings us another great 60%-sized keyboard that's perfect for portable gaming, the Alloy Origins 60.

March 6, 2021

GeekDad Review: Mujjo Sleeve for 13-Inch MacBook Air and MacBook Pro

The Mujjo Sleeve for 13-inch Retina MacBook Air and MacBook Pro models is a high quality laptop sleeve made with…

December 25, 2020

Play ‘Cyberpunk 2077’ in the Cloud With GeForce Now!

'Cyberpunk 2020' comes to life from the studio that brought us the legendary 'Witcher' series, CD Project Red, with 'Cyberpunk…

December 20, 2020

GeekDad Review: ASUS Flip C436 Chromebook

The ASUS C436 is a 2-in-1 Chromebook with a great display, a premium design, and plenty of power on tap—with…

December 18, 2020

Play Video Games Like a Professional With Glorious Keyboards and Mice

The Glorious GMMK Keyboard and Model O Mouse are used by e-sport athletes and can help take your video gaming…

December 11, 2020

Empower Your Kids to Code With QPi Kits [#ad]

QPi Kits encourage problem-solving, critical thinking, and creativity to help prepare your kids not only for the job market but…

November 25, 2020

AOC Introduces the 16T2 Portable USB-C Touchscreen Monitor

Initial thoughts and setup With many of us using our phones as our primary computing tool, it makes sense to…

November 25, 2020

Where Is My Apple Watch Backup?

I’ve done this several times over the years and almost every time I run into the same problem of not…

November 9, 2020

GeekDad Review: BenQ 4K Entertainment Monitors With HDRi

The BenQ Entertainment series monitors live up to the name, with 4K resolution, HDRi technology, treVolo audio, and an attractive…

November 7, 2020

HyperX Makes Haste — A Great New Pulsefire Ultralight Mouse

HyperX has made some great gaming mice, and the new Pulsefire Haste cements their spot in the ultralight high-resolution gaming…

October 30, 2020

GeekDad Review: Razer Pro Type Wireless Mechanical Keyboard

The Pro Type is a Razer mechanical keyboard that's wireless, backlit, ergonomic, and designed for productivity.

September 26, 2020

Why I Switched From a 12.9” to an 11” iPad Pro

Normally once you get used to a bigger screen you don’t want to switch back to a smaller one, but…

September 9, 2020

GeekDad Review: SanDisk Extreme Portable SSD

The SanDisk Extreme Portable SSD is a compact, rugged, high capacity drive that provides speedy access to your data even…

July 3, 2020

GeekDad Review: Google Pixelbook Go

Hands-on with the Google Pixelbook Go, an affordable premium Chromebook.

May 9, 2020

The Philips 272E1CA Curved Frame-less Monitor Review

Philips releases a new monitor for computer users and casual gamers, the 272E1CA.

May 1, 2020

GeekDad Review: Havit RGB Gaming Mouse Pad

This gaming mouse pad costs under $24, but it offers an accurate gaming surface surrounded by a pulsing, USB-powered light…

April 25, 2020

Geek Links: Nucleus PowerHub on Kickstarter

The Nucleus PowerHub promises an 85-watt MacBook charger, plus multi-port hub, in a tiny, lightweight package. Courtesy: Kickstarter/Oneadaptr

April 24, 2020

Texas Hold ’em Poker With Video Chat: The Social Distance Edition

'PokerFace' lets you play Texas Hold’em Poker with friends via live group video chat around a virtual Poker Table.

March 31, 2020

4 Steps to an Extra Laptop for Schooling at Home

Many families find themselves short on computing devices for schooling at home... here’s a free plan for using CloudReady to…

March 23, 2020

Is This the Year For a Stand Alone Apple Watch?

With the coming change to cellular data plans due to 5G data networks, I think a stand alone cellular enabled…

January 6, 2020

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