Texas Hold ’em Poker With Video Chat: The Social Distance Edition

'PokerFace' lets you play Texas Hold’em Poker with friends via live group video chat around a virtual Poker Table.

4 Steps to an Extra Laptop for Schooling at Home

Many families find themselves short on computing devices for schooling at home... here’s a free plan for using CloudReady to…

Is This the Year For a Stand Alone Apple Watch?

With the coming change to cellular data plans due to 5G data networks, I think a stand alone cellular enabled…

Online Kids Need a Guard Dog With a Big Bark

Bark monitors children’s online communication and social media platforms for serious issues. A special Bark team has published a story…

Kickstarter Alert: castAway Case is a Second Screen for Your Smartphone

A removable, second screen for your smartphone – castAway is actually a Chromebook for powerful multitasking on Android or iOS…

Viper V770 Gaming Keyboard Review

Viper releases a new keyboard with an amazing amount of features, the V770!

HyperX Alloy Origins Keyboard Review

HyperX releases a new keyboard featuring their own proprietary switches to improve performance and durability.

GeekDad Review: Viper V370 Gaming Headset

Viper releases a great 7.1 surround gaming headset for hardcore gamers looking for an aural edge!

HyperX Announces Double-Shot PBT Keycaps

HyperX announces HyperX Double-Shot PBT Keycaps in white, for those who want to upgrade their mechanical LED keyboards and want…

Review: The V551 Optical RGB Gaming Mouse

Gamers are looking for some very specific things in their peripherals these days and Viper has done a great job…

The P200 by Patriot Solid State Drive Review

Affordability + Speed + Dependability = a value you may not want to pass up!

Cooler Master SK621 Bluetooth Keyboard Review

Cooler Master releases a high-performance keyboard for gamers and writers on the go with the new SK621 Bluetooth.

BenQ XL2536 E-Sports Gaming Monitor Review

BenQ releases a high-performance monitor for e-sports gamers looking to get a competitive edge.

Patriot Viper V765 Mechanical RGB Keyboard Review

Viper has released a new mechanical keyboard for competitive gamers, the V765.

Automating Read It Later Articles to DEVONthink

I have found a new way to automate sending articles from the web to both a read it later service…

Kick Your iPhone Addiction With Launch Center Pro: Part 2

Part 2 of this article series dives into the details of how to use Launch Center Pro to kick your…

Kick Your iPhone Addiction With Launch Center Pro: Part 1

Overnight in 2007, we went from having to physically sit in front of a computer to being able to carry…

Epson WorkForce Pro ET-8700 Gets Down to Work

The feature-rich Epson WorkForce Pro ET-8700 combines super speed and multiple functions with cartridge-free printing for high productivity.

Go on Some ‘Math Adventures With Python’

You got your math in my programming! You got your programming in my math! With this book, anyone can learn…

No, Apple Is Not ‘On the Verge of Being Disrupted’

People view Apple like some 'Star Wars' fans view the Jedi and are in awe of their ability to wield…

Geek Links: Scratch 3.0 Is Here

Scratch releases version 3.0 of their popular kid-friendly programming language. Courtesy:

Vintok Split — Super-Portable Second Screen for Laptop Users

As a laptop user, I no longer have to miss the usefulness of a second screen AND I don't have…

Why You Should Never Use the Same Password on Multiple Sites

It seems like not a month goes by where you don't hear about another huge data breach from a major…

My Cloud Home: The Easy Answer to Family File Sharing

My Cloud Home from Western Digital creates a personal and private file cloud for you and your family.

My First Impressions of the New iPad Pro

I have been using a 12.9” iPad Pro as my primary computer for almost 3 years now, but I’ve only…

BenQ Zowie RL2755T Monitor Review

Yes, a 55-inch 4k HD display sounds like a superior choice, but once I fired up 'Spider-Man' on PS4 on…

Geek Links: ‘Algorithms’ — New Magazine Aimed at Young Coders

If you've got a young coder under your roof or maybe you're a teacher looking for some additional resources for…

Tonal is High-Tech Strength Training

Tonal brings a strength training system that uses machine learning to help users become their strongest.

SlimeZone Is Your Nickelodeon Fix in Virtual Reality

An IMAX VR Centre gives visitors access to some of the latest and greatest virtual reality experiences, including the new…

How to Connect Your Child with a Specific Coding Language

[Sponsored] As parents, it’s important to understand we don't need to be STEM experts in order to advance our kids’…

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