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GeekDad Review: DemerBox Rugged Portable Bluetooth Speaker

DemerBox is an ultra-rugged, waterproof, high-performance Bluetooth speaker with exceptional battery life---and the space to store your valuables.

GeekDad Review: House of Marley Exodus Bluetooth Headphones

House of Marley still offers updated Liberate XLBT headphones, but the $199.99 Exodus headphones are the new flagship.

GeekDad Review: Fluance RT 85 Turntable

The company that released the RT81 turntable is back with a new reference line, including the Fluance RT85, a $499.99…

RSD3: Crosley’s 3-Inch Mini Turntable

One of the big exclusive collectibles from Record Store Day 2019 is the RSD3, a 3-inch mini turntable from Crosley.

Denon Envaya DSB-250BT Review: A Little Bluetooth Speaker With a Lot of Bass

Denon's new Envaya DSB-250BT is a compact Bluetooth speaker with a unique look, IP67 water and dust resistance, and premium…

Tech Springs Ahead in {Device Diary} Vol. 15

The { DeviceDiary } is our place to share some of the devices and accessories that rank high in the…

In Which a Skeptic Becomes Converted to Noise-Cancelling Bluetooth Headphones: The Edifier W860NBs

This GeekDad writer is now a convert to both Bluetooth headphones and those with Active Noise Cancelling.

Jaybird RUN XT Review: True Wireless Earbuds Hit Their Second Generation

Jaybird updates its true wireless earbuds with the new RUN XT true wireless sport with IPX7 water resistance.

GeekDad Review: TYLT Block Party Charging Station & Bluetooth Speaker

TYLT throws everything but the kitchen sink in a single unit that's a 20,000 mAh mobile battery pack capable of…

Jaybird Tarah Pro Makes a Strong Case for Best All-Around Wireless Earbuds

Wireless earbuds don't get much better that Jaybird's Tarah Pro, and you won't believe the battery life.

GeekDad Review: Brainwavz HM100 Studio Monitor Headphones

The Brainwavz HM100s are big, vintage-styled studio monitor headphones with wood ear cups.

GeekDad Review: Soundcast VG5 Bluetooth Speaker With Subwoofer

The Soundcast VG5 is a big, rugged portable speaker built around a vented, downward-firing 6-inch subwoofer. If you want powerful…

GeekDad Review: Solis SO-8000 Stereo Bluetooth Vacuum Tube Audio System

The Solis SO-8000 Stereo Bluetooth Vacuum Tube Audio System combines retro vacuum tubes with Bluetooth streaming capability. It has retro…

GeekDad Review: PuroQuiet ANC Wireless Headphones for Kids

The PuroQuiet ANC wireless headphones from Puro Sound Labs are the new gold standard for kids headphones.

GeekDad Review: Tivoli Go Andiamo Portable Bluetooth Speaker

The Andiamo is a compact portable Bluetooth speaker that's part of the Tivoli Go collection, and it lives up to…

Cooler Master MH751 Gaming Headset Review

Coolermaster looks to add a new headset with higher quality sound and a lighter feel with the MH751 headset.

The Kids’ Ears Will Love BuddyPhones

Perhaps the perfect headphones for the kids: BuddyPhones can use either Bluetooth or wire (no worries about running out of…

Altigo Launches Mobile Portable Power, Audio, and Cases

Altigo is launching with new mobile accessories blending technology, design and value.

HyperX Cloud Mix Bluetooth Headset Review

HyperX releases a new gaming headset with Bluetooth features for gamers and audiophiles, the Cloud Mix.

Gadget Bits: Activo CT10 is a Portable Music Player for the Budget Audiophile

Does your geeky spouse, parent, child, or friend have a hankering for good audio? Here's a quality high-end portable music…

Singing Machine Lets You Croon Like You Wish You Could

Almost anyone can sound good belting out the karaoke with Singing Machine Studio All-in-One Entertainment System with Auto Tune… even…

GeekDad Review: SleepPhones Effortless

SleepPhones Effortless make SleepPhones even better, adding wireless charging to the Bluetooth connectivity.

Gadget Bits: Ultimate Ears Makes More Noise With the Boom 3 Bluetooth Speaker

The best portable Bluetooth speakers on the market are still the best, but more refined, with some added features, and…

Review: Optoma NuForce BE Free5 True Wireless Earbuds

Optoma NuForce BE Free5 are true wireless earbuds that are affordable and offer features that make them a good choice…

BOSEbuild Headphones: Build, Learn and Enjoy

BOSEbuild has shattered the myth that high quality audio equipment, educational materials and kid’s products can’t be one and the…

A Busy Geek’s Guide to Wellness – Part 1

In looking out for oneself, it is important to take stock of where we are, where we want to be,…

Bigger, Louder and Smarter Than MEGABOOM: UE MEGABLAST Review

When it comes to rugged, water resistant and portable Bluetooth speakers with big sound, Ultimate Ears has a lineup that's…

BenQ’s treVolo S: The World’s Smallest Electrostatic Bluetooth Speaker

BenQ's treVolo S has many of the features of the treVolo 2, including the folding electrostatic speaker panels, but it's…

Plantronics BackBeat GO 600 Bluetooth Headphones Review

If you've been on the fence or looking for a lower-cost, yet high quality Bluetooth headphones, look no further than…

HUMU Augmented Audio Cushion – Lay Your Bass-Head Down and Experience the Sound

HUMU is like a movie theater sound system stuffed into a pillow. Music and sound effects will move you, and…

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