GeekMom: 10 Random and Geeky Facts About Famous Holiday Parades

Every year more than 50 million people, 3.5 million in the New York area alone, watch in person or on…

November 26, 2021

GeekMom: Make/Play/Watch/Read: For the Games of Japan

Full disclaimer: I did not watch the Olympics. Despite hailing from a Sports-Obsessed country, I genuinely have absolutely no interest…

August 19, 2021

Kickstarter Alert: Tego Is the One Portable Roll-and-Go Travel Bag to Rule Them All

Tego is now a transformer-like multi-tool for carrying toiletries, tools, tech accessories, or pretty much anything else you might need…

August 10, 2021

Wands at the Ready! Two VR Experiences Come to Harry Potter New York

Two exclusive Virtual Reality Experiences are launching at Harry Potter New York putting fans right in the middle of the…

July 15, 2021

GeekMom: Speaking in the Vernacular…Colloquially of Course

We spent part of this month at a lake house in Maine. Five glorious days of polar dips, evening kayaking,…

June 29, 2021

GeekMom: Taste of Epcot International Flower Garden Festival 2021

Thanks to the lockdown and the parks closing, Epcot’s Flower Garden Festival ended a few months early last year. A…

April 13, 2021

GeekMom: Around the World in Seven Scarves

Humans are tactile animals. Being able to use my sense of touch has always been important to me. I want…

March 29, 2021

GeekMom: ‘Artists in Residence’ Gives a Glimpse Into Artists’ Private Spaces

Though not every artist is fortunate enough to be able to afford a dedicated space in which to create, everyone…

February 21, 2021

The Canterbury Cathedral by MicroDesigns: Phenomenal Vaulted Style, Itty Bitty Footprint

Now you can build the famous Canterbury Cathedral on a tiny scale!

March 2, 2020

Discover Unusual Places Around the World With ‘Atlas Obscura (2nd Edition)’

"Where should we go next?" you ask? The folks at Atlas Obscura have hundreds of suggestions.

October 24, 2019

New York Comic Con Coverage: Here’s What’s Coming

New York Comic Con is a massive event taking place from October 3-6. It would be impossible to cover the…

October 2, 2019

Classic Superheroes and Everything Vintage at Rags-A-GoGo

Searching for some superhero t-shirts, we stumbled on a New York City staple – Rags-A-GoGo has been serving up pop-culture…

August 8, 2019

Discussing Convention Safety with Voice Actor Gregg Berger

To discuss the issue of fan and guest safety, we spoke to veteran voice actor Gregg Berger at the recent…

June 19, 2019

Denver Pop Culture Con 2019: GeekDad Diary – The Con With Kids

This weekend, GeekDad was privileged to attend the Denver Pop Culture Con (DPCC), which can be a unique experience with…

June 4, 2019

Building Up to LEGOLAND New York Resort

The upcoming LEGOLAND New York Resort has lots of amazing things coming for us, and they made a few announcements…

April 9, 2019

Bodaciously Awesome Family Show: Enters The VOID

I'm not sure I'll ever write geekier words: the family went inside a Star Wars-based Virtual Reality experience and it…

April 4, 2019

This One Time at CAMP

This CAMP is an experience and store unlike anything you’ve seen, and there’s a surprise that makes it even better.

March 28, 2019

Bodaciously Awesome Family Show: Star Wars: “Galaxy’s Edge”

Patience as we wait for the opening of Star Wars: "Galaxy's Edge" at Walt Disney World (or Disneyland, if that's…

March 14, 2019

Star Wars “Galaxy’s Edge” at Disneyland, Walt Disney World Opening Dates Announced!

Now we now how long we have to wait to fly the Millennium Falcon! It is going to be EPIC!

March 7, 2019

Bodaciously Awesome Family Show: Diving Into SeaWorld

SeaWorld is an often over-looked park by general visitors but has a lot of fun within it. It is packed…

February 20, 2019

King Tut With Kids

Join us for a day at Oregon Museum of Science and Industry, where we experience The Discovery of King Tut…

January 22, 2019

Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge Trailer Video Will Blow Fans’ Minds

Every 'Star Wars' fan in the galaxy will want to see this video. Trust me.

December 26, 2018

Bodaciously Awesome Family Show: The World of Coca-Cola

Now... I know what you're saying. The World of Coca-Cola isn't a museum per se. I can't argue with that.…

October 16, 2018

Zendure Passport Travel Adapter: Travel With Power

International travel can be fun, but figuring out how to keep all of your electronics powered can be a real…

October 9, 2018

Keystone Comic Con – Year One Recap

Few first-year conventions have a pedigree like Keystone Comic Con.

September 22, 2018

A GeekDad Takes Southampton’s Chantry Island Tour

If you visit Ontario's Bruce Peninsula area, be sure to check out the family-friendly Chantry Island tour out of Southampton,…

August 31, 2018

Top 3 Things To Do In Chicago

We recently got a chance to hit the Windy City for a week. Cowed by the sheer number of things…

August 29, 2018

Start Planning Now for Free Museum Day!

Mark your calendars for Free Museum Day, next month! Thanks, 'Smithsonian Magazine'!

August 18, 2018

Would You Pay $0.42/min. to Play ‘Fortnite’ at the Airport?

The Dallas/Ft. Worth airport has installed a gaming lounge where you can pay to play popular titles while you wait…

July 3, 2018

10 Things to Know For Your Family Trip to Aulani – Disney’s Hawaiian Resort

Aulani is Disney's family-friendly resort on O'ahu, Hawai'i. It's filled with pools, food, stories, and the kind of high-quality experiences…

June 26, 2018

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