How Four Kids LEGO of Self-Doubt and (MIND)STORMed the Castle

You know how I don't like to spend Saturday? Watching kids play with Lego bricks. Especially if I'm not allowed…

Disney, You Lost Money On My-Four-Year Old Daughter

In this household, gender marketing results in flower wand lightsabers, big imaginations, and workarounds to toys not made or sold.

An Inviting Children's Section For All, Fred Meyer

Is the secret to making an inclusive gender-neutral children's toy section simply to include toys of all genders in all…

From Collecting to Constructing: Shopkins Kinstructions

The new Shopkins Kinstructions are build-it-yourself kits that make perfect playsets for the collectible figures.

Holiday Peace, Thanks to the Lego Advent Calendar

As parents, we find peace where we can. And I am thankful for a certain advent calendar for bringing that…

In It for the Laughs: A ‘Schmovie’ Review

Galactic Sneeze's new game promotes both creative thinking and quite a few chuckles.

Build & Imagine: STEAM-Powered Dollhouses

The Build & Imagine sets encourage girls ages 4+ to be both builders and storytellers.

So Your Kid Wants a Hoverboard

What if, while the idea of having a hoverboard in your home sounds Totally Tubular to the 80's kid in…

CloudPets – A Message You Can Hug

Dakster's cloud pet has been helping her with reducing her anxiety.

Hail to the Paper Chief: the Hillary Rodham Clinton Presidential Playset

In these days of apps, games and show-streaming, it's unusual to amuse yourself with something as analog as paper dolls.…

Four Creative Ways To Give Lego Gifts

Giving Lego sets this holiday season? Why just wrap them in colorful paper when you could be far more creative?

GeekMom Holiday Gift Guide #4: Toys and Lego!

Now that we're in the second half of November, I know I'm not the only one starting to really flesh…

Target’s Toy Section: Gender Neutral in Word Only

The signs have changed, but that meant very little to a four-year-old just learning to read. The segmentation glared out…

Here Are All 7 New ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ Lego Sets

See what comes with each new set announced for Force Friday.

Blu-Bot Moves and Grooves

For the robot enthusiast in your home, check out GeekMom Maryann's review of Blu-Bot from Silverlit.

Tabletop Game: ‘Harbour’

Harbour is a worker placement game focused on humor and economy. Buy buildings, use your tricks, and score big! Smash…

Why People Are Upset About the New Disabled Lego Minifigure

Lego has introduced their first disabled minifigure. So why is GeekMom Judy (who is an amputee) so disappointed?

Get Ready to Rock Family Game Night With 'Rock On!'

Rock On! is both board game and rock collection in one.

Build Your Own 'Jurassic World' With Lego

Dinosaur goodness abounds with these new kits from Lego.

Check Out the Brick Marketplace for Lego Options

As any geek or parent knows, it's sometimes difficult to get the Lego set that you or your kids have…

Lego Ninjago Take on 'American Ninja Warrior'

This short video of Lego Ninjago Kai, a Spinjitsu master, taking on the American Ninja Warrior course is just what…

Lego Goes Green and Launches ‘Are You a Lego Maker?’ Challenge

This week Lego made the huge announcement that they're investing $1 billion and creating 100 new jobs to find a…

Accessorize Your ‘Inside Out’ Movie Experience With Toys From Tomy!

Treasure your 'Inside Out' movie experience even after the movie, with characters toys from Tomy.

It’s Nerf or Nothing This Summer!

Dakster gives a video tour of her new Nerf arsenal. You can bet someone got wet during testing.

Lego Announces Release Date for Fan-Designed ‘Big Bang Theory’ Set

Lego announced the fan-designed 'Big Bang Theory' set will be released on August 1st.

Blast Into Summer With Nerf’s Latest!

Patricia's sons waited eagerly for warm weather before heading out to the backyard for some fun with Nerf's summer 2015…

Unboxing Wonder Woman

So what do you get inside the Wonder Woman hero box?

The BB-8 Toy Coming to a Store Near You Soon!

Sign up for e-mail updates on what's sure to be one of the hottest new toys of the year! Sphero…

Giveaway! ‘Star Wars’ Commemorative Collection Action Figure Set

This is your chance to win the complete set of Digital Edition Commemorative Collection action figures.

LEGO Classic Arcade Games Could See Production With Your Help

The latest cool build to go up for voting on Lego Ideas is one that's sure to appeal to anyone…

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