Day One: My Digital Midori

Day One is like a digital Midori for those who love to journal.

Bat-Tail Reviews the Casio LK-265 Keyboard

For your viewing pleasure and information, Bat-Tail gives you her review of the Casio LK-265 Keyboard and I enjoy with…

Kickstarter for the Rocketbook Color Notebook: The Internet of Crayons

The Rocketbook Color Notebook, now on Kickstarter, addresses the two-fold problem: how do we give compulsive young artists a surface…

Alexa Can Be on Your Android Phone Now, Too

Amazon's Alexa is now available on the Huawei Mate 9. See what it looks like and how well it works.

AccuWeather & Spotify Present ‘Climatunes’ Playlists

AccuWeather and Spotify join forces to present customized playlists to your location and weather conditions, based on the trends of…

SBrick Plus: Programmable Interlocking Bricks You Want

When educators asked for better programmable interlocking bricks that were compatible with LEGO, SBrick Plus answered the call. Check out…

‘My Little Pony: Puzzle Party’: More Than A Game, A Whole Experience

My Little Pony: Puzzle Party provides more than a game, it gives fans a fully immersive experience for a mobile…

My Cubii, My Buddy

Cubii: Earn Weight Watchers fitness points at your desk through low impact, low intensity pedaling.

‘Disney Magic Kingdoms’: Improvements Needed

'Disney Magic Kingdoms' is a fun way to pass the time, but Dakster and Sophie have some ideas for improvements.

Dog & Bone: LockSmart Bluetooth Padlock Video Review

tl;dr: Every step was simple. Both the app and the padlock were easy to use.

Is the AccuWeather App’s Future Radar… Accurate?

Patricia checks out the latest version of the AccuWeather Weather for Life app for iOS, featuring Future Radar.

Stikbot: Engaging the Creative, Willful Child

Stikbots little poseable bots engage kids in creative storytelling and digital media making, even for the most recalcitrant little people.

‘Cover’: A Comics App for Windows

'Cover': a comics reading app for Windows that allows you to focus on the art.

Developing Fun: Key Stage Fun

I turned to my iPad for homework help and discovered Key Stage Fun, the developer behind a whole range of…

‘Disney Magic Kingdoms’ Brings Freemium to Theme Park Design

As someone who counts both management simulation video games, and Disney theme parks among their greatest interests, the release of…

Timelooper: The App That Turns Your Phone Into a Time Machine

Why do we love to visit locations with historic significance? Because in our minds, we're LARPing! But what if we…

Apps For the Running Geek

The other day as I prepared to run, and opened not one, not two, but three different running apps, I…

Geeks in Sneaks: Running Virtual Races Through Hogwarts and Beyond

Running real marathons can be overwhelming. But what if you could do them at your own pace... through the Shire?

How To End Distracted Driving? Listen to Your Kids!

A new initiative to reduce distracted driving.

Smalltalk: Building a Network for Parents Like You

Ours is a world of social networks. There's Facebook and Twitter, sure, but it also seems as though we're moving…

The ‘Lego Education Mindstorms EV3 Programming’ App is Now Available!

GeekMom Maryann shares the scoop on programming the Lego Mindstorms EV3 from your tablet!

Tinybop’s ‘Simple Machines’ App Will Stretch Your Imagination!

Tinybop hits the mark on combining fun, education, and art all in one app!

Practical Fun: Spelling Apps For New Spellers

Sophie's 5-year-old son is starting to learn spelling at school. As a result, she has been on the lookout for…

‘Cleen’ App: Clean Up Your Photos & Create a Photo Book

Download the new Cleen app to manage your photos and create a stunning, flat photo book!

‘Sago Mini Toolbox’ Is an Adorable Game for Your Toddler

Turn your toddler into a maker with Sago's super cute new DIY building game.

Kids Won’t Shy Away From Geometry in ‘Land of Venn’ App

Is math on your list of 4-letter words? Do you miss the point in geometry? Then travel to the Land…

Giveaway: Win a ‘My Dolphin Show’ Prize Pack With an iPod Touch!

An iPod Touch to play the iOS game, Lego bricks, a Barbie, and more await one lucky winner.

Everyone Is an Artist With Osmo’s ‘Masterpiece’

Follow the lines you see on the iPad screen and you'll feel like you're drawing like a professional in no…

New Year’s Resolutions: Declutter With Next Issue

This "Netflix for magazines" app is pretty great for eliminating piles of periodicals around the house.

2 New Apps From PBS Kids Add Up to Arithmetic Adventure

PBS Kids' two best shows have new companion apps to get young kids practicing math skills while having fun.

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