Junior Open Water Scuba Diving Courses

Have you thought about a Junior Open Water Scuba Diving Course for your geekling? Here's what to look for and…

The Wonder Woman Mother’s Day Gift Guide

For the Wonder Woman in your life.

Star Wars Day Is for Everyone: #maythe4thbewithyou

May the 4th be with you: Star Wars day is for anyone who believes in the power and the magic…

2017 GeekMom Mother’s Day Gift Guide

See what the GeekMoms recommend as gifts for Mother's Day this year!

Geeky Fandom Teas for Mother’s Day

Want more than Earl Grey, Hot? Try these fandom blend teas, perfect gifts for those who geek out about their…

DIY Jurassic Easter Egg Countdown Craft

Cure that spring fever with a dinosaur countdown craft using repurposed plastic eggs.

Valentine’s Day Alternative: International Book Giving Day

Don't like Valentine's Day? Let me introduce you to International Book Giving Day. It brings a love that lasts so…

Last-Minute Downloadable Cards to Save Your Valentines Day

Forgotten Valentine's Day? We have rounded up a selection of awesomely geeky Valentine's Day cards that are all available to…

The Bom: About More Than Chocolate

Valentine's Day is coming and we're talking to Carolina Martin, founder of The Bom, a chocolate business that does good.

10 Ways to a Geeky Girl’s Heart

Conventional romantic overtures won't always work with nerdy girls. Try being creative. Your efforts are more likely to have an…

Happy Valentine… er Wolf-entines Day?

Every year the same thing happens: the evergreens come down, the hearts go up. Time to party with the wolves!

Let Google Big Data Help With Super Bowl Recipe Ideas

This week Google presented a fun list of the most-Googled snack ideas this past week, divided by state. We GeekMoms…

‘The Great Kindness Challenge’: Who’s In?

This week, thousands of American K-12 schools are participating in The Great Kindness Challenge. But does it only have to…

Finding Purpose in the New Year With a One-Word Mantra

Instead of making a resolution, assign your new year a word. A mantra. Rather than define success as a concrete…

Christmas May Be Over, But Krampus Is Still Watching!

This furry, red-tongued, chain and/or switch-wielding character has been St. Nicholas' companion in Alpine regions for millennia, and may even…

Here Is What Christmastime Means to Me

The darkness will pass, it whispers. Keep your candle lit.

GeekMom Holiday Gift Guide #7: Last Minute Ideas

Next up in this year's holiday gift guides: Last Minute Ideas! Act now for holiday delivery!

Happy Holidays and Solstice Celebrations

We don't do Christmas. There. I said it. Why? I’m Pagan. EG Dad is Atheist. Instead, we celebrate the Solstice.…

Real Mail Magic

The act of writing their names on paper—guiding a pen into the shapes of their full names, not Twitter handles,…

Travel Like a Geek

Travel like a geek with some of Dakster's favorite things.

‘My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic: A Pony Kind of Christmas’

The re-release of A Pony Kind of Christmas is full of holiday cheer.

Raden Luggage: Travel With Power

Have power will travel. Raden luggage.

Make a Little Christmas Letter for Book Lovers

Turn those end-of-year letters into a storybook this season.

GeekMom Holiday Gift Guide #6: The Well-Dressed Geek

Next up in this year's holiday gift guides: The Well-Dressed Geek!

2016 Book Gifting: Yet Another Suggestion List!

I somehow missed submitting any suggestions for the official GeekMom Gift Guide on Books. Nor did I submit to the…

Songwriting With Kids: Holiday Parodies

Be creative with your kids and write a holiday song parody based on a fandom character. Here's a step by…

Winter Fashion With the SuperHeroStuff.Com Online Fashion Show

Winter fashion never looked so good... or geeky.

GeekMom Holiday Gift Guide #5: Gadgets and DIY

Next up in this year's holiday gift guides: Gadgets and DIY!

GeekMom Visits Hogwarts in the Snow

Hogwarts in the Snow is a Christmas/winter overlay applied each year to the Studio Tour. Last week, I was invited…

More Geeky Snowflakes for a Paper Winter Storm

Decorate the home with geeky snowflake patterns.

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