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10 Things Parents Should Know About ‘The Tick’

'The Tick' is now available on Amazon's streaming service and is included with Amazon Prime.

DanTDM’s ‘Big Scene’ Can Tide Diehard Fans Over

If your DanTDM fans in the house dream of seeing him on the stage, but it's just out of reach,…

‘DanTDM Creates a Big Scene’ In This Exclusive Sneak Peek

DanTDM Creates a Big Scene follows Dan as he works (and plays) on his stage show currently on tour around…

I Married a Netflix Non-Binger

My husband doesn't seem to understand or fully appreciate one of the finer points of modern-day entertainment; he doesn't binge…

Madden 17 Ads: Parodies As Poetry

EA Sports and NFL stars Antonio Brown, Von Miller, and Rob Gronkowski promote 'Madden 17' in a series of new…

Take ‘Minecraft’ to the Next (Reading) Level With DanTDM’s New Graphic Novel

DanTDM's graphic novel will quickly earn a spot on your kids' favorite books lists with its 'Minecraft'-inspired setting and characters.

‘A New Hero’: Behind the Scenes Look at ‘Heroes of the Dorm’

'A New Hero' follows collegiate eSports champions as they compete for scholarships in the 'Heroes of the Dorm' tournament.

Progressively Ever After?

Mattel and Netflix's fairy tale doll series is a lot smarter than it appears on the surface.

Honest Valentines from Mommy’s 15 Seconds

Maybe honesty is not always the best policy as poor Mommy found out in "Mommy's 15 Seconds" videos about Honest…

Helloooo! This is 'Stampy's Lovely Book'

Young fans of Stampy, known in real life as Joseph Garrett, will be delighted to hear that Stampy's Lovely Book…

When Violence Gets Personal: Kilgrave and the Tenth Doctor

The man I'd have once trusted to take me across the universe suddenly was my worst nightmare.

Go Navy! Beat Army! Star Wars Style

As a huge Star Wars geek, Patricia will be rooting for Navy on December 12 as gratitude for coming up…

A New NEW Generation of ‘Care Bears & Cousins’ From Netflix

Nostalgia mixes with a new generation of Care Bears & Cousins.

So Your Kids Want to Be YouTube Stars: How One Family Made It Happen

Do your kids dream of being the next big YouTube sensation? There’s no one right way to do it, but…

Stampy Cat Makes the Move From Let’s Play to Let’s Learn With ‘I Wonder’

'I Wonder,' an animated show outside of Minecraft, showcases Stampy's curiosity about the real world.

GeekMom Has a Twitch Channel!

We have a Twitch channel and a schedule in the works!

Ever After High – Destiny and Fairytales on Netflix Streaming

This month we're enjoying Ever After High, a Netflix original web series that subverts our fairytale expectations.

YouTube Kids: No More Worries About Inappropriate Content

Worried about your child finding inappropriate content on YouTube? Worry no more!

Party When You Want with King Julien for New Year 2015!

Rock in the New Year with your kids and King Julien -- whenever you want!

GeekMom Video Playlist

A little bit of this, a little bit of that, a lot of Let's Play, and a touch of NSFW.…

Robert Downey Jr. Gets Even More Awesome, Is Doused In a Bucket of Ice for Charity [Video]

Watch Robert Downey Jr. take the #IceBucketCallenge, shirtless in a pool no less, and check out who gets the honor…

GeekMom Video Playlist: Weird All the Way

This month, no video can compete with the brilliance of combining parody music and grammar geekiness. Thanks, Weird Al!

GeekMom Video Playlist

New season of Korra! Silly animals! Marbles! And Ninjas!

GeekMom Video Playlist

Dr. Who and The Time Warp, the cutest little volcano, kids trying to figure out a 1980's computer, and crossing…

Rick Grimes vs. Walter White Epic Rap Battle

Enjoy a rap battle between Breaking Bad's Walter White and Walking Dead's Rick Grimes.

GeekMom Video Playlist

Your procrastination destination! Check out these video clips for a 1957 "Trip to the Moon" vintage film, Star Wars retold…

Wolverine: The Musical

Take a few minutes out of your day for one more YouTube video. I promise you, Wolverine: The Musical will…

GeekMom Video Playlist

Kid stories acted out by parents, Minecraft and Lego animation, and making fun of One Direction—all in this installment of…

GeekMom Video Playlist

LOTS of entertainment to help you procrastinate! From that crazy German supermarket commercial, to the physics of ice-skates, to zombie…

Sipping the Khan Academy Kool Aid

If Khan Academy is a cult, then I’m sipping the Kool-Aid. Slowly, just a few sips at a time, but…

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