Make These “Colorful” Geeky Felt Friends in Simple Black and White

Putting together a simple geeky stocking stuffer during the holiday season, or homemade gift any time of the year, is…

A Beginner’s Guide to Grocery Store Gifting

You don't have to go far to find gifts that won't lie around unused or taking up space: give something…

A Beginner’s Guide to Grocery Store Gifting

Reading Time: 7 minutesBaby watermelon under the tree. Oh, and it’s very likely that the one behind the blue one…

Cars Land Inspired Halloween Decorations From Discount Store Finds

Cars Land Haul-O-Ween has given Radiator Springs a fun fall makeover. Recreate some of fun with inexpensive discount store finds.

Make Your Own Creepy Fairy Skeleton Specimen

Turn those little plastic skeletons into a unique creepy Halloween display with this easy fairy skeleton specimen project.

Glass Photo Plate Art Hack Inspired by ‘Wonder Woman’

An old photographic plate captured one of Wonder Woman's historic victories. Make your own glass image with this easy art…

Play Along With ‘Make: Musical Inventions’

Rebecca Angel and her two nieces had a great time testing out Kathy Ceceri's DIY instruments that are all together…

Road to Kickstarter 9: Can’t Let Fears Hold Me Back

Doing a Kickstarter can be scary, but is that a reason not to do it?

This DIY Wonder Woman Slime Is Worthy of an Amazon Princess

Make this DIY Wonder Woman slime to save your kids from boredom.

We Are Knitters: Fiber Happiness in a Bag

We Are Knitters provides knitting and crochet kits with 100% natural materials and gorgeous yarn colors? Yes please!

Totally Groovy ‘Guardians of the Galaxy 2’ Back-To-School Crafts

Be ready to take on school, work, or any outlaw planet with these wicked '70s crafts inspired by 'Guardians of…

Be the Folk Artist: East Asian Sumi-e Painting

Practice the traditional Sumi-e brush stroke painting style with a project inspired by a favorite musician and their songs.

Road to Kickstarter 7: Update on Social Media and Catching My Breath

My online sites are a work in progress, and I am beginning to see light at the end of the…

Road to Kickstarter Part 6: The Kickstarter Video

If you haven't made a YouTube video before, be sure to give yourself time to learn the ropes for your…

Be the Artist: Leonardo da Vinci and His Inventions

Leonardo da Vinci conceptualized many ideas ahead of his time. Imagine if he had access to some of today's science…

Be the (Folk) Artist: Mexican Tin Art

Combine the tin art designs of Mexico with a steampunk look for an easy summer project using aluminum foil.

Be the Artist: Frida Kahlo and Her Self-Portraits

Try a simple drawing and painting project to show how sometimes we need to see the world through different versions…

The Cricut Explore Air 2 Is Great for Geeky Crafting and Projects Around the House

The latest Cricut cutting machine has updated software that lets you take your geekiness to whole new levels for crafting…

Be the (Folk) Artist: Molas of the Panama Coast

Take a virtual journey to Panama's Atlantic coast with a project inspired by Mola art.

Make Your Own ‘Sgt. Pepper’-esque Album Cover

Celebrate the 50th anniversary of one of the biggest rock albums of all time by creating a version starring your…

How to Be a Mermaid This Summer

Are you ready to go all-in on being half-fish? Find out how to get a tail so you can start…

DIY: Create a Fabric Book Cover

There are websites where you upload your materials and receive a professional-looking book or album. But if you work last…

‘Crochet Therapy’: Crafting to Improve Well-Being

Knitting and crocheting are tactile, often relaxing activities. Why not also end up with a product that can further your…

The Dynamic Duo Reviews K’Nex ‘Might Makers Inventor’s Clubhouse’

The Dynamic Duo reviews K'Nex 'Might Makers Inventor's Clubhouse' as much for their own entertainment as for yours.

Kill It With Fire: Fun With a Garden Flamethrower

Have you ever weeded with a flamethrower, I mean, a garden torch? It's safer than herbicides and yet so much…

How We Did Our Minecraft Birthday Party

Decorating, food, and activities for a Minecraft-themed birthday party, as tested by a ten-year-old Minecraft fanatic and his friends.

10 Ways to Bring Your Family Together With a CINEMOOD Storyteller

The CINEMOOD Storyteller isn't like similar products. Self-contained, it contains everything your family needs for some quality time together.

DIY Jurassic Easter Egg Countdown Craft

Cure that spring fever with a dinosaur countdown craft using repurposed plastic eggs.

The Legendary (and Adaptable) Castle Birthday Party

An overview of the author's medieval-themed 9th birthday party, with food, games, and decorating ideas that can be adapted to…

You Can Buy Skulls for Your Fire Pit from Amazon Now

If you've always wanted to have the perfect accessory for your fireplace, grill, or fire pit, here it is.

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