Don’t Miss Danica McKellar’s Latest Math Book, Girls Get Curves

Geometry was one of my favorite kinds of math. I loved learning how shapes worked, and even memorizing theorems and postulates. I especially enjoyed the challenge of doing geometric proofs. I looked at them like logic puzzles, forcing me to find a way from point A to point B using only the tools I knew up to that point. But I realize that I’m one of the lucky ones, girls who naturally like math, in and of itself. Not all girls are that lucky, however, and Danica McKellar writes books for those girls. Read More

Hot X: Algebra Exposed — Q&A With Danica McKellar

Danica McKellar is the author of a series of popular books focused on getting middle school-aged girls into math. This Q&A was supplied to GeekMom by Rebecca Zook. What can parents do to support their daughters in math? From a young age, point out how math is used in everyday life. So if you’re grocery… Read More

Science: It’s a Girl Thing Where Models and Science Don’t Meet

Science: It’s a Girl Thing Where Models and Science Don’t Meet

I think it is incredibly important to encourage girls to get involved with science, engineering, math and technology (STEM). Looking just at the screen snap above, I would have laughed it off as a poor attempt at trying to appeal to girls. Then I sat and watched the full ad released by the European Commission as part of campaign to attract girls to STEM careers. Go ahead and watch it… I’ll wait. Read More