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Geek Links: Ezra Klein Interviews xkcd’s Randall Munroe

Popular geek Randall Munroe exposes a bit about how his mind works Courtesy: The Ezra Klein Show podcast

Creating Epic Names for Fiction—8 Great Ideas

Need help finding an epic name for your fantasy or sci-fi character? The author offers 8 sources of inspiration for…

Word Wednesday ‘Flight’ by Zack Scott

'Flight' by Zack Scott offers a detailed look at the physics and engineering of flight. It's a sumptuous visual history…

Pop-Up Magazine: The Escape Issue

Pop-Up Magazine is back this month with its first themed tour: The Escape Issue.

Kickstarter Alert: Codynamic Brings Family-Friendly STEM Games To Your Tablet

Check out this Kickstarter campaign for an engaging two-player app aimed at parents and kids sharing STEM learning and quality…

Voice Actor Crispin Freeman Discusses Mythology Scholarship and How Myths Affect Popular Culture

Veteran voice actor Crispin Freeman discusses his interest in mythology, and how myths have shaped stories in popular culture.

Breaking News: Toys Evolve for Real, Rizmo Grows Up

Innovative Rizmo evolves with help from kids, growing and changing its appearance. Rizmo’s interactive and nurturing play involves kids with…

Review – Hawkman #16: Into the Darkness

As Hawkman and Shade descend into the Shadowlands, a deeper corruption takes root.

‘SK Hynix Gold S31’ Solid State Hard Drive Review

Hynix releases a high-quality SSD at a wonderfully affordable price with the new Gold S31

Author Alice Oseman Discusses Her Graphic Novel ‘Heartstopper’ as Scholastic Announces US Release

Alice Oseman, author of ‘Solitaire’, ‘Radio Silence’, and more, chatted with us about her visual novel, ‘Heartstopper’, now coming to…

Word Wednesday: ‘The Truth Pixie Goes to School’

'The Truth Pixie Goes to School' A wonderful rhyming children's story that extol's the virtues of being the "best you…

‘iLive IAHG39B’ Gaming Headset Review

iLive brings a new gaming headset to compete in the sub-$25 Dollar Market, the iLive IAHG39B.

A Discussion with Steve Gianaca on the History and Mission of Flame Con

Flame Con chair Steve Gianaca discusses the convention's history, and its mission to provide an inclusive space for queer comics…

Word Wednesday: ‘My Very Important World’

DK's 'My Very Important World' is perfect for explaining the world to our children, whilst putting them at the heart…

Review – Black Hammer/Justice League: Hammer of Justice #2: Life on the Farm

Black Hammer/Justice League: Hammer of Justice #2 - Jeff Lemire, Writer; Michael Walsh, Artist; Nate Piekos, Colorist Ray - 9/10…

‘Pathfinder Second Edition,’ Another Critical Success for Paizo!

Dynamic combat, interesting magic items, highly customizable characters, and a streamlined game!

Altec Lansing SoundBucket XL is an Extra-Large Container of Audio

We may have found our favorite outdoor party speaker yet in the Altec SoundBucket XL. It has all the features I…

5 Reasons to Read – ‘The Monster Who Wasn’t’ by T C Shelley

'The Monster Who Wasn't' is steeped in folk-tale legend. Reminiscent of great classic children's stories, here are 5 reasons to…

Tabletop Review: ‘Warhammer AoS: Warcry’

'Warhammer AoS: Warcry' is here. It's fast, furious, and looks amazing. Check out our in-depth review of Games Workshop's new…

Be Worthy! ‘Avengers: Endgame’ Inspired Thor Armor and Cape Craft

'Avengers: Endgame' launched to Digital on July 30th and lands on Blu-ray, DVD, and 4K on August 13th! What better…

Classic Superheroes and Everything Vintage at Rags-A-GoGo

Searching for some superhero t-shirts, we stumbled on a New York City staple – Rags-A-GoGo has been serving up pop-culture…

Justin Ramsden Discusses SDCC Exclusive LEGO Sets, Career as LEGO Designer

LEGO Designer Justin Ramsden discusses his career and LEGO's San Diego Comic Con exclusive sets.

Apollo 50th: How the News Reported the Apollo 11 Landing

A collection of newspapers from July 1969 show how the Apollo 11 landing was reported at the time.

She-Ra at SDCC: “Don’t Get Too Comfortable With The Status Quo”

The foreboding comment from Adora’s voice actor, Aimee Carrero, closed out a solid She-Ra panel at this year's SDCC.

Geek Links: CATS Teaser Trailer (OMG!!)

There is a CATS movie being made and oh my goodness I can't wait. Courtesy:

The ‘Dungeons & Dragons: A Young Adventurer’s Guide’ Series Begins

D&D's popularity is at an all-time high right now. There are a lot of new players coming to the game,…

GeekDad Plays: ‘Blackstone Fortress’

'Blackstone Fortress' is the first 'Warhammer Quest' game set in the '40K' universe. Check out this broad overview with detailed…

Review – House of Whispers #11: The Storytellers

Anansi has one, but the Corinthian has one last twisted gambit up his sleeve.

Summer Is Here: What Are Your Favorite Grilling Hacks?

What are YOUR tips, tricks, and hacks for pulling off great backyard cooking?

Review – The Wild Storm #24: The End of the Beginning

The battle of IO and Skywatch reaches a dramatic close - but who will survive Henry Bendix's final attack?