Hacking the Holidays

Stack Overflow: More Books for Women’s History Month

I'm continuing the theme from last week: here are more books celebrating Women's History Month!

Are You in Lockdown? Celebrate Your Community by Putting Your Holiday Lights Back Up! #CoronaLights

We want to start a new tradition; in these darkening times let's put our holiday lights back up and celebrate…

Stack Overflow: Celebrating Women’s History Month

March is Women's History Month here in the United States, so today's column is a collection of books about women!

Stack Overflow: Black History Month

Today's stack is mostly picture books (plus a handful of others) that are great reading for Black History Month—from the…

How Geeky Was Your Holiday Haul?

Did you get any particularly geeky presents? Share your geekiest gifts with us in the comments, or on social media!

The Best Drinks for Holiday Parties and Family Festivities

Special brews, bottles, and old family drink recipes are a staple of the holidays. What are your favorites?

2019 Holiday Gift Guide: Books

Books have been very popular with our writers and readers this year. Here is a list of 22 of the…

2019 Gift Guide: ‘Dungeons & Dragons’

Looking for some excellent 'Dungeons & Dragons' gifts? Look no further, GeekDad has collated 10 of the best 'D&D' gifts…

Stack Overflow: 17 Thrills and Chills for Halloween

If you wait all year for October to roll around so you can break out the skulls and cobwebs and…

What Are You Doing for the 4th of July?

It's always fun to go do a little reading at Wikipedia and other resources to learn just how relative the…

Bad Dad: Celebrating Our Nation by Breaking the Law

It was July 3rd and I was returning home from a business trip. My flight was late getting in and…

Father’s Day Is Coming: Have You Got Your GeekDad Books Yet?

It's that time of year again - when geeky dads everywhere get 'Star Wars' ties, LEGO coffee mugs, or their…

Celebrate International Women’s Day with ‘She-Ra’!

Today is International Women's Day, and the team behind 'She-Ra and the Princesses of Power' have a message for you!

Kids Imagine Nation Rocks the Halls for Christmas

Power pop trio Kids Imagine Nation bring the jingle for their holiday music CD.

Deck Your Halls With Hallmark Star Wars and Transformers Keepsake Ornaments

The Star Wars Storyteller series continues, plus the latest Transformers Keepsake.

Stack Overflow: Get Into the Holiday Spirit With These 7 Picture Books

Now that we're into December, I figured it's finally time that I can share some books about Hanukkah and Christmas!

Spooktacular Halloween Treats—LEGO Mode

This year, up your Halloween game by decorating with LEGO, or even giving LEGO treats out.

Stack Overflow: 11 Creepy Comics

Following up with last week's column about scary-but-not-too-scary stories, today I've got creepy (but maybe not too creepy) comic books,…

Review: Fog + Bubbles = Fobbles and Fobbles Means Fun

Fobbles is a new machine that lets you add fog-filled bubbles to your party or holiday display for tons of…

Father’s Day Is Coming: Have You Got Your GeekDad Books Yet?

It's that time of year again - when geeky dads everywhere get 'Star Wars' ties, LEGO coffee mugs, or their…

Celebrate Pi Day with NASA JPL Education Activities

Celebrate Pi Day with fun educational activities from NASA JPL while your Pi Day pie bakes (or gets laser etched).…

Bee Mine! A LEGO Valentine’s Day Tale

This Valentine's Day, tell someone you love them with a heart made of LEGO.

Stack Overflow: 2018 Reading Resolutions

Happy New Year! What are you hoping or planning to read this year? Here are some of our own reading…

My January 2018 Geek Dad Challenge: 20 Days of Boardgames

Here's the plan: I will introduce my boys to 20 new boardgames in January.

Track Santa on the Way Back From Grandmother’s House With Chevy and OnStar

Starting on Christmas Eve, you can use OnStar in your Chevrolet vehicle to get up-to-the-minute updates on where Santa is…

Christmas Wrapping Paper Life-Hack

Want a cheap way to buy a great deal of wrapping paper that is useful year round? Look no further--kraft…

Stack Overflow: 10 Picture Books for Winter

Winter approaches, with snow for some and thoughts of holiday traditions. These picture books celebrate the changing of the seasons…

Making a Portable ‘Stranger Things’ Ouija Wall

Learn how to make and control your own 'Stranger Things' Ouija wall with LED Christmas lights, some circuitry, and a…

Share Your Care—Care Bears Parties and Costumes

Set up your own Care Bear party with some tips from the author, inspired by Fun.com's Halloween costumes.

Stack Overflow: 21 Titles for Halloween That Put the “Boo!” in Books

Here's an extra-big stack of titles for Halloween that put the "boo!" in books!

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