Radio Free Hipster Ep. 100: Double-Triple

Celebrate the significance of a totally arbitrary number with Glenn Case, Shael Riley, Rai Kamishiro, and me, your humble host.

Quick Hits: Jazzy Diana Panton, Mellow Again Again

The many moods of children's music from Diana Panton and Again Again.

A World Premiere Video From Brady Rymer, And Mista Cookie Jar Needs You

Brady Rymer debuts a new student-made video, and Mista Cookie Jar has a new song.

Celtic (Kare Strong & Josh Goforth) and Spanish/English (Moozika) Kid’s Music

English, Spanish, and Celtic music is featured in two children's releases.

Children Write the Tunes On Kid Pan Alley

For 20 years, Kid Pan Alley has been engaging with school children to make original music of their creation.

Radio Free Hipster Ep. 99: Snark of the Beast

Start your Halloween off right with music from mc chris, Mikey Mason, Steve Goodie, and a pair of selections from…

Hunk-Ta Bunk-Ta Sings a Mouthful of Holidays

Longtime children's musician Katherine Dines and her Hunk-Ta Bunk-Ta Band honor life's traditions with their latest release, “Hunk-Ta Bunk-Ta Holidays: Stories…

World Premiere Kids Music Videos from ‘Dog On Fleas’ and ‘Father Goose’

Father Goose and Dog on Fleas debut a pair of original kid's music videos.

Rockness Monsters Cover a Century of Music in 27 Minutes

A century of music stylings from the Rockness Monsters.

Radio Free Hipster Ep. 98: Scream, Zacula, Scream!

We get the (Halloween) party started with frightful delights from Wordburglar, Alpha Chrome Yayo, MC Lars, and Mega Ran.

Quick Hits: New Koo Koo Kanga Roo Video; Story Pirates Podcast

Two high energy children's groups have released new stuff for their audiences.

Quick Hits: Schwartz Comes Alive, New 23 Skidoo Halloween Song

Check out these old school Stephen Michael Schwartz and new school 23 Skidoo tracks.

No More Waiting: New Laurie Berkner Music

The Laurie Berkner Band returns for their 13th outing.

Lori Henriques and the New Jazz Age of Kindie

A snazzy new collection of tunes from jazz aficionado Lori Henriques.

MC Lars and Mega Ran’s ‘The Dewey Decibel System’ Gets Grammy Nod and Special Vinyl Release

'The Dewey Decibel System,' a lit-hop masterwork from rappers MC Lars and Mega Ran, recently made the shortlist for Grammy…

Quick Hits: Say Yellow to Gustafer Book and Purple Fox Halloween CD

A new audiobook from Gustafer Yellowgold and spooky CD from Purple Fox.

Radio Free Hipster Ep. 97: Funky Business

Fall into new music from Jesse Dangerously, Coolzey, Boy Meets Robot, and Heosphoros.

Quick Hits: Koo Koo Kanga Roo’s Salad, Lucy Kalantari Halloween Tune

Two popular children's favorites have new songs and videos.

A Royal Return for Duke Otherwise

Duke Otherwise returns with summery music from a frozen winter.

Andrew and Polly ‘Go for the Moon’

LA's Andrew and Polly deliver a clever collection of tunes.

Radio Free Hipster Ep. 96: Fight the Future

In this episode, we celebrate almost-Fall with new music from Ryako, Beefy, Wordburglar, and Danny Madigan.

Quick Hits: New Music from ScribbleMonster and Uncle Dox

ScribbleMonster and Uncle Dox, a pair of popular children's music artists, return with new songs.

Quick Hits: From Jazz to Hip-Hop With Camille Harris, Father Goose

Two different genres, one column for Camille Harris and Father Goose.

Oran Etkin Speaks to Children Through World Music

Classical musician Oran Etkin releases a musical travelog.

Quick Hits: Jon Samson Examines Differences, Drowsy Tunes from Monika Ryan

New children's music from performers Jon Samson and Monika Ryan.

Alphabet Rockers Share the Love

Grammy nominated Alphabet Rockers drop another empowering collection of kids' songs.

Radio Free Hipster Ep. 95: After the Thunder

Come in from the rain and enjoy new music from Crayondroids, Coolzey, Alpha Chrome Yayo, and more!

Caspar Babypants Celebrates Sweet 16 (CDs)

Sixteen CDs in, musician Chris Ballew makes kids sing and dance.

Autism-Friendly Tunes from Turtle Dance, Plus a New Song From Mista Cookie Jar and Little Miss Ann

New family-friendly and spectrum-family-friendly music for children.

Audiophiles Rejoice, Qobuz is Here

Music is for listening. Qobuz allows you to listen to it as it was meant to be heard, and that…