Radio Free Hipster Ep. 104: Decade of Dorkadence

Before diving into the '20s, we pause to take a look back at the twenty-teens, a decade that brought us…

Geek Links: Take a Tuneful Tour of Universal Studios Japan’s Super Nintendo World

A new promo video from Swedish electro duo Galantis and English vocalist Charli XCX provides fans the world over with…

Quick Hits: Parker & Alexander Non-Secular Kids Music, Awesome From Jesse Jukebox

Non-secular music from Parker and Alexander; Jesse Jukebox keeps kids jumping.

Quick Hits: New Justin Roberts, Koo Koo Kanga Roo Singles

The year 2020 starts with new music from two popular children's acts.

Radio Free Hipster Ep. 103: Got the Time

We close out 2019 in style with D&D Sluggers, Autocorrect, and Alpha Chrome Yayo. 

State of the Reviewer: The Famous Final Scene

A children's music reviewer explains why he's easing his way out in 2020.

Alpha Chrome Yayo Takes Us Back to ‘Galaxy High’

The 1986 CBS sci-fi animated series 'Galaxy High' seemingly had everything going for it. It was created by visionary filmmaker…

Radio Free Hipster Ep. 102: Tio de Nadal

This episode of Radio Free Hipster is Christmassy. Very Christmassy. Possibly too Christmassy? I don't know; you be the judge.

Holiday Hits: Joyful Videos from Hunk-Ta Bunk-Ta and Duke Otherwise

A pair of kids' videos for the holiday season.

Holiday Hits: Faith Levy Chanukah Tune and ‘A Charlie Brown Christmas’

A brand new Hanukkah tune and the return of an annual Xmas favorite.

Jukebox for the Kiddos – It’s Jooki

Let the kids take their own music everywhere with the screen-free, durable, portable Jooki speaker.

2019 GeekDad Holiday Gift Guide: Movies and Music

As geeks, we frequently have a love of the arts, and I especially have a love for music and movies.…

Dog on Fleas: An Upbeat Return For the Band

Kindie faves Dog On Fleas return after a five-year hiatus

Radio Free Hipster Ep. 101: Aperitif

Radio Free Hipster is back... just in time to help shake you from your post-Thanksgiving food coma.

Remembering the Music of ‘Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood’

A diverse group of musicians pay tribute to the songs of legendary children's TV host Fred Rogers.

Quick Hits: Twinkle Time Takes NYC; Lincoln Center Jazz for Kids

Twinkle Time returns to NYC, Jazz for Kids at Lincoln Center

Quick Hits: New Koo Koo Kanga Roo Video, Jazzy Ash Mystery Book

A Funky tune from a kindie duo and a New Orleans-infused audiobook mystery.

Radio Free Hipster Ep. 100: Double-Triple

Celebrate the significance of a totally arbitrary number with Glenn Case, Shael Riley, Rai Kamishiro, and me, your humble host.

Quick Hits: Jazzy Diana Panton, Mellow Again Again

The many moods of children's music from Diana Panton and Again Again.

A World Premiere Video From Brady Rymer, And Mista Cookie Jar Needs You

Brady Rymer debuts a new student-made video, and Mista Cookie Jar has a new song.

Celtic (Kare Strong & Josh Goforth) and Spanish/English (Moozika) Kid’s Music

English, Spanish, and Celtic music is featured in two children's releases.

Children Write the Tunes On Kid Pan Alley

For 20 years, Kid Pan Alley has been engaging with school children to make original music of their creation.

Radio Free Hipster Ep. 99: Snark of the Beast

Start your Halloween off right with music from mc chris, Mikey Mason, Steve Goodie, and a pair of selections from…

Hunk-Ta Bunk-Ta Sings a Mouthful of Holidays

Longtime children's musician Katherine Dines and her Hunk-Ta Bunk-Ta Band honor life's traditions with their latest release, “Hunk-Ta Bunk-Ta Holidays: Stories…

World Premiere Kids Music Videos from ‘Dog On Fleas’ and ‘Father Goose’

Father Goose and Dog on Fleas debut a pair of original kid's music videos.

Rockness Monsters Cover a Century of Music in 27 Minutes

A century of music stylings from the Rockness Monsters.

Radio Free Hipster Ep. 98: Scream, Zacula, Scream!

We get the (Halloween) party started with frightful delights from Wordburglar, Alpha Chrome Yayo, MC Lars, and Mega Ran.

Quick Hits: New Koo Koo Kanga Roo Video; Story Pirates Podcast

Two high energy children's groups have released new stuff for their audiences.

Quick Hits: Schwartz Comes Alive, New 23 Skidoo Halloween Song

Check out these old school Stephen Michael Schwartz and new school 23 Skidoo tracks.

No More Waiting: New Laurie Berkner Music

The Laurie Berkner Band returns for their 13th outing.