Comic Books

Review – Lucifer #7: Bargaining with Hell

Lucifer's resurrection plot has worked, but Heaven has an ultimatum that will drive him to desperation.

Review – Damage #16: Escape from Monster Island

Can Ethan get control of his monstrous alter ego long enough to defeat the Mother of Monsters?

Review – Electric Warriors #6: The Planets United?

The mastermind of the Electric Games has been revealed - but before he can fall, he has one last enemy…

Review – Aquaman #47: Rise of the Old Gods

As Aquaman battles Mother Salt for the fate of the sea, an unlikely set of allies emerge.

Review – Naomi #4: Unlikely Interstellar Allies

Who is Naomi's father, and how does his secret tie into Dee's mission on Earth?

Review – Teen Titans #29: Prisoners of Deathstroke?

The Teen Titans unravel as Damian's secrets come to light and Deathstroke worms his way inside their heads.

Review – Nightwing #59: Is Ric Fading?

A new creative team jumps on board as Ric Grayson's recovery continues and a fiery new villain targets Bludhaven.

Review – Justice League #22: Cosmic Family Feud

Travel back to the beginning of time to see Perpetua's fall from grace - and the beginning of an endless…

Review – Batman #69: The Last Dance

Batman's almost at the end of his Knightmares, but another threat looms - in the form of his father.

Review – American Carnage #6: The Face of Hate

Richard comes face to face with Wynn as his undercover role gets closer to being exposed.

Stack Overflow: 19 Books About Journeys and Travels

Today's stack: books about travels: about exploring worlds unknown, welcoming strangers, and unexpected journeys.

Graphic Novel Weekly 4/11/19: Why I Switched to Trades and a Decidedly Mixed Bag of New Titles

This week, Luke discusses why he switched over to reading trades rather than single issues, and reviews 'Zeros,' 'Haunted Horror,…

Review – House of Whispers #8: In the Spider’s Web

As Shakpana puts his final plan into effect, the heroes encounter their most powerful potential enemy yet.

Review – Scooby Apocalypse #36: An Apocalyptic Ending

The last stand against the Nanite King comes - but not without losses. Also, will Atom Ant enter the Justice…

Review – Catwoman #10: Heist Night in Villa Hermosa

Selina and Penguin's battle escalates into a game of cat and bird in the Villa Hermoas art world.

Review – Justice League Odyssey #8: Darkseid’s Scavenger Hunt

Darkseid's plan for the Ghost Sector is revealed - and he may be trying to stay ahead of a much…

Review – Titans #36: Finale in Unearth

Raven takes the lead as the Titans' battle for Unearth comes to an end.

Review – Red Hood: Outlaw #33: Long Forgotten Friends and Foes

Jason Todd's tenure at the Iceberg Lounge is complicated by some returning villains - and a long-gone old friend.

Review – Wonder Twins #3: Enter the Monkey

The Legion of Annoyance plots their revenge on the Wonder Twins - but it's Gleek to the rescue!

Review – Hawkman #11: Hawkmen Take Flight

Hawkmen from across time and space have descended on London - but they may not be enough to hold off…

Review – Supergirl #29: The Reign of Gandela

Supergirl's hunt for the truth reaches its end, but Z'ndr's dark secret threatens them both.

Review – Superman #10: Superboy vs. Superwoman

Jon Kent's long winding journey back home continues - and it takes him through a deranged double of his mother.

Review – Wonder Woman #68: The Lady and the Sword

Wonder Woman and Giganta's battle against the titans comes to a close, as Maggie enters a new stage in her…

Review – The Flash #68: Tricks and Traps

James Jesse's plan for Central City is revealed - and his final trick may trip up Flash for good.

Review – Batman #68: Bachelorette Madness

Batman's latest Knightmare takes him to the days before the wedding, as Bruce and Selina each have their own bachelor…

Review – Batman: Detective Comics #1001: Rise of the Knight

Batman's newest arch-foe marks him for destruction - and all of Gotham is his battleground.

Review – The Batman Who Laughs #4: Gotham Unraveling

Batman may have to pay the ultimate price to stop his evil doppelgangers - his sanity.

Stack Overflow: Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

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9 Spoiler-Free Things Parents Should Know About ‘Shazam!’

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Graphic Novel Weekly 4/4/19: Say Hello to Quick Hits!

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