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Graphic Novel Weekly 6/13/19: It’s About to Get Exciting!

This week, Luke reads 'Hotel Dare,' 'The Whispering Dark,' ''Death Orb,' 'Gender Queer,' and the first volumes of 'Dept. H'…

Review – Catwoman #12: The Mask Heist

Who is Carlos, and what is his role in Selina's biggest heist yet?

Review – Justice League Odyssey #10: Two Corrupted?

Are Azrael and Starfire's new powers affecting their minds?

Review – Red Hood: Outlaw #35: Old Flames and Foes

Is Jason too far gone to be saved from the blade of his former ally?

Review – House of Whispers #10: Anansi’s Tale

Mistress Erzulie has one last shot - and story - to win her contest with Anansi.

Review – Event Leviathan #1: Four Detectives

What do Batman, Lois Lane, Steve Trevor, and Green Arrow have in common? A mystery bigger than any of them.

Review – The Batman Who Laughs #6: Slipping Away

The battle for Gotham reaches a fever pitch - and the last remnants of Batman's mind may be going with…

Review – Batman and the Outsiders #2: Full Kaliber

Who are Kaliber and Ishmael, and how do they fit into the history of Batman's newest team?

Review – The Flash #72: Fast vs. Slow

The Turtle is Barry's biggest threat yet - but the ringleader of the Rogues has a plan of his own.

Review – Wonder Woman #72: Wrath of the Minotaur

The pathway to the underworld holds many foes, and Maggie's sword may be the key to survival.

Review – Wonder Twins #5: Deadly Equations

Zan and Jayna have decided to put an end to the Legion of Annoyance - but this may have tragic…

Review – Supergirl #31: Who Will Wield the Axe?

Rogol Zaar's axe has protects Kara on her journey - but its original owner now wants it back.

Review – Superman #12: Vengeance for Krypton

The House of El is united against their enemies - but what is General Zod's secret agenda?

Review – Batman: Detective Comics #1005: Blindsided

Astrid Arkham's mad plan comes to fruition, with the help of two powerful allies - and it may cost Gotham…

Review – Hawkman #13: Cycle of War

In another life, Carter Hall is a soldier in an endless war. But on which side?

Review – Female Furies #5: Furies Strike Back

The Furies reunite for a worthy purpose.

Review – Adventures of the Super-Sons #11: The Wrath of Dooms-Dame

It's a final showdown at the far end of the universe, as Jon and Damian face off against Rex Luthor…

Review – Batman/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III #2: Return of the Original

A visitor from another dimension sheds light on the strange combined universe Batman and the Turtles inhabit.

Review – DCeased #2: The Creeping Horror

The Anti-Life plague is spreading, and heroes are falling fast.

Review – Batman #72: Bane’s Checkmate

Go back to the beginning for the truth of how Bane manipulated Batman's life - before he strikes the final…

Review – The Green Lantern #8: Hard Traveling Heroes Reunion

Green Lantern's return to Earth leads him into a surreal team-up with old frenemy Green Arrow.

Review – Harley Quinn #62: Here Be Dragons

To get back to her world, Harley will have to conquer an evil queen - and her own friends' missing…

Review – Deathstroke #44: Funeral for a Fiend

Deathstroke is dead, and his funeral sends ripple effects through the DCU.

Review – Justice League #25: Batman’s Gambit

The World Forger stands on the verge of victory after a shocking Betrayal - but nothing is as it seems…

Review – Shazam #6: Family Found?

Is Billy's father all he claims to be? And what happens when the deadliest villains in the magicverse go to…

Review – Young Justice #6: The Battle for Gemworld

What is the truth behind Superboy's new family - and will the team finally find their way back home?

Graphic Novel Weekly 5/30/19: The Reviews March On!

This week, Luke brings you reviews of the newest volumes of 'Gideon Falls' and 'Robotech,' the first volumes of 'The…

LionForge Does Not Renew Voltron License, Ends Comic Series

LionForge drops 'Voltron,' ending the comic at the previously published third volume and killing the last project based on the…

Review – The Wild Storm #23: The Skywatch-IO War

Henry Bendix's deadliest plan is unleashed, and the whole world is in jeopardy.