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Review – ‘Justice League #50’: Reign or Ruin

The Justice League's leadership over an alien world unravels in shocking fashion.

August 4, 2020

Review – ‘Dark Nights Death Metal: Legends of the Dark Knights #1’ – Multiversal Horrors

Six tales of the evil Batmen of the dark multiverse, from six elite creative teams.

August 4, 2020

Review – ‘Green Lantern: Earth One Vol. 2’ – The Rise of Fear

Corrina Bechko and Gabriel Hardman reunite for an epic second chapter in their sci-fi reinvention of the Green Lantern mythos.

August 4, 2020

Review – ‘Strange Adventures #10’: Trial by Rann

Mr. Terrific seeks the other side of the story—and discovers that Rann may be holding its own secrets.

August 4, 2020

Review – ‘Batman #96’: Clownhunter Begins

A new hero rises in Gotham—but will it take a maniac to beat another maniac?

August 4, 2020

Review – ‘DCeased: Dead Planet #2’ – Secrets of the Garden

What horrors are awaiting John Constantine in the mysterious garden of Australia?

August 4, 2020

Review – ‘Young Justice #17’: Everyday Heroes

Young Justice and the Justice League clean up Metropolis, families are reunited—and a new hero emerges.

August 4, 2020

Review – ‘The Dreaming: Waking Hours #1’ – Rack and Ruin

G. Willow Wilson's reinvention of the Sandman mythos sends an ordinary woman and a mysterious dream being on an epic…

August 4, 2020

Between the Bookends: 8 Books We Read in July 2020

Between the Bookends, Image: Sophie BrownIn this month’s Between the Bookends, Sophie, Sarah, and Anika share eight books they have…

August 2, 2020

DC This Week Roundup – Darkness Reigns

Reviews of 'Red Hood: Outlaw' #47, 'John Constantine: Hellblazer' #8, and 'Plunge' #5.

July 31, 2020

Review – ‘DC Cybernetic Summer’ #1: Beach Blanket Bots

Ten stories from all-star DC creative teams celebrate the robots, cyborgs, and androids of DC as they have some summer…

July 31, 2020

Review – ‘Legion of Super-Heroes’ #7: A Question of Leadership

In the aftermath of the invasion from Rimbor, Cosmic Boy faces a new challenge.

July 31, 2020

Review – ‘Batman/Superman’ #10: Body Wars

Can Superman and Batman stop a villain who is never the same person twice?

July 31, 2020

Review – ‘Suicide Squad’ #7: Like Father, Like Daughter

A reunion with his daughter puts Deadshot's determination to leave his old life behind him to the test.

July 31, 2020

Review – ‘Wonder Woman’ #759: Lords of War

A new era begins as Mariko Tamaki and Mikel Janin send Diana up against one of her most ruthless enemies.

July 31, 2020

Review- ′Usagi Yojimbo Issue # 10: Mon’

A great way to explain one very important feature of Usagi′s clothing.

July 27, 2020

DC This Week Roundup – Black Label Special

Reviews of Joker/Harley: Criminal Sanity Secret Files #1, The Last God #7, and The Books of Magic #21

July 21, 2020

Review: ‘Virtually Yours,’ A Graphic Novel on Dating

What if you could sign in on an app specially designed to fake a relationship?

July 21, 2020

Review – Batman: Detective Comics #1024 – The Battle for Harvey Dent

Can Batman fight off the Court of Owls to save his close friend's mind?

July 21, 2020

Review – Shazam #13: Billy Betrayed

The final member of the Monster Society is revealed, and the gates to the Magiclands are ready to open.

July 21, 2020

Review – Amethyst #4: Dark Opal Unleashed

Amy Winston comes face to face with her nemesis for the fate of her people—but a much bigger bombshell is…

July 21, 2020

Review – Superman: Action Comics #1023 – Superman Strikes Back

What happens when you go after Superman's family? Leone and Red Cloud are about to find out.

July 21, 2020

Review – The Flash #758: Family Reunion

Barry's sins come back to haunt him as the race to "Finish Line" begins.

July 21, 2020

Review – Batgirl #47: Payback Time

Joker pays a surprise visit to Barbara Gordon as Joker War ramps up, leading to a bloody rematch.

July 21, 2020

Review – Batman #95: Gotham Goes Joker

Joker has laid waste to every level of Batman's operation. Now the war begins.

July 21, 2020

Review – Justice League Dark #24: Zatanna’s Obsession

Can Zatanna save her father's soul, or will she doom her whole team?

July 21, 2020

Review – Batman Beyond #45: Bat-family United

The League of Assassins makes its move on Gotham, and the new Bat-family unites for a last stand.

July 21, 2020

Stack Overflow: 10 Comic Books for Kids

If your kids are stuck at home this summer, these comics can take them on some adventures.

July 20, 2020

DC This Week Roundup – Heroes and Horrors

Reviews of Catwoman #23, Teen Titans #43, Metal Men #8, and Daphne Byrne #6

July 16, 2020

Review – Justice League #49: The Perils of Leadership

The Justice League has found themselves in an unusual position - leading a war-torn planet to peace.

July 15, 2020

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