Word Wednesday: ‘What’s Where On Earth: Dinosaurs.’

DK Books once again prove they are King of the Dinosaurs with the excellent 'What's Where on Earth: Dinosaurs'

Stack Overflow: 19 Books About Journeys and Travels

Today's stack: books about travels: about exploring worlds unknown, welcoming strangers, and unexpected journeys.

5 Reasons to Read ‘Xenos’ by Dan Abnett

'Xenos' by Dan Abnett is considered a Black Library classic. Here are 5 Reasons why you should read it.

Kickstarter Alert: ‘Yuri Was Very Brave,’ a Children’s Book About the First Human in Space

A Kickstarter campaign to launch a children's book about Yuri Gagarin, the first human in space!

Graphic Novel Weekly 4/11/19: Why I Switched to Trades and a Decidedly Mixed Bag of New Titles

This week, Luke discusses why he switched over to reading trades rather than single issues, and reviews 'Zeros,' 'Haunted Horror,…

Word Wednesday: ‘Meteorites’

'Meteorites' from Firefly Books contains everything you ever wanted to know about lumps of rock that fall from space. It's…

Stack Overflow: Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

Today's stack includes a whole bunch of fascinating creatures—from cryptic wordplay to cryptids, from deep oceans to deep space.

Word Wednesday: DC Ultimate Character Guide

The 'DC: Ultimate Character Guide' offers a great overview of the heroes and villains from the DC Universe. Both the…

‘Upside-Down Magic’ and Neurodiversity

The 'Upside-Down Magic' series offers an allegory for neurodiversity in a fun fantasy series.

Stack Overflow: 10 Books About Making Music

Today's Stack Overflow is all about music!

Geeking Out About ‘Ready Player One’ One Year Later

March 29th was the one year anniversary of the debut of 'Ready Player One' in theaters. So, in light of…

Stack Overflow: 12 Books to Flip, Slide, Twirl, and Pull!

When it comes to kids, sometimes it can be hard for books to compete with digital devices: there may be…

‘A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood’: Getting to Know Mister Rogers the Poet

Revisit the songs of 'Mister Rogers' Neighborhood' in poetry form in this brand new book highlighting 75 of Fred Rogers'…

Word Wednesday: ‘Science is Magic’

'Science is Magic.' An excellent hands-on guide for teaching your children magic tricks and the science behind them.

‘Power Up: Your Incredible, Spectacular, Supercharged Body’: We Are All Made of Energy

Learn how powerful our bodies are when you read 'Power Up' with your kids.

5 Reasons to Read ‘The Quiet at the End of the World’ by Lauren James

Here are 5 Reasons to Read the excellent 'Quiet at the End of the World,' a deep YA thriller that's…

5 Reasons to Read ‘Kill [Redacted]’ by Anthony Good

'Kill [Redacted]' is a thought-provoking analysis of white male privilege and the shattering effects of terrorism. Here are five reasons…

Kickstarter Alert: The Maze of Games Circles Back With Answers

Lone Shark Games is launching a new Kickstarter based around answers to and other information about their successful puzzle book…

Word Wednesday: ‘The Feminism Book’

Big Ideas, Simply Explained is a fabulous series from DK Books. 'The Feminism Book' is a perfect way to complete…

Rethink Zoology With ‘Animal Anatomy’

Sophie Corrigan reinvents animal diagrams, renaming body parts with terms that are alternately adorable and clever (and sometimes both) in…

Stack Overflow: 12 Books for Women’s History Month

March is Women's History Month, and while it's never a bad time to read about inspiring women, I wanted to…

Go on Some ‘Math Adventures With Python’

You got your math in my programming! You got your programming in my math! With this book, anyone can learn…

New ‘Good Omens’ Trailer Has Us Counting the Days!

A new trailer for the upcoming Good Omens series, based on the wonderful book by the late Terry Pratchett, and…

Word Wednesday: Women: Our History

This Week's Word Is "Women." International Women's Day is this Friday, and to mark it Word Wednesday is devoting three…

Stack Overflow: Pick Your Poison

Ready for an adventure? One where YOU get to be the hero?

5 Reasons to Read ‘The Vela’ From Serial Box

'The Vela' is an exciting politically charged SF novel released via Serial Box. Written by 4 talented writers, here are…

Word Wednesday: ‘So Here I Am’ by Anna Russell

'So Here I Am' is filled with inspirational speeches given by inspirational women from Elizabeth I to Maya Lin, via…

You’ll Melt Over ‘Tiny T. Rex and the Impossible Hug’

Join Tiny on an adventure to make his friend feel better through the power of a good hug.

Stack Overflow: 12 Books for the ‘Undefeated’

Black History Month isn't over yet! Dig into these books with your kids.