GeekMom: How to Attend Dragon Con Virtually This Weekend

Even if you’re thousands of miles from Atlanta or (understandably) absolutely not comfortable with a hotel (or five) full of…

September 4, 2021

‘Four-Fisted Tales’ Tells the Story of Animals in Combat in a Graphic Novel

The story of animals used in combat, from ancient to modern conflicts, is told within this graphic novel.

September 3, 2021

Review — ‘Gigantic’ by Ashley Stokes: Meet Kevin Stubbs, The Knower

Unsung Stories does it again, and never has cryptozoology been funnier.

September 3, 2021

Final Trailer for Latest James Bond Movie, ‘No Time to Die’, Is Released

The final trailer before the release of the 25th James Bond film, 'No Time to Die' has been released in…

September 2, 2021

Have Words With Weinkauf’s Red Pants Band

Kids education advocate and musician Danny Weinkauf speaks up.

August 31, 2021

Review – ‘Mayor Good Boy’: A Dog for Mayor?

An unlikely politician takes charge in this all-ages political satire from Random House Graphic.

August 31, 2021

Review – Aquaman 80th Anniversary 100-Page Super Spectacular #1: The Ancient Seas

Eleven stories celebrate the sea king's 80th anniversary in the latest DC celebration.

August 31, 2021

Review – Batman/Superman Annual 2021 #1: A Fork in the Road

The main series is over, but there are still two more adventures for Gene Luen Yang's multiversal heroes.

August 31, 2021

Review – Harley Quinn Annual 2021 #1 – Keepsakes

Harley encounters her new nemesis—but it's not the first time she's met him.

August 31, 2021

Review – Midnighter Annual 2021 #1: Worlds Collide

Will two versions of Midnighter be enough to defeat Andrej Trojan—and get him out of the doghouse with Apollo?

August 31, 2021

Review – Infinite Frontier #5: War on Earth-Omega

Roy Harper, Infinity Inc, and President Superman all converge on a cursed world with an old enemy.

August 31, 2021

DC This Week Roundup – Teens on the Run

Virgil takes the next step to becoming a hero in Static: Season One #3, and the TTA kids investigate a…

August 31, 2021

Review – Batman: Fear State Alpha #1 – Terror in Gotham

Scarecrow's master plan for Gotham is revealed, and he will strike at every corner of Batman's world.

August 31, 2021

Review – Wonder Girl #3: The Hunt for Yara Flor

Two Wonder Girls are set on a collision course in the Amazon.

August 31, 2021

Stack Overflow: Last Days of Summer

As summer draws to a close, here are a few activity books we've enjoyed, plus a couple of stories.

August 30, 2021

GeekMom: Tabletop Review: Gather Resources and Become Chief of the Saber-Tooth Tiger Clan in ‘HONGA’

One of our favorite board game brands for kids is the German-based company HABA, and we’ve been lucky enough over…

August 30, 2021

Review — ‘Usagi Yojimbo: The Dragon Bellow Conspiracy’ #3: Downpour

Escapes, storms, ninjas, and rescuers!

August 29, 2021

Review — ‘Norse Mythology II’ Issue #3: Thor’s Journey to the Land of Giants

Of how Thor, Loki, and Thialfi got to meet a giant on their journey towards Jotunheim.

August 29, 2021

GeekMom: ‘Powerwash Simulator’: The Most Relaxing Video Game of 2021

What Is Powerwash Simulator? Powerwash Simulator is… exactly what it sounds like. You’ll start up your own power washing business…

August 29, 2021

National Geographic Presents ‘9/11: One Day in America’

National Geographic's 7-hour event '9/11: One Day in America' premieres Sunday, August 29 and continues for 4 nights. This emotional…

August 28, 2021

GeekMom: Adorn Your Home With Cross-Stitched Disney Villains

If you love cross-stitch and lean toward the dark side of Disney’s storylines, this pattern book and kit might be…

August 27, 2021

‘The Black Locomotive’ by Rian Hughes: A Book Review

'The Black Locomotive' by Rian Hughes is a multi-faceted sci-fi novel that marries modern subterranean London with the golden age…

August 26, 2021

GeekMom: Paw Patrol: The Movie You Really Need in 2021

Every time we turned on our Roku over the past few days, we were inundated with commercials for Paw Patrol:…

August 26, 2021

New Father Goose EP; Video from Esther Crow & Lucy Kalantari

East Coast kid's music favorites release a pair of new videos

August 25, 2021

Review – ‘Yasmeen’– The Graphic Novel We Need to Read Right Now

A powerful coming of age story about the absolute strength of a 16-year-old girl escaping ISIS.

August 25, 2021

GeekMom: ‘Coraline’ Returns to Theaters for One Day Only – Giveaway!

Academy Award nominee for Best Animated Feature Film of the Year and BAFTA Children’s Award Winner for Best Feature Film,…

August 25, 2021

GeekMom: Are You Toy Enough? Toy Story Talent Show Game

Everyone in our house has a soft spot for the Toy Story franchise. When my eldest son turned two, we…

August 25, 2021

Review – Wonder Woman: Black and Gold #3 – The Power of the Lasso

Diana's influence extends to those around her in five original stories from top creative teams.

August 24, 2021

Review – Robin #5: Family Reunion

Can Damian's siblings bring him home—or will the League of Lazarus claim his remaining lives?

August 24, 2021

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