‘D&D’ Actual Play | The Star Engine | Episode 4

GeekDad.com presents DieRolling: The Star Engine, Episode 4: "'D&D' Actual Play"

Alphabet Rockers Share the Love

Grammy nominated Alphabet Rockers drop another empowering collection of kids' songs.

Radio Free Hipster Ep. 95: After the Thunder

Come in from the rain and enjoy new music from Crayondroids, Coolzey, Alpha Chrome Yayo, and more!

Review – Black Mask: Year of the Villain #1: False Faces

Roman Sinois has been a small-time player in the Gotham crime scene - but Lex Luthor has other plans for…

Review – Superman’s Pal Jimmy Olsen #2: One Quiet Day

Can Jimmy go one day without destroying a beloved Metropolis landmark? And what are...the secret super-powers of Superman?

Review – Wonder Woman: Come Back to Me #2: The Island that Time Forgot

To find Steve Trevor and escape this lost world, Diana will have to rely on new allies from both the…

Review – Lucifer #11: The Hunger of Caliban

Lucifer's tour of the many afterlives continues - but his son Caliban may have been tempted away by a higher…

Review – Superman: Year One #2: In the Navy

Clark Kent wants to be the best Navy SEAL he can be - but a siren song from the depths…

Review – Teen Titans #33: Breaking Bad

Has Damian put his prison warden days behind him, or does he have an even worse betrayal planned?

Review – Nightwing #63: Talon on the Hunt

One of Nightwing's deadliest enemies is stalking Bludhaven - but Ric Grayson doesn't even remember him.

Review – Aquaman #51: Horrors of the Lighthouse

Jackson Hyde joins his mentor in Amnesty Bay and Mera goes ahead with wedding plans, but a dark secret is…

Review – Batman #77: Damian’s Stand

Damian takes the fight to Bane and his "grandfather" - with shocking consequences. MAJOR SPOILERS WITHIN.

Stack Overflow: 8 Back-to-School Picture Books

To help get your kiddos back into the school routine, here are some picture books about schools!

WCP: ‘Thor’ 4 with Maite Molina-Muñiz

Jake + Mitch celebrate Taika’s return to Asgard by welcoming back the illustrious Maite Molina-Muñiz. And with Natalie Portman promised to make Jane Foster the…

Caspar Babypants Celebrates Sweet 16 (CDs)

Sixteen CDs in, musician Chris Ballew makes kids sing and dance.

Amazon’s ‘Wheel of Time’ Series Casts the Emond’s Field Crew

Earlier this week, for #WOTWednesday, Amazon's @WoTonPrime Twitter account announced the casting for the show's main characters. We haven't yet…

‘D&D’ Actual Play | The Star Engine | Episode 3

GeekDad.com presents DieRolling: The Star Engine, Episode 3: "'D&D' Actual Play"

Autism-Friendly Tunes from Turtle Dance, Plus a New Song From Mista Cookie Jar and Little Miss Ann

New family-friendly and spectrum-family-friendly music for children.

Review – House of Whispers #12: War of Bones

Mistress Erzulie has been reborn as something horrible, and the war spills over into the human world once more.

Review – Collapser #2: Slipping Away

Is Liam now in possession of cosmic power - or simply a disturbed mind?

Review – Justice League Odyssey #12: Darkseid’s Checkmate

The battle for Sepulkore has a winner, and now only one person stands in the way of Darkseid's march.

′Snow, Glass, Apples′ Is Erotic, Beautiful, And Unsettling

If you were not familiar with the original Gaiman′s tale, consider yourself trigger warned.

Audiophiles Rejoice, Qobuz is Here

Music is for listening. Qobuz allows you to listen to it as it was meant to be heard, and that…

Word Wednesday: ‘Bauhaus Ballet’

This one is a little leftfield compared with my usual Word Wednesday fare, but why not come on a trip…

Review – Event Leviathan #3: The Hunt for Red Hood

Jason Todd has escaped, and now Batman's team of detectives must sort out the aftermath.

Review – Titans: Burning Rage #1: Together Again

Four iconic Titans unite to battle enemies old and new in this former Walmart exclusive.

Review – Batman Universe #2: Strange Adventures

Batman's search for Riddler leads him out of Gotham and into the unusual surroundings of Gorilla City - and beyond.

Review – The Flash #76: Running for Cover

Barry Allen is back in the present, and it's time to reunite with some former allies to take on a…

Review – Batman: Detective Comics #1009: Batman Goes Green

It's Bruce Wayne's turn in the spotlight as he has big plans for his company - but he and his…