Word Wednesday: What’s the Point of Math?

What's the Point of Math? If you don't already know, you can find out in this excellent primer that informs…

Light the Batsignal for this Gene Colan Batman Black & White Statue

Today marks the release of the 98th Batman: Black & White Statue, based on Gene Colan's artwork from his 1980's…

Review – The Last God #4: Beneath the Skin

Arriving at the Pinnacle leads to unexpected reveals in two timelines.

Review – Titans: Burning Rage #6: Mento’s Trap

Who is under the mask of Mento, and what are their evil plans for the Titans?

Review – The Terrifics #24: Out of Time

The Terrifics and the Terribles stare down the end of time itself - and the horsemen are coming.

Review – Dial H for Hero #11: Split Decision

Can Summer resolve Miguel's split personality crisis, or will a secret from her past come back to haunt her?

Review – Suicide Squad #2: Fatal Realpolitik

The new Suicide Squad gets their first mission, and it sends them into a thorny battle for political control.

Review – Green Lantern: Blackstars #3: Fall of an Empire

What happened to the Green Lantern Corps? Hal searches for answers as his new universe is consumed by war.

Review – Superman: Action Comics #1019: Villain Recruitment

What does Leviathan want with the Legion of Doom, and how does it play into the assault on Metropolis?

Review – Justice League Dark #19: The Heart of Magic

The most powerful magical forces in the DCU collide in the epic finale of Tynion and Martinez-Bueno's run.

Review – The Flash #87: Arkham Roommates?

Barry Allen is locked up with his powers out of control, and a heart-to-heart with one of his deadliest enemies…

Review – Batman: Detective Comics Annual #3: Old Spies Never Die

A loose end from Alfred's past comes back to haunt Bruce. Plus, Eduardo Risso takes Batman and Alfred back to…

Review – Justice League #39: The Last Door

The Justice League makes one final stand against Perpetua, but a much bigger battle is waiting.

Book Review: ‘Highfire’ by Eoin Colfer

'Highfire' is Eoin Colfer's first foray into adult fantasy. The 'Artemis Fowl' author turns his brand of high-concept fiction to…

Review: ‘The Runaway Princess’ — A New Adventure

'The Runaway Princess,' the debut title from Random House Graphic, is a new all-ages adventure with an interactive twist.

Mista Cookie Jar Celebrates MLK Day With Kindness

Mista Cookie Jar dropped a tune about human nature on Martin Luther King Day.

Thoughts on the MCU and Secret Identities

Have you noticed that superheroes in the Marvel Cinematic Universe have either lost their secret identities, or else never had…

Preview – DCeased: Unkillables #1

DCeased was one of DC's biggest hits of 2019, a monster zombie thriller that pitted DC's most iconic heroes against…

Review – Batman Beyond #40: Batwoman Unmasked

Who is under the mask, and can they stop Blight before his forces march on Wayne Manor?

Review – John Constantine Hellblazer #3: Dusk in London

John investigates a case that involves a war veteran, demonic possession, and a cursed cell phone.

Review – Basketful of Heads #4: The Chopping Block

The axe falls again, and June Branch's basket of horrors gains a new resident.

Review – The Books of Magic #16: The Monster in the Mirror

Tim Hunter has a new mentor, but his alternate older self definitely doesn't have the best intentions for him.

Review – Metal Men #4: Unexpected Evolution

The Nth Metal Man has made a dramatic change to one of Magnus' original team, and he's not finished yet.

Review – Red Hood: Outlaw #42: Outlaws United

The Outlaws are back together, with a lot of unresolved issues and some new threats lurking.

Geek Links: ‘Star Wars: The Clone Wars’ Final Season Trailer

If you're a Star Wars fan, then you probably already know that the next BIG thing is almost here - 'The Clone…

Review – “Green Lantern: Legacy”: The Jade Ring

Minh Le and Andie Tong introduce Earth's newest and youngest Green Lantern to the DCU in this all-ages OGN.

Review – Wonder Woman #750: An Amazon Anniversary

Nine iconic creative teams unite to pay tribute in Wonder Woman #750- and set up a new timeline.

Review – Batgirl #43: Storybook Romance

An obscure DC villain becomes obsessed with an old flame, pulling Batgirl into a twisted web of fantasy.

Review – Shazam #10: Enter the Monsterlands

The Shazam family is united with their seventh champion - but old enemies and old allies may have other plans.