Review – Harley Quinn & Poison Ivy #4: Dino-Sore

Harley and Ivy's road trip leads them to the desert and a dinosaur amusement park with some dark secrets.

Review – Gotham City Monsters #4: The War for Monster Town

Melmoth's plan is revealed, and a new clan of monsters poses a threat to Frankenstein's unlikely crew.

Word Wednesday: DK: ‘Ultimate Star Wars’

Following hot on the heels of last week's review of Ultimate DC, I'm back with another glorious DK book, Ultimate Star…

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As Alice's life goes from bad to worse, the temptation of the black room becomes harder to resist.

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What is the secret behind the Sky Tyrant's reign of terror, and can Carter Hall keep him from undoing centuries…

Review – Tales from the Dark Multiverse: The Judas Contract #1

In a darker world, it wasn't Slade who was the deadliest enemy the Teen Titans would ever face.

Review – Ocean Master: Year of the Villain #1

Ocean Master's quest for redemption leads him to Atlantis' darkest and most ancient secret.

Review – Harley Quinn: Villain of the Year #1

The villains of the DCU gather for their biggest night in an interactive issue voted on by the fans.

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A mystery involving the legacy of Martha Wayne leads Batman to a dark secret in this one-shot by Tom Taylor…

Review – The Flash #84: Rogues Rebellion

Those left behind by King Cold's reign plot their next move.

Review – Supergirl #37: Girl Corrupted

Corrupted by an evil poison, Kara wages a battle against her own mind.

Review – Superman #18: The World Knows

Superman's ready to make the most important decision of his life, but there are a few people he needs to…

‘Ghostbusters: Afterlife’ Trailer Brings the Chills

The trailer for the new Ghostbusters sequel hit this morning, and I'll say they do a great job of teasing…

Stack Overflow: A Small Stack of Big Books

Today's column is all about gorgeous, oversized books. You probably don't need to get all of them (at least not…

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37-year-old James Napier spent an enormous sum of money (and even more of his personal time) restoring a DeLorean and…

Celebrating the Second Season of Amazon’s ‘The Tick’

In the past few years, Amazon has re-imagined 'The Tick' as series geared towards adults, and while the initial season…

‘D&D’ Actual Play | The Star Engine | Episode 17

GeekDad presents DieRolling: The Star Engine, Episode 17: 'D&D' Actual Play

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A brand new Hanukkah tune and the return of an annual Xmas favorite.

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Everything I Need To Know I Learned From Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood is a book of quotes and life lessons taken…

Jukebox for the Kiddos – It’s Jooki

Let the kids take their own music everywhere with the screen-free, durable, portable Jooki speaker.

Review – Collapser #6: Into the Black

Will Liam James reclaim his family legacy and find personal redemption before the world is consumed?

Review – The Dreaming #16: Dark Tech

Dora's search for answers leader her to an obsessed Silicon Valley genius - and an ancient evil reborn.

2019 GeekDad Holiday Gift Guide: Movies and Music

As geeks, we frequently have a love of the arts, and I especially have a love for music and movies.…

Word Wednesday – ‘DC Comics: Year by Year’

'DC Comics: Year by Year' is a slipcased hardback perfect for those who want to immerse themselves in comic book…

Dog on Fleas: An Upbeat Return For the Band

Kindie faves Dog On Fleas return after a five-year hiatus