Masks and COVID-19: What, Why and Where

A little background: I live in the San Francisco Bay Area, where we're required to wear face masks when we're…

4 Steps to an Extra Laptop for Schooling at Home

Many families find themselves short on computing devices for schooling at home... here’s a free plan for using CloudReady to…

IDW Partners With Smithsonian Enterprises to Create New Graphic Novels

Stay tuned later this year to see new comics and other products created through a new joint effort from IDW…

NASA Comes Out With 2020’s Moon Phase Calendar and Calculator

Download and assemble NASA's free 2020 Moon Phase Calendar and Calculator now!

Helping Kids Understand the U.S. Constitution Makes for a Future Informed Electorate

Understanding what makes up the U.S. Constitution, how our government is set up, and the historical context for it all…

From the Depths of Outer Space to Traveling to the Age of the Dinosaurs

Whether you're into space or dinosaurs, Smithsonian Books' two new references are something to behold.

Discover Unusual Places Around the World With ‘Atlas Obscura (2nd Edition)’

"Where should we go next?" you ask? The folks at Atlas Obscura have hundreds of suggestions.

12 Things to Know About Coming Out Day

National Coming Out Day is tomorrow, October 11th. This post covers 12 facts you should be aware of for this…

Game Creation is Doodlematic Gameplay

Teaching the other side of game creation – Doodlematic can help teach game design and dynamics to complement coding skills…

Savor Stephen Fry’s Reimaginings of Greek Myths in ‘Mythos’

A fun way to read the traditional Greek myths, Stephen Fry's 'Mythos' is out today in a new U.S. version.

Word Wednesday: Science Ninjas

'Science Ninjas: Big Trouble with Simple Machines' is a perfect introduction to the principles of engineering.

Apollo 50th: Celebrating ‘Apollo’s Legacy: Perspectives on the Moon Landings’

On this 50th anniversary year of the first moon landing, learn about some old and new perspectives on the significance…

A Geek’s Weight Loss Chronicles — Chapter 2: Data, Data, Data

I'm a geek. I turned 50 this year, and finally hit a point where I knew I needed to make…

What Are You Doing for the 4th of July?

It's always fun to go do a little reading at Wikipedia and other resources to learn just how relative the…

A Geek’s Weight Loss Chronicles, Chapter 1: Background and the Diet

I'm a geek. I turned 50 this year, and finally hit a point where I knew I needed to make…

Stack Overflow: Books for Summer Activities

Here's a stack of books that'll keep your kids entertained and (in some cases) educated this summer!

Making and Sharing Memories of Apollo

Ways to share and make Apollo 11 memories this summer.

‘Statue of Liberty’ Augmented Reality iOS App

I’m a huge history buff (and of course a tech geek), so when the two intersect I am all over…

PBS Kids Playtime Pad and Portable DVD Player

Ematic releases a PBS Kids Playtime Pad and Portable DVD Player for the tiniest geeks in your family!

Learn Entry-Level Astronomy With National Geographic’s ‘Backyard Guide to the Night Sky’

Study the night sky from your own backyard, with your kids, your friends, or just yourself, but don't forget to…

The Curious Ecology of Ants on a Log

Ants on a Log provide a curious climate musical for your kids.

‘Monstrum’ Addresses ‘Game of Thrones’ White Walkers, More in New Series

Are 'Game of Thrones' White Walkers really Nordic draugr? PBS and YouTube team up to answer that question and more…

OK Go Wants to Put Your Art Project in Space

OK Go wants to put your art project in space!

‘Power Up: Your Incredible, Spectacular, Supercharged Body’: We Are All Made of Energy

Learn how powerful our bodies are when you read 'Power Up' with your kids.

Go on Some ‘Math Adventures With Python’

You got your math in my programming! You got your programming in my math! With this book, anyone can learn…

Can You Tell Me How to Get to the ‘Sesame Street’ Archive?

50 years of ‘Sesame Street’ episodes will soon be archived by the American Archive for Public Broadcasting. Eric spoke with…

Stack Overflow: 12 Books for the ‘Undefeated’

Black History Month isn't over yet! Dig into these books with your kids.

Great Books for Kids: A Trio of Nat Geo

Eric and Luke review three National Geographic Kids titles that are great reads for any curious kid.

‘The Minard System’: Charles-Joseph Minard’s Innovative Use of Statistical Graphics

Charles-Joseph Minard was a French civil engineer who elevated turning statistical data into visual representations into an art form. A…

Review: Running With Wolves

Jim and Jamie Dutcher know more about the perception of wolves than most anyone else. For years, they lived with…

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