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Stack Overflow: Our Favorite Books of 2018

What were your favorite books of 2018? The GeekDads and GeekMoms share our best reads of the year.

Stack Overflow: 2019 Reading Resolutions

What do you want to read this year? The GeekDads and GeekMoms share our reading resolutions for 2018.

Stack Overflow: 2018 Year-End Reading Reflections

As the end of the year draws near, many of us book geeks like to take a moment to reflect…

Stack Overflow: 4 Books About Making Movies

Today, I've got a short stack of big books about movies!

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Looking for Middle Grade / Young Adult Fantasy books? Nivi has managed to compile quite a list thanks to my…

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I've got dinosaurs on my mind lately—let's dig in!

Stack Overflow: Get Into the Holiday Spirit With These 7 Picture Books

Now that we're into December, I figured it's finally time that I can share some books about Hanukkah and Christmas!

Stack Overflow: 7 Comic Book Biographies (and an Art Book)

This week's Stack Overflow is about comic book biographies and memoirs, with a mix of old and new books.

Stack Overflow: Time Travel Books … for Kids!

Want a little more time travel than setting your clocks back an hour? Here are some fun stories about time…

Stack Overflow: 11 Creepy Comics

Following up with last week's column about scary-but-not-too-scary stories, today I've got creepy (but maybe not too creepy) comic books,…

Stack Overflow: Scary-But-Not-Too-Scary Stories

Since October is the month when we dust off our ghosts and goblins and put them on display, I figured…

Stack Overflow: Women Who Changed the World

Today's Stack Overflow includes stories of several women who changed the world—some you've probably heard of, and some that maybe…

Stack Overflow: Living on the Edge

Today's Stack Overflow is all about people who live in the margins, on the edges, or in the shadows.

Stack Overflow: XOXO Edition

Today's Stack Overflow features books from XOXO, an experimental festival I attended recently.

Stack Overflow: 8 Ideas That Changed the World

Ideas are powerful things, and I love books that explore the stories behind big ideas. This week we take a…

Stack Overflow: Flights of Fancy—8 Picture Books of Invention and Imagination

Where does your imagination take you: deep into the sea, up in the sky, backwards in time? These stories are…

Stack Overflow: Book Ladder

Today's Stack Overflow is a book ladder of kids' books: each book overlaps with the next in some small way,…

Stack Overflow: Stacking Cats and Nighting Knights

Here's a great round-up of some diverse board books and picture books you’ll want for your own shelf.

Stack Overflow: 6 Shadowrun Reads for Cyberpunk Fans

This week's Stack Overflow explores Shadowrun fiction for fans of cyberpunk who aren't adverse to a bit of magic mixed…

Stack Overflow on Vacation

Stack Overflow is going on vacation, but I'll be back in a couple weeks!

Stack Overflow: Otherworldly Comic Books

Today's column picks up where my last Comics Grab Bag left off: with lots more comics! Several involve the spooky…

Stack Overflow: 20 Picture Books About Defying Expectations

These picture books all have one thing in common: they all involve looking at the world a little differently. There…

Stack Overflow: Comics Grab Bag

If you enjoy comics, peruse this list: you're sure to find something here to enjoy!

Stack Overflow: 6 Graphic Novels Featuring Dogs and Monsters

Hellish creatures and epic violence, count me in!

Stack Overflow: 9 ‘Star Wars’ Books

It's always a good time to enjoy 'Star Wars' books. Here's a mix of options for kids and adults.

Stack Overflow: 12 Graphic Novels for Young Readers

Ghosts! Robots! Sharks! Wizards! Monsters Beware! (That’s actually one of the titles.) Yup, lots of excitement out there for the…

Stack Overflow: ‘Munmun’ by Jesse Andrews

Today's Stack Overflow is just a single book, but it's a doozy: 'Munmun' by Jesse Andrews.

Stack Overflow: 9 Kids’ Books About Animals

Today's topic is animals! Here are several non-fiction kids' books about animals, including a few about some very famous animals.

Stack Overflow: 7 Activity Books and Crafts Kits

As summer approaches, it's likely that your kids will soon find themselves unoccupied for several hours a day—but that doesn't…

Stack Overflow: A Dozen Comics for Teens and Adults

Following up with my two recent columns about comics for kids, this week's Stack Overflow includes comics that are for…