Stack Overflow: To Infinity … and Beyond!

My last Stack Overflow celebrated the 50th anniversary of the moon landing, and I figured this week might be a…

Word Wednesday: ‘Ask a Scientist’

"Ask a Scientist" The best baby shower gift nobody will receive! A brilliant science book invaluable for parents with inquisitive…

Review – Superman’s Pal, Jimmy Olsen #1: Silver Age Antics

A bizarre adventure begins for Metropolis' favorite teen reporter/part-time teen kaiju.

Review – Collapser #1: Black Holes and Millennial Angst

Liam James is your ordinary depressed twenty-something - until a cosmic destiny comes for him and makes everything worse.

Review – Batman #75: City of Madness

"City of Bane" is here, and things have gotten much worse in Gotham City. But where is Bruce Wayne and…

Review – Wonder Woman: Come Back to Me #1: A Fiery Mystery

A wildfire and a missing airplane lead Diana and Etta into one of their biggest adventures in this former Walmart…

Review – Justice League #28: Parlay Before the War

J'onn J'onnz makes a last-ditch attempt to reach his former friend, but Lex Luthor may be too far gone. And…

Review – Aquaman #50: Many (Happy?) Returns

Aquaman has returned to Amnesty Bay, but trouble is brewing both above and below the sea in this double-sized anniversary…

Review – Nightwing #62: Revelations and Stalkers

Ric Grayson takes a big step in his relationship with Bea - just in time for an old enemy to…

Review – Teen Titans #32: Payback Time

Lobo won round one. Now it's Crush's turn.

Review – Lucifer #10: Into the Underworlds

Lucifer's battle to save Sycorax reaches a crucible, as his former lover faces a giant-sized test of her own.

Review – Black Hammer/Justice League: Hammer of Justice #1: Cosmic Crossover

Jeff Lemire's creator-owned superhero universe crashes into the DCU with unpredictable results.

Review – Red Hood: Outlaw #36: Closing Time

Before Jason's next great adventure, there's some loose ends to be tied up.

Review – Justice League Odyssey #11: Showdown for Sepulkore

Sepulkore is being assembled, and several members of the team may have already been compromised by Darkseid.

Review – Catwoman #13: Showdown in Villa Hermosa

What is the dark secret behind the mysterious artifact Catwoman and the Creels are battling over?

Review – Batman and the Outsiders #3: Tested by Batman

One member of the Outsiders is unraveling, and Batman has a unique test to challenge their fears.

Review – Hawkman #14: Creeping Shadows

Hawkman's oldest enemy returns - with a power boost from Lex Luthor.

Review – Wonder Twins #6: Scrambled

Can Zan and Jayna stop their former friend before she breaks bad - and upends billions of lives in the…

Word Wednesday: DK’s ‘Signs and Symbols’

'Signs and Symbols' is a social and cultural history primer told from through the medium of symbols. It's fascinating from…

Review – Wonder Woman #74: Themyscira Found?

Has Diana found her mother's kingdom at last - or is Dimension Chi holding dark secrets?

Review – Batman: Detective Comics #1007: Gotham Ghost Story

Can Batman and Spectre unite their crime-fighting styles long enough to save Jim Corrigan?

Review – The Flash #74: A Tale of Two Flashes

An enemy from the future comes for Barry, and his only hope may be his own future self.

Review – Supergirl #32: A Gathering of Villains

As Empress Gandelo and Rogol Zaar loom, can Supergirl find the truth of Krypton's destruction at last?

Review – Superman #13: The Lost Days of Krypton

Jor-El - Savior or Madman? The truth goes back to Krypton's dying days.

Review – Naomi #6: Coming of Age

Alone on another world, Naomi faces the biggest test of her short career as a superhero.

Review – Batman #74: Into the Depths

Father and son reach the end of their journey, as a dark chapter from Bruce's past is revisited.

Review – Young Justice #7: Into the Justiceverse?

Young Justice's journey hope takes a sideways turn, into some of the most famous worlds of the DC Multiverse

Review – Event Leviathan #2: A Question of Trust

As Leviathan makes its move against more power players, Batman and the Red Hood have a meeting of minds.

Review – Batman Universe #1: Who is the Riddler?

A strange battle with one of his oldest villains leads Batman into one of his biggest mysteries yet.

Review – Adventures of the Super-Sons #12: Summer’s End

Jon and Damian make their last stand against Rex Luthor and his army of villains.