Graphic Novel Weekly 5/16/19: More Reviews! More Fun!

This week, Luke reviews 'Hibakusha,' 'Dark Rage,' 'Six Days,' 'Under the Moon,' 'Red Sonja/Tarzan,' 'Mata Hari,' the next volumes of…

Word Wednesday: ‘Hello World’ by Hannah Fry

Hello World by Hannah Fry is a fascinating look at the algorithms that govern our lives. It examines the good and…

Review – Sabrina the Teenage Witch #2: Monsters of Greendale

A vicious Wendigo may be the least of Sabrina's worries.

Review – Justice League #24: Justice League Divided

As the Justice League and Legion of Doom team up to escape the 6th Dimension, an unspeakable betrayal may doom…

Review – Teen Titans #30: Things Fall Apart

Can the Teen Titans survive Damian's secrets and Emiko's line in the sand?

Review – Superman #11: The Els United

Superman and Superboy bail Jor-El out of his latest fix - but new enemies and old allies are on the…

Review – Aquaman #48: Den of the Shark

Aquaman's memories are starting to emerge, but he has one more trial to pass before he can return home.

Review – Naomi #5: Who Is Naomi?

The truth behind Naomi's origins is revealed - just in time for her to face her first major test.

Review – Nightwing #60: Bludhaven Under Fire

Who is the mysterious fiery monster terrorizing Bludhaven, and what is its connection to one of the Nightwings' past?

Review – Batman #71: Enemies Within and Without

Is Batman ready for a final showdown against Bane, or is his sanity slipping further away?

Review – American Carnage #7: Caught in the Web

Richard's cover is blown, and his fate is in the hands of an unpredictable player.

Review – Lucifer #8: Countdown to Judgement

Lucifer makes a deal with a very different lord of the underworld - but the sins of the son may…

Stack Overflow: 8 Dino-mite Books

National Dinosaur Day is coming up! Here's a stack of picture books and comic books to help you celebrate!

Graphic Novel Weekly 5/9/19: Interview with James W. Powell, Writer of ‘House of Fear’

This week, I'm chatting with James W. Powell, writer of the upcoming 'House of Fear: Attack of the Killer Snowmen…

Review – House of Whispers #9: House of Stories

Mistress Erzulie and Anansi face off in a twisted game of stories - with lives on the line.

Review – Justice League Odyssey #9: Azrael Awakened

What is the source of Azrael's new power, and will Cyborg discover the truth behind Darkseid's mission?

Review – Red Hood: Outlaw #34: Red Hood Takes Paris

Can Jason Todd have a normal date, or will has alter-ego's missions get in the way?

Review – Under the Moon: A Catwoman Tale OGN: Selina Begins

Lauren Myracle and Isaac Goodhart unite to tell the earliest days of Catwoman's thieving career in the second launch from…

Word Wednesday: ‘Crossing on Time’

For Word Wednesday this week, it's something of an honor to review a book by an author who created one…

Review – Hawkman #12: Who Will Wield the Mace?

With Deathbringer warships overhead, Carter and Idamm battle for the fate of Earth.

Review – Supergirl #30: The Crystal War

Finally, Kara gets her chance to face off against the mastermind of Krypton's destruction.

Review – The Batman Who Laughs #5: The Darkest Gotham

As Batman's sanity slips away, The Batman Who Laughs faces off against one of Gotham's deadliest secrets.

Review – Wonder Twins #4: Double Date Disaster

Zan and Jayna have mastered high school (mostly), but can they master teen romance?

Review – Batman: Detective Comics #1003: The Knight Unmasked

Batman's new adversary takes off their mask, and no one is more surprised than Robin.

Review – Batman and the Outsiders #1: Black Lightning’s Team

Black Lightning, Katana, Orphan, and Signal are back in action against a new network of villains.

Review – Wonder Woman #70: Love Becomes Rage

Who is Atlantiades, and why has he infected a small town with lust?

Review – The Flash #70: Year One

Head back to the beginning to learn the secrets of Barry Allen's first days as the Flash - and how…

Review – Shazam! #4: The Family Divided

The Shazam kids are split between three worlds, and one of their deadliest enemies is hot on their tail.

Review – Catwoman #11: Hollywood Heist

Can Selina free Carlos from the back of an armored car, or will they literally crash a movie premiere?

The Force Is With the LEGO ‘Star Wars’ BOOST Droid Commander Set

You don’t need to be a kid on Tatooine to build and code a few droids. Announced for May the…