Review – “Green Lantern: Legacy”: The Jade Ring

Minh Le and Andie Tong introduce Earth's newest and youngest Green Lantern to the DCU in this all-ages OGN.

Review – Wonder Woman #750: An Amazon Anniversary

Nine iconic creative teams unite to pay tribute in Wonder Woman #750- and set up a new timeline.

Review – Batgirl #43: Storybook Romance

An obscure DC villain becomes obsessed with an old flame, pulling Batgirl into a twisted web of fantasy.

Review – Shazam #10: Enter the Monsterlands

The Shazam family is united with their seventh champion - but old enemies and old allies may have other plans.

Review – Wonder Twins #11: Retro Revolution

A rogue AI is determined to set everything back to 1986 - but not all his victims want to head…

Review – Batman: Curse of the White Knight #6: The Family Curse

Batman and Azrael face off as the secrets of the Wayne Family are revealed, but it's Harley who has the…

Review – Batman: Detective Comics #1019: Norse Nightmare

Gotham City comes under attack by cultists with ties to an ancient threat from the north.

Review – Batman/Superman #6: Trinity Torn Apart

Batman and Superman are called to account for their lies by Wonder Woman, as two of their greatest enemies prepare…

Review – Batman #87: Enter the Designer

A new villain has returned to Gotham, and Batman's rogues are scrambling for cover.

Review – Far Sector #3: Space Riot!

NK Jemisin and Jamal Campbell take Sojourner Mullein deeper into the strange new world she's guarding, as the fragile social…

Review – Year of the Villain: Hell Arisen #2: Luthor Unleashed

Lex Luthor stands alone against five powerful infected supervillains. They won't know what hits them.

Review – Superman #19: Identity Fallout

His secret finally out in the wild, Superman struggles to reconcile the two halves of his life as a new…

Word Wednesday: ‘Breath’ by Tim Winton

'Breath' by Tim Winton is a captivating book about limits and the worrying habit teenagers have of trying to break…

Review – Lucifer #16: Bargain Hunting

The battle to survive the Wild Hunt leads Lucifer to one of his oldest allies.

Review – He-Man and the Masters of the Multiverse #3: Enter the Horde

Prince Keldor travels to another world, where some of his brother's deadliest enemies await.

Review – Freedom Fighters #12: War’s End

Will the Freedom Fighters survive their final battle against the Nazi army, and who will emerge to save Earth-X?

Review – The Question: The Deaths of Vic Sage #2: Hard Country

Vic Sage finds himself living a very different life in the Wild West, with deadly consequences.

Review – Justice League Odyssey #17: Mystery in Space

The space heroes are split, with some captured and some facing an unexpected enemy.

Review – The Low Low Woods #2: What Lies Beneath

Eldora and Octavia find some answers about what happened to them in the movie theater - but they may wish…

Review – Superman’s Pal Jimmy Olsen #7: Meet the Lil’ Olsens

Travel back to the beginning to find out the secrets of Jimmy Olsen's family dynamic.

Review – Aquaman #56: Fear from the Depths

The Trench return in a flashback issue by Kyle Higgins and Aaron Lopresti.

Review – Nightwing #68: The Awakening

Dick Grayson battles to reclaim his mind from the Court of Owls - if Talon doesn't cut his head off…

Review – Flash Forward #5: A Father’s Fight

Wally West will face off against the entire Dark Multiverse to save his children - but it may not be…

Review – Legion of Super-Heroes #3: The Robin Has Landed

As Damian Wayne takes a trip to the future, the divided Legion faces one of their oldest enemies.

Review – Teen Titans #38: Countdown to Djinn War

Robin makes a dangerous journey to free Djinn from her ring. How far will he go?

Review – The Flash #86: Central City Thaw

When a super-charged Flash and Captain Cold face off, all of Central City hangs in the balance.

Stack Overflow: Play It Again, Sam

Today's stack: books in a series!

Preview – ‘Justice League’ #40: Invasion of the Supermen

Robert Venditti takes over DC's flagship title as the Eradicator comes calling for the Justice League.

Review – Wonder Woman: Warbringer: Wages of War

A young Diana makes a fateful journey off Themyscira - but not the one you're expecting in this adaptation of…

Review – ‘Diana: Princess of the Amazons’: Feat of Clay

A young Diana goes to extreme lengths to make friends in this all-ages OGN by Dean and Shannon Hale and…