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Review – ‘Scooby Apocalypse’ #32: The Truth About Fred

Daphne's dinner with the resurrected Fred takes a dark turn. Meanwhile, Atom Ant and G'nort vs. tigers!

Review – House of Whispers #4: Land of the Dead

As the death delusion sweeps the globe, the only remaining hope may be the trickster Shakpana.

Review – Suicide Squad #49: Up Against the Wall

The truth behind Rick Flag's disgrace is revealed - and he's on the warpath.

Review – Sideways #11: Sideways Captured

The supervillain Bolt has Sideways in an impossible situation, and it's finally time for Derek to meet the source of…

Review – Titans #31: Green Lantern Recruit

The Titans return to Earth - with a new Green Lantern member in tow.

Review – Electric Warriors #2: High-Stakes Space Combat

Earth's two champions face their first major test, as the stakes of the tournament for the Electric Seeds become clear.

Review – Batman: Damned #2: Supernatural Gotham

Batman's world descends into darkness, as he encounters twisted versions of The Demon, Spectre, and Harley Quinn.

Review – Hawkman #7: New Origin As the Deathbringer Revealed

Travel back to Hawkman's earliest life, as his deepest secret is revealed.

Word Wednesday: “Battles That Changed History”

Beginning with the Battle of Marathon and ending with Desert Storm, Battles that Changed History is a comprehensive overview of one of…

Review – Supergirl #25: Anniversary in Space

It's a double-sized anniversary issue featuring two tales of Supergirl's mission in space - and a special holiday flashback to…

Review – The Flash #60: Rebellion in Corto Maltese

Flash's quest for the Strength Force leads him to a country in chaos - and a young hero with a…

Review – Batman: Detective Comics #994: Mimicking a Murder

The new creative team of Tomasi and Mahnke jumps on board as Batman is greeted with a twisted murder scene…

Review – Justice League Dark #6: The Sins of Detective Chimp

The fate of Myrra is revealed as Detective Chimp prepares to pay the price - but Nabu and the Phantom…

Review – Batman Annual #3: Of Fathers and Sons

Tom Taylor and Otto Schmidt take us back to the beginning for a tale of Bruce Wayne and Alfred's partnership…

Review – Superman #6: A Fateful Choice

It's the final showdown between Rogol Zaar and General Zod in the Phantom Zone - but an even bigger shock…

Review – DC New Talent Showcase 2018 #1: All-Star Anthology

Six talented creative teams make their debut on stories of Batman, Constantine, Catwoman, John Stewart, Zatanna, and Wonder Woman.

Review – Wonder Woman #60: Gods of Chaos

Ares has a new mission as God of War - but he may not be the only Greek God causing…

Review – Goddess Mode #1: Enter the Futurescape

The AI Azoth rules the world - and Cassandra Price is about to become the first person to discover its…

Review – The Batman Who Laughs #1: Twisted Reflections

The most terrifying Batman of the Dark Multiverse returns in a story that reunites the famous creative team of Scott…

Stack Overflow: 6 Books for Kids About Dinosaurs

I've got dinosaurs on my mind lately—let's dig in!

Review – Suicide Squad Black Files #2: Magic Swords and Demon Realms

It's a journey into realms unknown, as Katana battles to escape the Soulsword and Suicide Squad Black heads to Gemworld.

Review – The Curse of Brimstone #9: Enter Doctor Fate

Brimstone is on his own, and one of the most powerful magical figures in the DCU has his eyes on…

Review – The Unexpected #7: Mandrakk’s Reign

Mandrakk the Dark Monitor is unleashed, and the remnants of the Unexpected are approaching the end of the line.

Review – Archie Meets Batman ’66 #5: Riverdale Jokerized?

With the villains taking over Riverdale, Batman and Archie must save their allies - through the power of burgers?

Review – Adventures of the Super-Sons #5: Super-Sons and Super-Dads?

Damian and Jon's mission across space leads them to an unusual planet - with their older selves waiting for them.

Review – Green Arrow #47: Citizen’s Verdict

With Oliver Queen on trial for his life, It's up to Black Canary to prevent Citizen's latest execution.

Review – Red Hood: Outlaw #29: Bat-Black Sheep United

Jason and Batwoman have an explosive team-up against the forces of the Underlife.

Review – Nightwing #54: City of Nightwings

With four Nightwings on the patrol in Bludhaven, that gives "Ric" the chance to sort out his mental state -…

Word Wednesday: ‘Help Your Kids With Computer Science’

It's Computer Science Education Week so we're looking at DK's excellent 'Help Your Kids With Computer Science.' Ideal for the…

Review – The Dreaming #4: Realms Unknown

As Judge Gallows' cruel reign spins out of control, Cain, Lucien, and Dora try desperate plans to regain control of…