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The new God of the Dreaming has big plans - and they may spell the end for some long-time members…

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Superman's quest is reaching its end, and an old enemy gives him an impossible choice.

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Word Wednesday: ‘Big Ideas for Curious Minds’

'Big Ideas for Curious Minds' will help your child understand themselves and the wider world. This excellent book will help…

Word Wednesday: ‘Seeing Gender’ by Iris Gottlieb

Seeing Gender is an excellent book about free expression and understanding the multi-faced subject of gender identity.

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Batman is back on Earth, but his stay may be brief after an ambush by Vandal Savage.

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Lois Lane and Renee Montoya go to extreme lengths to expose a conspiracy.

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Perpetua has risen, and the entire Multiverse will pay the price if the Justice League can't turn the tide.

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The Green Lantern Corps have fallen, and a very different Hal Jordan has risen from the ashes.

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Meg Cabot and Cara McGee tell a story of a young Dinah Lance as she uncovers her family's secret legacy.

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In a darker world, Lois Lane's grief over Superman's death leads her to make a deal with a Kryptonian devil.

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