Sean Z

Sean Z writes about fandom, media, and queerness for GeekDad. When he’s not researching fandom, he enjoys listening to video game music, playing boardgames, and writing code.

How to (Almost) Make Espresso With an AeroPress

While making real espresso requires specialized equipment, you can get remarkably close using an AeroPress and a Prismo attachment.

Bestselling Author Seanan McGuire Discusses Fandom and Fanfiction

Hugo and Nebula Award-winning author Seanan McGuire discusses the role fandom and fanfiction has had on her career and why…

Ignatz-Nominated Cartoonist Jonathan Hill Discusses Newest Work: ‘Odessa’

Hill discusses his newest graphic novel, Odessa, as well as diversity, and comics as a storytelling medium.

‘When the Night Comes’ — An Inclusive, Fun, Supernatural Murder Mystery

Lunaris' visual novel offers a compelling story, solid art, and some of the most inclusive romance options I’ve ever seen…

Our Favorite LEGO Creations From Bricks Cascade 2020

Bricks Cascade, Portland's LEGO convention, is happening this weekend! Here are a few of our favorites from the show.

Platinum’s Prefounte Fountain Pen – An Upgraded Platinum Preppy

Platinum's upgraded version of their excellent Preppy works well, and is a solid, inexpensive fountain pen.

Author and Diversity Consultant Quinn Titus Discusses ‘Monster Prom’ and Creating Diverse Games

Author and diversity consultant Quinn Titus discusses the process of diversity consulting and their work for the popular game 'Monster…

TWSBI GO Review: The Perfect Fountain Pen for Someone (Just Not Me)

For some people, TWSBI's GO is an economical, feature-filled pen that writes beautifully. Unfortunately, I'm not one of those people.

Why You (Probably) Don’t Need A VPN

Public wifi isn't as unsafe as you might think. Here we discuss how the internet works, where you’re safe, and…

SacAnime Returns at CalExpo

Sacramento’s Anime/Pop-Culture Convention occupies the CalExpo fair grounds this weekend while its home convention center is rebuilt.

‘Newfound Courage’ DLC: Winter’s Fair Review

The holiday-themed continuation for 'Newfound Courage' reminds us that good stories don’t have to be long.

‘The Dragon Prince’ Season 3 Review: Is This The End?

The new season is solid, and has some incredible moments, but it’s clear the staff weren’t sure if this would…

She-Ra Season 4: A Tale of Two Seasons

There’s an excellent season here – but you need to sit through six episodes of plodding setup for it to…

Narrative And Early Access: Supergiant’s Greg Kasavin Discusses ‘Hades’ Development

In our chat with Creative Director Greg Kasavin, we discuss Supergiant's recent game, Hades, and how early feedback impacts game development.

The Language of Supergiant’s ‘Pyre’

We chatted with Greg Kasavin, Creative Director at Supergiant, on how the company designed its own language for the fictional…

LionForge/Oni Giveaway: Copies of ‘Bezkamp’ and ‘Unplugged and Unpopular’

LionForge/Oni Press has given us copies of their latest books, Bezkamp, and Unplugged and Unpopular to give away!

‘Bezkamp’: An Incredible Sci-Fi Graphic Novel, Held Back by Dialogue

'Bezkamp' is a new sci-fi graphic novel with amazing artwork and a solid story, but it is hampered by accent-laden…

Bloom: A Satisfying and Inclusive Comic About Relationships and Baking

Bloom offers a solid, inclusive romance about boys, baking, and a band, but one that also could have been improved…

‘Newfound Courage’: The Refreshing, Queer-Friendly Game We Needed

With a beautiful story, excellent music, and solid art, 'Newfound Courage' is a game I can wholeheartedly recommend, especially to…

Voice Actor Crispin Freeman Discusses Mythology Scholarship and How Myths Affect Popular Culture

Veteran voice actor Crispin Freeman discusses his interest in mythology, and how myths have shaped stories in popular culture.

Our Favorite Games From PAX West 2019

After days of interviews, previews, and trailers, we discuss some of our favorite games from PAX West 2019.

Author Alice Oseman Discusses Her Graphic Novel ‘Heartstopper’ as Scholastic Announces US Release

Alice Oseman, author of ‘Solitaire’, ‘Radio Silence’, and more, chatted with us about her visual novel, ‘Heartstopper’, now coming to…

A Discussion with Steve Gianaca on the History and Mission of Flame Con

Flame Con chair Steve Gianaca discusses the convention's history, and its mission to provide an inclusive space for queer comics…

Flame Con: The Queer Comic Con in NYC This Weekend

An overview of FlameCon, the Queer Comic Con, taking place in New York City this weekend (and why you should…

‘The Tea Dragon Society’ Is a Beautiful, Inclusive Comic That Should Be on Your Shelf

With beautiful art, a charming, inclusive story, and dragons, 'The Tea Dragon Society' is one of my new favorite comics.

‘She-Ra’ Season 3 Review: It Got Good. Really Good.

Snappier pacing, better writing, poignant interactions, and significant character development place this season ahead of its predecessors.

Fantasy Flight Discusses Game Balance, RPGs, and Star Wars at SDCC

If you play board games, you've almost certainly heard of Fantasy Flight. At SDCC, I spoke with them about their…

Creator Trevor Pryce Discusses Spectacle and the Future of ‘Kulipari’ at SDCC

Creator Trevor Pryce announced five 'Kulipari' projects at SDCC. I spoke with Pryce on 'Kulipari' and his approach to storytelling.

Josh Keaton Discusses ‘Kulipari,’ Career, and Craft of Storytelling at SDCC

Josh Keaton has played many characters over the years. I met with him at SDCC to discuss his role on…

Wizards’ Head of Story and Entertainment Discusses Lore, Inclusion in ‘Magic’ Universe at SDCC

While at SDCC, I met Wizards of the Coast's Head of Story and Entertainment to discuss Magic's extensive lore, and…

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