Ray Goldfield

Ray Goldfield is a comics superfan going back almost thirty years. When he's not reading way too many comics a week, he is working on his own writing. The first installment in his young adult fantasy-adventure, "Alex Actonn, Son of Two Seas", is available in Amazon now.

Review – Collapser #6: Into the Black

Will Liam James reclaim his family legacy and find personal redemption before the world is consumed?

Review – The Dreaming #16: Dark Tech

Dora's search for answers leader her to an obsessed Silicon Valley genius - and an ancient evil reborn.

Review – Superman: Up in the Sky #6: Long Journey Home

The mastermind behind Superman's trials is revealed, and there's one more ahead of him before he can return to Earth.

Review – Wonder Woman: Come Back to Me #6: Last Stand in Space

As a far deadlier evil emerges, Diana must join with allies and enemies for a final battle.

Review – Batman Universe #6: To the Ends of the Earth

From the inside of a White Lantern Ring, Batman's greatest adventure comes to an epic close.

Review – Green Lantern: Blackstars #2: A Darker World

The Blackstars' reign doesn't just affect space, and now the heroes of Earth are ready to push back against their…

Review – Lois Lane #6: The Long Goodbye

In the aftermath of Event Leviathan, Lois and her family gather to say goodbye to their patriarch.

Review – Deathstroke #50: To the Bloody End

Deathstroke's long journey comes to a brutal close, and the fates of his network of allies hangs in the balance.

Review – Justice League #37: Last Stand in Space

As Lex Luthor moves on the Hall of Justice, a hero makes their final stand against evil.

Review – Harley Quinn #68: Merry Freakin’ Christmas

Harley wants a Christmas getaway, but the famous Christmas Hamlet isn't as jolly as it lets on.

Review – Young Justice #11: Chaos Upon Reentry

The heroes of Young Justice are back on Earth, ready for a meeting with new allies and old enemies.

Review – The Infected: Deathbringer #1: The Fall of Troy

As the fragile peace in the Titans' new metahuman village falls apart, Donna Troy becomes the latest prey of the…

Review – Batman #84: The Undoing of Thomas Wayne

How did Thomas Wayne go from hero to monster, and what is the dark secret of his arrival in a…

Review – New Year’s Evil #1: Ten Evil Holidays

Ten all-star creative teams unite for a holiday special celebrating the bad guys of the DCU.

Review – Inferior Five #4: Alien Nation

The truth behind the Tasmanian Devil is revealed, as one of the five gets a message from beyond.

DC Middle Grade Graphic Novel Preview – Primer

GeekDad has a first-look look at 'Primer' - the first original superhero to debut in an original graphic novel for…

Review – Batman vs. Ra’s Al Ghul #3: The Man of Bats

Batman is no longer Bruce Wayne - but where has Batman gone?

Review – Freedom Fighters #11: Man vs. Superman

The final battle is here, and it's time for Uncle Sam to face off against Cyborg Overman.

Review – Basketful of Heads #2: Up for the Chop

Our heroine discovers the horrific power of her new axe in a tense chase-themed issue.

Review – Red Hood: Outlaw #40: Class Trip

Jason's class of oddball students goes on their first major mission - with major implications for the team dynamic.

Review – Batman Beyond #38: Radioactive Hate

As a new ally joins the Bat-family, one of Terry's oldest and deadliest villains returns for revenge.

Review – The Books of Magic #14: A Game of Lies

John Constantine is back, and he has a trial for his former student - turned future enemy.

Review – Superman: Action Comics #1017: Superman in the Sights

A series of bizarre events conspire to get Superman out of Metropolis as many of his villains make their move.

Review – Batman: Detective Comics #1016: Frozen Hearts

With Nora Fries going further down a dark path, Victor is forced to seek the help of his oldest enemy.

Review – The Last God #2: Roots of Evil

Discover the origins of King Tyr, as his greatest failure returns to bring his kingdom to its knees.

Review- John Constantine, Hellblazer #1: Gutters of London

John Constantine is back in Gotham, but escaping his past won't be that easy.

Review – Shazam #8: The Seventh Champion?

Who will wield the power of the last of the Magiclands - and will they be able to stop an…

Review – The Flash #83: Speed Force Unleashed

As Captain Cold consolidates his hold over Central City, Barry Allen discovers exactly what's happened to the source of his…

Review – Justice League Dark #17: Eclipsed

Two members are down, and another may have been corrupted as Javi Fernandez joins the creative team - and brings…

Review – The Terrifics #22: Young Again

As Bizarro searches for the means to control time, the Terrifics find themselves cut down to size.