Ray Goldfield

Ray Goldfield is a comics superfan going back almost thirty years. When he's not reading way too many comics a week, he is working on his own writing. The first installment in his young adult fantasy-adventure, "Alex Actonn, Son of Two Seas", is available in Amazon now.

Review — ‘Harley Quinn: Black + White + Red’ #1: Colors of Madness

DC Comics surprised us with a new digital-first comic today, an all-star anthology featuring Harley Quinn.

DC This Week Roundup — Black Label Special

Capsule reviews of 'The Books of Magic' #20, 'John Constantine: Hellblazer' #7, 'The Low Low Woods' #6, and 'Plunge' #4.

Review – Batman Beyond #43: Sons of Wayne

Damian Wayne has been betrayed by the League of Assassins, and his fate lies in the hands of the new…

Review – Batgirl #46: Golden Girls

What is the secret behind the madwoman casting citizens of Gotham in gold?

Review – Justice League Dark #23: Parley in the Parliament

Can the Parliaments be saved from the Rot - or will John Constantine's secret plan do more harm than good?

Review – Superman’s Pal Jimmy Olsen #11: Fair Play

To survive an interstellar lover's spat, Jimmy's going to have to call on some unexpected old friends.

DC This Week Roundup – Justice League, Red Hood, Teen Titans

Capsule reviews of Justice League #47, Red Hood: Outlaw #47, and Teen Titans #42.

Review – Primer: Paint by Powers

Meet Ashley, a foster kid with a love of paint and an unpredictable new array of superpowers in this all-ages…

Review – Aquaman #60: Search Party

Aquaman searches the ocean to find his kidnapped daughter - but the trials of fatherhood may be just beginning.

Review – The Flash #756: Recruitment Drive

Eobard Thawne's final plan is revealed, and now a recruitment drive begins across time.

Review – Harley Quinn and the Birds of Prey #2: Harley Does Gotham

Harley Quinn is loose in Gotham, Joker has a new henchwoman, and you won't believe what Bernie the beaver gets…

Review – Suicide Squad #6: The Great Escape

The Suicide Squad is on the run, and their escape takes them to Gotham - into the path of Batman.

Review – Batman #93: Under the Mask

Who or what is under the Designer's mask? And what is Joker's master plan?

Review – Batman: The Smile Killer #1 – Mr. Smile’s Mystery

Lemire and Sorrentino reunite for a terrifying tale of Bruce Wayne's childhood obsession—and possible modern day insanity.

Review: Green Lantern 80th Anniversary 100-Page Super Spectacular: In Brightest Day

Ten all-star creative teams unite to tell stories of the most famous Green Lanterns to ever wear the ring.

DC This Week Double Feature – Metal Men #7, Daphne Byrne #5

Reviews of the next issues of Metal Men and Daphne Byrne.

Review — ‘The Question: The Deaths of Vic Sage’ #3: Old Hub City

Another day, another Hub City as The Question tries to unravel his greatest mystery.

Review — ‘Wonder Woman: Dead Earth’ #3: The Great Burning

The truth behind the end of the world---and Diana's role in it---is revealed in horrifying fashion.

Review — ‘Hawkman’ #24: Back to the Beginning

Hawkman's past sins come back to haunt him on an alien world.

Review — ‘Wonder Woman’ #757: Sins of the Past

Can Diana save her former friend's soul, or is a more powerful enemy awaiting them both?

Review — ‘The Green Lantern: Season 2’ #4: Heroes in Toyland

Green Lantern and the Flash have a surreal team-up on a mysterious world of giants.

Review – Batman and the Outsiders #13: A Battle of Wills

The Outsiders face key choices and tests of loyalty as they gather their forces against Ra's Al Ghul.

Review – Superman #22: War and Peace

As Superman protects Earth from Warworld, Lois is left to answer for his recent actions.

Review – Nightwing Annual #3: Night of the Condors

A lost tale from Nightwing's Bludhaven days reveals the history of the mysterious Condor Red.

Review – Young Justice #15: Reboot Roundup

How did Superboy survive the Flashpoint effect? The answers - and the future of Young Justice - are here.

Review – Strange Adventures #2: The Prosecutor

Will Mr. Terrific figure out the truth behind Adam Strange's most tragic war?

Review – Dark Nights: Death Metal #1 – Batpocalypse

Snyder and Capullo reunite for an epic event comic that finds the Justice League under assault from the darkest corners…

Review – The Flash Annual #3: Boomerangs Come Back

Catch up with Captain Boomerang after the events of Suicide Squad #5 in this oversized issue.

Review – You Brought Me the Ocean: Aqualad’s Awakening

Alex Sanchez and Julie Maroh deliver a coming-of-age love story for Jack Hyde - the future Aqualad - in the…

DC This Week Roundup — ‘Justice League,’ ‘Justice League Odyssey,’ ‘The Batman’s Grave’

Capsule reviews of Justice League #46, Justice League Odyssey #21, and The Batman's Grave #7.

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