Maya K

Thank you, Noel Neill

To those who grew up watching Adventures of Superman reruns in the 1970s, Noel Neill was *the* model for Lois…

July 5, 2016

Steampunk! ‘The Invention of E.J. Whitaker’

This month is Women's History Month and what better time to talk about this really cool Kickstarter, 'The Invention of…

March 11, 2016

‘Black’: A World With No White Superheroes

"In a world that already fears and hates them---what if only Black people had superpowers?"

February 21, 2016

When Shipper Wars Become Personal

Shipper Wars. It is the bane of fandom in general. Don't be fooled. This isn't a "teenage girl" thing. It's…

December 25, 2015

I was a Teenage Girl Star Wars Fan

The objective measure is how the movies were positioned at the time. It wasn't conceived for narrow appeal. It was…

December 3, 2015

In Defense of Silver Age Lois Lane

Silver Age Lois Lane is important because she reminds us of how it used to be for women---and sometimes still…

November 13, 2015

Why Feminism Is Good For Our Sons

Does wearing something sparkly and pink or playing with a doll mean you can't solve a differential equation? If a…

October 26, 2015

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