Mariana Ruiz

A Bolivian that writes children's books in Spanish, when she is not busy writing fiction or wondering about the Universe, she is playing games with her two sons and fantastic partner.

‘Race Against Slime’ With This Awesome Ghostbusters Bogie!

This toy book and car have some fun spins.

Review- ′Miss Koizumi Loves Ramen Noodles′-A Foodie Manga?

This is a seinen manga that combines both relationships and food.

Review: ′The Invisible Empire: Madge Oberholtzer and The Unmasking of The Ku Klux Klan′

The emblematic case showed how corrupt men will think themselves invulnerable.

Review- ‘Hellboy and THE B.P.R.D.: 1956’ Trade Paperback

It can prove difficult to move your plot backward and forwards in time, as Mike Mignola does for the Hellboy…

′Loki, Where Mischief Lies′ Introduces the Young Villain to Book Fandom

Darkness moves in a different way than the light.

′Snow, Glass, Apples′ Is Erotic, Beautiful, And Unsettling

If you were not familiar with the original Gaiman′s tale, consider yourself trigger warned.

Review—Usagi Yojimbo Vol. 33— The Hidden

The Ronin is assisting Inspector Ishida′s investigations.

Review—’American Gods: The Moment of The Storm # 4′ — Revelations

Shadow′s path has moved into the realm of the gods in 'American Gods: The Moment of the Storm."

Review—Oops Scoops and a Kid Who Wasn′t There

My 4 year old passed away three months ago, this toy was for him.

′Masters of Comics′ is Truly a Great Giveable Book

This is the book for graphic novel lovers.

Review—American Gods: The Moment of The Storm # 1— Neutrality

The comic series picks up where the TV show ended (with a few changes).

Geek Links: ‘Hellboy The Board Game’ Is Now Available

In stores worldwide. Courtesy: Mantic Games.

′American Gods: My Ainsel′ Is Now Out in Hardcover

We are now two-thirds of the way in towards the complete novel adaptation.

‘Mandela and the General’ – How Diplomacy Prevented Civil War

It is a good time to remember that not everything has to be a confrontation.

Graphic Novels About Post War Scenarios: Second Volumes

as rich and exciting as the first issues.

Review—American Gods: My Ainsel # 7— Bilquis

Shadow finds himself with his departed wife, and the sight of her is not pleasant.

The Many Lives of Doctor Who: A First Glimpse Into the 13th Doctor

Titan Comics presents a myriad of artists reliving 12 moments, one for each of the previous doctors.

‘Hellboy: The Complete Short Stories Vol.2’ Is What I Want for Halloween

Featuring stories from 1961 to 1993, in chronological order.

Review—’American Gods: My Ainsel # 6’— Empty Calories

Shadow and Wednesday are on the run in this interlude.

“Nevertheless, We Persisted” – 48 Different Voices and Your Own

Sometimes, all you need is to hear what other people have been through in order to be themselves.

‘Sheets’: Ghosts and Visitations in Graphic Novel Form

This story goes deeper than you'd think.

Geek Links: A New Book Anthology on Kickstarter

A new anthology of dark tales and fantasy coming from the UK. Courtesy: Unsung Stories

‘B.P.R.D. Hell on Earth’ Vol.2 Is Hugely Entertaining

Liz Herman brought upon Earth the worst monsters the B.P.R.D. has encountered so far.

‘Rasputin: The Voice of the Dragon’ Is Now Out on Paperback

As any fan of Mignola's work will know, Rasputin brought Hellboy to Earth. He did so by following a voice…

Review—American Gods: My Ainsel # 5— Let′s Talk About Pain

Shadow is looking for a missing girl at Lakeside, and Mr. Ibis is gifting us with a story.