Jonathan H. Liu

Jonathan H. Liu is a stay-at-home dad in Portland, Oregon, who loves to read, is always up for a board game, and has a bit of a Kickstarter habit. I can be reached at jonathan at geekdad dot com.

Kickstarter Tabletop Alert: ‘Animalchemists’

Collect ingredients, craft potions, and then use those to create powerful spells! Who will be the most successful of the 'Animalchemists'?

Gen Con 2019 Recap With Photos, Part 3

Here's a look at Saturday of Gen Con 2019!

Stack Overflow: 8 Back-to-School Picture Books

To help get your kiddos back into the school routine, here are some picture books about schools!

Gen Con 2019 Recap With Photos, Part 2

Ready for more photos of Gen Con? Here's Part 2, which covers Thursday, August 1.

Kickstarter Tabletop Alert: ‘Burgle Bros 2’ Prepare for Another Heist

The Burgle Bros are back for another heist! This time, they're robbing a string of casinos ... in broad daylight.

Gen Con 2019 Recap With Photos, Part 1

Here's my recap of Gen Con (part 1), with plenty of photos!

Stack Overflow: 7 Comic Books for Kids

Last week's Stack Overflow was all about comics, and this week I'm continuing that trend because I have even more comics…

Gen Con 2019 Highlights

There's a lot to see at Gen Con every year, and it just keeps getting bigger. Here are some of…

Kickstarter Tabletop Alert: Breaking Into ‘Techlandia’

Tech giant Dexter Ward is about to unveil the new TX-1 smartphone, and you're here to report on it for…

Stack Overflow: 8 Fantastic Comics

Today's stack: some of my favorite comics that I've read in the past few months.

Don’t Ignore ‘Honga’!

Your clan is looking for a new leader—one who can gather supplies, barter with other clans, and honor ancient traditions.…

Stack Overflow: 4 Novels

This week's stack: two science fiction novels, and two speculative dystopian novels.

Reaping the Rewards: ‘Tiny Epic Mechs’

Charge up your weapons, put on your power suit, and enter the arena: it's time for 'Tiny Epic Mechs!'

AEG Big Game Night for Gen Con… and Gen Can’t

AEG hosts a Big Game Night at Gen Con each year. This year, for the first time, game stores will…

2019 Spiel des Jahres Winners Announced

The winners of this year's Spiel des Jahres have been announced!

Stack Overflow: To Infinity … and Beyond!

My last Stack Overflow celebrated the 50th anniversary of the moon landing, and I figured this week might be a…

‘Dog Rush’: Tangled Tethers

You're just out taking your dog for a walk, when a rabbit zips by. Before you know it, several dogs…

Map Out Your Victory in ‘Cartographers: A Roll Player Tale’

The Queen wants to reclaim her land, and you've been sent to map the territory. Whoever is able to meet…

WhizRider: A Car Seat in a Pouch

The WhizRider is a car seat alternative that folds up into a compact carrying pouch.

Stack Overflow: To the Moon! Celebrating Apollo 50th

Today's Stack Overflow is celebrating the upcoming 50th anniversary of the moon landing!

‘Zombie Kidz Evolution’: A Kid-Friendly Legacy Game

Fill up your Super Soaker and break out your lightsaber—there are zombies afoot! This band of kids is ready for…

Kickstarter Tabletop Alert: Discover New Species in ‘Darwinauts’

Scientists have opened a portal to another dimension, and brave adventurers have ventured into the alien world to research the…

Kickstarter Tabletop Alert: ‘Sovereign Skies’

Humanity has discovered the rare atlum crystals in the six planets of the Abyssi Cluster, and has rushed there to…

Peddle Your Potions in ‘The Quacks of Quedlinburg’

Calling all quacks! Quedlinburg is hosting its annual festival, and all the miracle doctors are at work mixing potions—but be…

Stack Overflow: Books for Summer Activities

Here's a stack of books that'll keep your kids entertained and (in some cases) educated this summer!

Huel: Hassle-Free Lunches for My Family

My family tried out Huel, a nutritionally complete food.

Table for Two: ‘Tiny Ninjas’

If you're in the market for a quick 2-player ninja duel that's designed for portability, take a look at 'Tiny Ninjas'!

Build a Tower of Dice in ‘Sutakku’

How far will you push your luck? The higher you stack the dice, the more points you'll score—but if you…

Stack Overflow: 14 Stories About Stories

Today's Stack Overflow contains books about stories: about the joy of reading, the magic of words, the unreliability of narrators,…