Jeffrey Cohen

Born and raised in New York (with a brief sojourn in New Jersey during his preteen years), Jeffrey Cohen lives in New York with his two sons. He has reviewed children's music for the past 11 years on his own blog. Jeff's podcast, "MrJeff2000 Explains It All" is available through iTunes.

Leeds and Mason Embrace ‘Endless Summer’

US/UK performers collaborate on a new summer single.

June 18, 2021

Baze, Andy Z Show Love for Dads and Other People

Father's Day family music from Baze & Friends and Andy Z.

June 15, 2021

Inside Elliott Park’s Mouth

Musician Elliot Park releases a new EP recorded with his daughters.

June 11, 2021

Berkner Fathers’ Day Concerts; Rymer Celebrates Trees

A pair of East Coast kindie musicians celebrate spring events

June 9, 2021

Charity and JAMBand Praise All Creatures & Critters

Family-friendly, socially conscious music from the West Coast!

June 7, 2021

Renee & Jeremy’s Gentle Rock for All Folks

Renee & Jeremy deliver new classic rock reinventions (and a world premiere video).

June 4, 2021

When Koo Koo Kanga Roo Says Dance, Dance

New wacky kids music fun from fan favorite duo Koo Koo Kanga Roo

June 2, 2021

Bilingual Happiness and Hope From Sonia de los Santos

Songstress Sonia de los Santos sings about her two countries.

May 28, 2021

To SaulPaul, The Kids Are Okay Different

Austin, Texas kids' musician SaulPaul releases his second CD recorded during the pandemic

May 26, 2021

Michael Hearst Delivers ‘Unconventional Vehicles’

Four dozen offbeat tunes about unusual transportation from Michael Hearst

May 24, 2021

Latest from Father Goose, Divinity Roxx, Music With Michal

New children's music from around the world.

May 20, 2021

‘The Wiggles + You’ on Hellosaurus: A Chat With Lachy Wiggle

Lachy Wiggle talks about the Wiggles joining new media service Hellosaurus.

May 18, 2021

Pierce Freelon Shatters Time and Space

Afrofuturism comes alive for kids in this new music release.

May 14, 2021

Twinkle Hosts Live Music In LA; SaulPaul’s Best Day

Sharing live children's music and imaginative activities

May 12, 2021

Spend 28 Days With Little Miss Ann

Nearly one month of fun from Chicago children's music performer

May 10, 2021

Animal Farm-Friendly Formidable Vegetable

Experience wholesome, organic kids' music from around the world.

May 7, 2021

Something Similar About Rockness Monsters

We're all more alike than we think, say the Rockness Monsters

May 3, 2021

Wishful Thinking From Uncle Dox, Gigi Rowe Video Premiere

Explore the power of positive thinking with two children's music performers.

April 30, 2021

Silly Rabbit! Happiness Is Simple

Happiness is not a cliche for this children's music duo.

April 29, 2021

Erica Rabner’s Got This Pandemic

Musician/educator Erica Rabner guides children through the pandemic.

April 26, 2021

A Method to Their Melody For Tracy Bonham

Alt-rocker Tracy Bonham helps kids learn classical music

April 19, 2021

The Story Pirates’ Berry Good Adventures

The Story Pirates hijack your children's imaginations.

April 15, 2021

Beth Jean Puts On a Show

A Broadway-centric kids music release from Beth Jean

April 12, 2021

Twinkle Time Stays Busy With Love

Kids music pop star Twinkle Time launches a new radio show.

April 6, 2021

Putumayo Relaxes Kids in ‘Yoga Dreamland’

Putumayo's yoga for kids helps families de-stress their lives.

April 3, 2021

Kids Songbook Grows With Sara Watkins

Authentic Americana children's music from Sara Watkins.

March 29, 2021

Shelton’s Happiest Tree; Big Drums from Paper Bag Party

A tree grows in Brooklyn and puppets grow on YouTube.

March 24, 2021

The Long and Wiggly Road: The Wiggles at 30

Australia's celebrated troupe The Wiggles celebrates 30 years.

March 22, 2021

Putting On A Show With Beth Jean; New Fuzzy Lemons Songs

Everyone's part of the show for midwestern favorite Beth Jean and pride of New Jersey, the Fuzzy Lemons.

March 15, 2021

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