Ken Denmead

Ken is a husband and father from the San Francisco Bay Area, where he works as civil engineer. He became the Publisher of GeekDad in 2007, and the owner in 2010. He also wrote the NYT bestselling GeekDad series of project books for parents and kids to share.

Geek Daily Deals August 23, 2019: Wireless Raspberry Pi Board for just $14 today!

Take your electronics project wireless with this 802.11n Raspberry Pi board on sale for just $14 today!

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The New Soundboks Wireless Speaker Compromises Nothing to Deliver Gigantic Sound

Soundboks is a wireless speaker defined by it's massiveness. It's size is massive, it's battery life is massive, and the…

Send Your Kids to College With Everything They Need in One Box: The College Student First Aid Kit

Make sure your college-bound geek is ready for anything by sending them with The College Student First Aid Kit. [Sponsored]

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Keep your stuff at hand without a big bag or loading down your pockets with these stylish (many colors/fabrics available)…

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Geek Daily Deals August 14, 2019: Wireless Doorbell With 400 Foot Range and 52 Tones for $17 Today!

If you don't have doorbell wiring, or need a ringer for another entry, here's the perfect solution! 400' range and…

Full ‘Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance’ Trailer

Netflix has dropped a new, full-length trailer for the upcoming Dark Crystal series, and we're getting even more excited.

Geek Daily Deals August 13, 2019: Portable Lap Desk w/ Heat Shield and Mouse Tray for $19 Today!

Get your work done wherever you want to sit with this handy portable lap desk, with heat shield and slide-out…

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Save up to 40% on a wide array of Crayola products, including crayons, colored pencils, dry erase markers and more!

Gadget Bits: Firewalla Blue is a Smart Home Security, Parental Controls, Personal VPN and More in a Box

The smarter your home, the more ways there are into your network. Firewalla Blue is a network device that will…

Geek Daily Deals August 11, 2019: Kasa Smart Double Smart Plug for $24 Today!

Get two smart outlets quickly and easily with this double smart plug from Kasa for just $24 today!

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Get ready for back to school with this tactical backpack that will hold everything you need for just $29 today!

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Send them back to (space) school (or you to (space) work with this Bento-style rocket ship lunch box for just…

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Get your little geek building with these soft side counting blocks with carrying bangon sale today for only $12!

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Be the master of woodworking and engraving with this easy desktop CNC on sale today for only $190!

Earphone Review: RHA’s Great Sound Goes Bluetooth With the T20 Wireless

RHA has succeeded in taking their amazing T20 earphones and making them work either wired or wireless. They're two great…

Geek Daily Deals August 2, 2019: Get Ready for School With This 30-Pack of Elmer’s Glue Sticks for $7 Today!

Support your kids and their teachers with this amazing deal - 30 Elmer's Disappearing Purple glue sticks for only $7…

Geek Daily Deals August 1, 2019: Wireless Nintendo Switch Controller for $24 Today!

Get an extra controller for your Nintendo Switch (and one that feels more like your other controllers) for only $24…

Geek Daily Deals July 31, 2019: DIY Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Analog Stick Replacement for $13 Today!

Don't replace, repair! Get this DIY kit to replace the battered analog thumb sticks on your Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons for…

Geek Daily Deals July 30, 2019: Get an Instant Pot 6-Quart Pressure-Cooker, Steamer, Slow Cooker for $59 Today!

Get the Instant Pot 6-quart 6-in-one cooker/steamer/warmer for the price of the 3-quart model, only $59 today!