Join the GeekFamily – Be a Contributor for GeekDad or GeekMom!

Have you read stuff on GeekMom or GeekDad, and thought, “Hey, I’d like to do that too?!” Well, today’s your lucky day! We’re looking for folks to join our community and have fun creating content about the things they geek out about!

The key criteria for becoming a GeekMom or GeekDad contributor are: you are a parent; you self-identify as a geek about something(s); you can write (or podcast or create videos). It also helps if you understand how to crop/re-size images, know what a style guide is, can play well with others in a diverse online community, and are good with special writing formats.

We’re looking for passionate, geeky amateur creators to join our community. This is not a professional endeavor; while there are some opportunities to make a little money on the side here and there, the goal is to have an outlet to express ourselves about our geeky passions, and get some opportunities that we might not otherwise experience, like going to conventions, getting review items, interviewing cool people, and more. And, most especially, to be part of a community of other geeky parents who face the same challenges raising our kids in our own geeky images.

An important point about copyright: we are all about our community and creativity. If you join us, anything you create for us stays yours; you’re just granting us a license to use it on our site with an up-front exclusivity period. After that, if you want to re-post on a personal blog or use it otherwise, it’s yours to do with as you please. Please understand that we are looking for talent to help expand the GeekDad/GeekMom community and brand. We welcome those who already have their own blogs, YouTube channels, or other outlets. While your writings, videos, and podcasts are your own, we request that publications destined for our platforms be exclusive for the first 72 hours before sharing to other platforms.

There are two levels of contributor at the GeekFamily blogs:

  1. Occasional Contributors (OC) pledge to publish one post or piece of content each month. In exchange, you get your name on our masthead, and join our Slack community, where you can find interesting conversations and access to opportunities that get sent to us. This is where everyone starts.
  2. Core Contributors (CC) are the heart of the GeekFamily, and are OC’s who have proven they understand the ins-and-outs of our process and format, work well with the community, and can put up a greater volume of content. You pledge to publish four pieces of content each month. In exchange, on top of the OC basics, you can opt in to a $40/month stipend, get first access to review items and similar opportunities, can apply for press passes at conventions based on affiliation with the brand, and may get some sponsored content projects to earn even more money.

In terms of subject matter, it has always been the credo here to write about what interests us, either as geeks or as parents. It’s easy to be a geek about a huge variety of things, and we support that. So if you like tabletop games, videogames, books, movies, TV shows, DIY projects, arts and crafts, homeschooling, space and science, electronics, cosplay, painting miniatures, LEGO builds, animation, or whatever else, we’d love to have you create content around your passion.

Also note: the GeekDad blog is open to any geeky parent, dads and moms, and has no overt focus on any specific topics. It DOES have a big following in the areas of tabletop gaming, children’s books, family-friendly movies, reviews, and a few other things. So, if you want to focus on those, GeekDad may be the right choice. GeekMom is very specifically a blog by moms, and (along with the previous topics) includes content that is geared towards moms and women. As such, only moms should apply for GeekMom.

If none of that has deterred you (or, indeed, it’s made you even more resolute), use the application below to indicate your interest in joining our merry band of geeky parents (if the form doesn’t show, use this link to access the application). Responses may take a while, as we all work on this in our spare time in the evenings and weekends when we’re not doing all the other stuff that makes us geeks and parents). We look forward to hearing from you!